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10 Best Marketing Automation Tools For Startups

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When you are starting a business, you have so many responsibilities that it’s easy to feel torn apart.

Financing, marketing, customer communication, business operation, and other tasks are hard to manage without assistance.

Most startups don’t have the resources to hire separate teams of specialists for every one of the above tasks.

Marketing Automation is the process of letting the technology work as your marketing team. In this digital era, if you are well versed with the right tools, you can single-handedly automate your marketing at an international level sitting in your office sipping coffee.

Our List of Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools

1. Saleshandy

The first one on the list is Saleshandy, as the name suggests this tool comes in handy when you need to improve your email marketing campaign, online data analysis, and sales communications.

It’s suitable for small and mid-size businesses, however, large companies can find a few useful features as well.

With Saleshandy, you can track the activities of your email recipients in regards to the message. This will help you see when they’ve opened your emails, and clicked links, if any.

The program helps you create centralized email templates, making it easy for the team to speed up the emailing process.

You can take advantage of a free version or get a more complex set of tools for an extra cost.

2. Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps allows its users to easily create an app without coding. 

With this tool, you can collect all of your data in one customized app such as forms, campaign reports, and contact information of your leads.

The apps that are created with Jotform Apps can be downloaded onto both mobile devices and computers. This feature lets you be in touch with your potential customers at any time. 

You can customize your app by installing a premade color scheme, updating the fonts, and adding your brand logo as the app icon. 

Jotform also integrates with many email marketing platforms to incorporate your contact information forms easily.


This is a full-stack marketing automation software for turning your visitors into happy customers.

It allows you to gather information about your prospects, communicate with them via live chat, chatbots, gather contact information by using popups, send automated emails, SMS, and much more.

The tool makes it easy to create automated paths where you can pinpoint the moments your leads receive messages. It will save you time and make sure your communication is consistent. 

Right now, is available in Freemium Starter Pack – 100% free, includes modules like “Chat, CRM, Knowledge Base, and Calendar.”

4. Hubspot

This all-in-one tool is one of the most popular solutions in for automated marketing.

It helps you set up a list of tasks required to bring in a larger target audience. It’s easy to use due to the intuitive interface so it’s suitable for a marketing specialist without any experience.

HubSpot has been on the market for a long time.

It managed to develop an impressive customer support. It has useful analytics and reporting features. Hubspot can also help with building landing pages without IT support requirement.

The tool works for a business of any size from micro startups to large enterprises. It has a downside in the price department. The price tag is quite heavy.

5. Mautic

Mautic is known as a small business marketing automation tool in the market.

It offers open source marketing automation, which is attractive to the startups with a tight budget.

The tool is packed with useful features at no cost. This automation software is fully customizable. You can make unlimited integrations.

Support variable A/B testing on websites and your landing pages.

The software can be integrated with other open source options, including WordPress. While the tool doesn’t have extensive customer support, it has a big community of users.

The user community is enhancing and introducing new features on a regular basis. The downside of this software is its learning curve. You’ll need a professional for setting it up and hosting.

6. Autosend

This tool allows you to automatically send SMS, email, and push notifications depending on the clients’ behavior.

The software monitors the users’ behavior and triggers a response based on their actions. Another name for what this program does is “trigger-based messaging”.

You can send an email with a time-sensitive discount offers to the users that come to your webpage without buying any product.

The program sends SMS to the clients, who are having trouble with the payment page, creates personalized emails for new users, and more.

The program has a simple interface. Making a rule for creating notifications is fast and easy.

7. Sales Autopilot

This moderately priced marketing automation tool allows you to automate your email marketing process.

The software has a drag and drops canvas to help simplify the work. You can make text-based messages by using available templates or uploading custom HTML.

You can use this service to nurture leads by setting up an efficient email marketing campaign. The tool offers dynamic text, A/B test messages, in-app messages, and SMS.

As a bonus, autopilot provides extensive reports and Zapier integration.

8. NudgeSpot

NudgeSpot is one of the top marketing automation platforms that allows you to send messages to your clients based on their behavior. It’s a great tool for any customer communication.

Starting from the welcoming messages, when the user joins the site, and ending with personalized offers, NudgeSpot does a satisfactory automation job.

This software considers the geographical location of your customers and checks for regular user behavior.

It also allows you to proceed with real-time communications, satisfying the customers’ need as soon as they require your attention.

NudgeSpot works with email, push notifications, and SMS. The tool comes with a reasonable price tag suitable for startups with a tight budget.

