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SalesHandy is a leader in for Email Tracking on G2
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SalesHandy is a leader in for Email Tracking on G2
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Used and trusted by thousands of professionals, SalesHandy accelerates growth by empowering your team to rapidly achieve their set targets.

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your emails and business collaterals giving it an exceptional reach.

On top of that get recipient engagement data to take informed decisions.

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SalesHandy is perfect for:
Sales Professionals

When working in sales, every lead is a potential customer. SalesHandy enables you to analyze detailed engagement information pertaining to each prospect. We help you reach and close more deals.

SalesHandy for Sales professionals
SalesHandy for Marketers

Marketers use SalesHandy to their benefit by setting behavior based auto follow-ups, scheduling their emails at the right time and more. We make sure that marketers stay safe from spam filters.

HR recruiters

A recruiter has to make informed decisions after analyzing the interest of each candidate. Now, he can know how many times an email has been opened and schedule auto follow-up emails making their job getting a response from a potential candidate easier.

SalesHandy for HR
SalesHandy for bloggers

As blogging is going mainstream, we are here to help bloggers outreach to more audiences, send newsletters and track their growth with our simple and effective web-app. It helps them get more traffic and recognition.


People working in property business need to spread the word in every medium possible. We help them create campaigns with automated follow-ups and track their success rates. Sending personalized emails has proven to make a realtor more trustworthy.

SalesHandy for realtors
SalesHandy for freelancer

The freelance industry is growing at a high pace and so are we. Our tool has easy-to-use mail merge feature enabling freelancers to create campaigns that get them more customers.

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