Earning money now simplified in 3 steps:

  • Join
  • Promote
  • Earn

The more you promote, the more you will earn.

Wondering if you are right for this? Here’s what you need to be a part of our program:

  • Well Connected
  • Well Versed with Business Email Marketing
  • Good at Convincing People
  • Good Social Media Rapport
  • Good at Word of Mouth

If you have all the above qualities, Don’t Wait. Start Affiliate.

Recurring Commission
Our affiliates will be getting 20% recurring commission. So, as long as we are earning, you will be earning with us.
Longer Cookie Duration
Cookie duration for our affiliating marketing program will be 90 days. So, your small efforts will go a long way.
Affiliate Management
Dedicated management system for our affiliates. This system helps you manage and track your business growth with us.
Commission Tracking
When it comes to affiliate marketing, it's hard to keep track of your income. With us, you wouldn't have to worry about it.
No Investment
No Deposits. No investments. Start without paying a single penny and earn without risking anything.
Monthly Payment
All the payment will be done monthly as conversion of our sign ups take time for we give 14 day trial of our tool.
SalesHandy is used by professionals at

Why Customers Love Us?

How our affiliate program works

When you become an affiliate, you will be assigned a unique affiliate link.

So, whenever you are referring SalesHandy to some person/business in need of a mass mailing tool or an email tracking tool, you will be using your unique affiliate link.


After becoming an affiliate, you will be given a unique site link.

When we receive visitors through your affiliate unique links, we’ll associate that visitor with your affiliate account. If they then order an account (either on that visit, or on a subsequent one), you’ll receive a 20% commission on their account!

How recurring commission works:

When someone you referred buys our account, you will get 20% of that amount.

And when that customer extends their account another month, you will be getting 20% of that again. And this process will continue till the customer stays with us.


You referred Emma to us, and she buys our Plus Regular Plan of $20.00 per month. So, you will get $4 for that month and every other month that she continues her account.

After a year, you’ve made $48. After 2 years, $96. 3 years? $144. And so on as long as Emma continues to use her account.

And that’s just one account!

The longer your referrals stay with us, the more money gets deposited in your account.

By clicking the “Get Started as an Affiliate” button above, you agree to the Legal terms and conditions of our affiliate program.