9. Active Campaign

This marketing automation tool is an all-in-one solution for follow-up marketing. This platform is user-friendly and moderately priced.

The service is designed for small businesses. It can help you with email and social media marketing.

Active Campaign sorts out the contacts and finds new information about the potential and existing clients.

The service tracks the user behavior on the website to help you create an adequate response. Meanwhile, it creates a database for more personalized marketing.

The tool allows you to change the content of your email based on the contact lists and how they are tagged.

Active Campaign has a user-friendly API, which allows you to integrate it with other programs.

10. Calendly

This powerful scheduling tool helps startups save time on scheduling appointments.

It can also boost sales and improve the quality of service. It creates a link for the person you want to schedule an appointment with and allows him or her to pick the time.

This tool eliminates lengthy emails and lets you keep the event on your calendar.

The solution is simple, elegant, and efficient. It doesn’t just make scheduling virtually automatic, it makes sure both sides remember to keep the appointment.

11. HootSuite

If you need to interact on social media to improve your marketing campaign, HootSuite can be a great solution.

It allows you to manage all your social media platforms within one program. You can use it to post updates, connect with contacts, and review responses.

You can also use HootSuite to gather information on people mentioning your brand, make updates to multiple networks, and create social analytics reports.

The price tag is moderate if you choose HootSuite for personal use.

12. Billdu

Billdu is an invoicing software tailor-made for small businesses and startups, aiming to simplify and streamline the invoicing and financial management process.

The software is praised for its flexibility and adaptability, offering solutions for marketers, creatives, craftsmen, retailers, developers, IT professionals, and even those in the travel sectors. 

This versatility ensures that businesses of all types can use Billdu to monitor cash flow, create and send professional invoices, receive quote requests, and manage business finances all in one place.

A standout feature of Billdu is its mobile-first design, which allows users to handle invoicing and expense tracking directly from their smartphones. This focus on mobile accessibility is particularly beneficial in today’s fast-paced business environment, where being able to manage financial tasks on the move can significantly enhance productivity and responsiveness​.

Bonus Tool:


This is an end-to-end Email marketing automation tool that can help you recover Abandoned carts, send Next order coupons & drive repeated sales in your store.

Send automated emails to Thank, Welcome & Win-back customers. Engage with customers at every step of their journey with Order follow-up emails. Turn existing customers into brand advocates & increase WOM sales by running a Referral program.

Customer journey builder to build custom email paths. Connect with different eCommerce platforms and integration with your favorite ESPs. 

Pre-built automation workflows & Email templates will help you launch an email automation campaign within minutes. 

Drag & Drop email editor to customize emails. You can add coupon codes dynamically to your emails and boost sales. 

To achieve long-term eCommerce success, you need to have loyal customers. With Retainful, you can foster customer loyalty & retain customers by encouraging them to drive repeated sales.

Acquire customer support platform furnishes your business with advanced tools like Live chat, co-browsing, voice, and video call, chatbot & analytics services to deliver high-quality support to your customers swiftly and efficiently. Acquire offers all these functions and more in a single support platform to assure better customer engagement and faster solutions to issues. Along with the core features acquire offers screen sharing, instant file sharing, live call recording for automated administration of calls to support customer service representatives.
By channeling a single tool as versatile as this to handle concerns before they arise, you can enhance customer retention unprecedentedly for your organization.

As a bonus, acquire is integrated with Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho, Hubspot, Zapier and many other tools. Acquire is the only platform that offers multi-channel basic, pro and enterprise package at a reasonable price, and it is rice, a business worth paying.


This service provides marketing automation solutions for mobile marketing.

You receive a mobile marketing cloud to send personalized information to targeted clients based on where they are traveling. The program also provides context optimization, personalization solutions.

The software analyzes customer’s identity, activity, location, purchase history, and movement patterns to optimize the marketing strategy.


Each one of the above marketing automation tools can simplify your marketing process by automating the procedure.

Startups that have to deal with a strict budget might want to consider Mautic as a moderately priced all-in-one solution.

Other programs help you target certain areas of your marketing campaign. Specialized tools usually do a better job in their niche than all-in-one solutions.

In addition to marketing automation tools, be sure to check out these SEO tools to help with your search engine marketing efforts.

That’s not all

There are a lot of other automation tools for Startups in the market but these 10 are our pick when it comes to Marketing automation. If you believe that there is a related tool that should be on this list, then please do share its name with us in the comments section.

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