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Email marketing is gaining importance day-by-day. This has resulted in the inbox being flooded with emails. Ever wondered how many of your sent emails have been opened or what are your email open rates?

When you receive promotional emails. It takes just a few seconds for you to decide whether to open it or not. Same applies for the prospect who is receiving your email.per

None of us want our emails to go unnoticed or marked as Spam. Making your emails appealing and impressive can help you overcome this. Just one look at your email and your receiver should get persuaded to open it.

Following are the points, when kept in mind, will enhance the email open rates.

1 . Segment your recipients diligently

Targeting and segregating your receipts is the first and foremost thing. It requires keen judgment on your part.


1) Email list should be refreshed from time to time.
2) Sending emails to people not showing interest in your company should be ceased.

You should stop sending emails to subscribers who are inactive for more than 6 months. It’s always a good practice to send them a goodbye email. It might help you get them back and also give inputs to why your email marketing has not been working for them. You can tempt them with the opportunity to control receiving emails of their interest by asking their specific interest. This often works well. If at all it doesn’t work, indulge them in some kind of survey, giving away free gifts for every answer. This will help you to keep them engaged and also with the information needed to connect with them. If there is no response, it might be time for you to move on.

By renewing your email list, adding a few – subtracting a few, and you can target recipients who are interested in your mail.

Find the right email address can also work to your advantage. Here is an article to search email address of prospects.

2. Send email as per the segment

email open rates

Once you have segmented your subscribers, it would be wise to send different emails to each subscriber in the group. Send them what you expect them to be interested in.

For instance, if you want to send an email to a person who is already into business with you, it can be a bit personal. But when sending it to your prospects you have to be more formal.

If you are dealing in different products, segregate your customer’s needs and accordingly email them. For example, a company dealing with grocery products should not send emails related to promotion of baby products to customers who have never bought them. Sending them useless baby products’ emails might lead to the customer getting annoyed. And will affect your email open rates.

3. Timing does make a difference

Imagine, you got up late in the morning and reached office late. As soon as you open your inbox to check emails, the top email is related to some holiday package. Won’t you feel annoyed? Sending or scheduling emails to be sent at the right time is important.

Source- wordstream

There is no set rule regarding timings for sending an email. A few reasoning backed with surveys will help your mail land at the most preferred time of your customers. This reasoning and surveys must be based on the type of product you deal age, geography, and occupation of the recipient.

4. Subject line makes all the difference

Drafting a killer subject line is one of the best persuading weapons to make the recipient open your mail. Invest time & imagination and come up with a subject line that will induce the recipient to open your email quickly. It can be done with few simple tricks.

Your subject line should be giving them an idea about your email. However, it should not reveal everything, try to induce curiosity about the email through your subject line.

Friendly language is a must. It connects the recipients to your company and trigger them to open your mail. Numbers often works as a driving force. For instance, if you are running a sale, draft your subject line as, [sale percentage in number]% on [ product name] by [company name], rather than stating the sales percent in words.

Small subject lines are better, the thumb rule being 50 characters or even lesser. Adding a humorous element works well. It helps in adding a personal and entertaining touch driving the recipients to open your mail. Therefore, make your subject lines attractive to improve email open rates.

5. Amazing content is your key to success

For instance, you got a email with the killer subject line, you opened it with much curiosity. But you discovered the content to be below your expectations. The next time you get an email from that company, there will be a big no-no from your side. Either it will be ignored or marked as spam.

The content, if amazing, will make your recipients relish reading your email, and they will look forward to receiving your next set of emails.

With every email there should be some valuable information put in a convincing and artful manner. Good content results in satisfied and loyal subscribers thus leading to rising in the opening rate of your emails. [Tweet “73% of content creators plan to prioritize creating more engaging content in 2016”]

It is advised to link Free eBooks, webinars offers or other valuable resources to your email.

6. Friendly approach

Being friendly is a great way to connect to your subscribers. In this busy and competitive world, such approach provides a soothing aura to your recipients. It makes them get a feeling of care through your email.

Using greetings or recipient’s name in the subject line can help making your emails friendly.

Say, you are mailing one of your customers who is using your product. You can start with Hey [name of recipient] !! Hope our product has treated you well.

7. Humor also needed

Inducing some humor serves as a driving force for accelerating the opening rate of your emails. It can be in the subject line or in the content of your emails. It triggers their senses and brings smile to their faces. Anything which brings happiness is always a welcome, same goes with your mails. It facilitates your mails to stand out and leave a long lasting impact on the recipient.

Try making and attaching humorous videos blending with your emails. It can do wonders to your emails.

Try out the basic tip of breaking the ice by good humor.

8. Draft a personalized email

While writing as a company, it is evident that you will indulge in writing for a number of recipients. But write your emails in such a way as if you are writing it to a single person. It adds a personal touch and convey them their importance for your organisation. (Checkout SalesHandy Mail Merge for personalized email campaign)

Using ‘you’ is any day better than using ‘you all’. Check out the list of powerful words to make your emails more attractive.

Getting an idea of recipient’s likes and dislikes, their expectations and other personal view will assist you in drafting personalized emails. You can get these information through communicating with them in person/online; or sending them emails asking questions related to your company and products.

9. Spam filters should be avoided

Spam filters, can make your emails land up in the spam box of your recipient. Thus, your mail can go unnoticed. Keep a track of the spam words and phrases, lest your mails will land up in Spam and go unnoticed. [Attach with spam filters blog of saleshandy, if published].

10. Sender name also matters

While sending an email it is advised to send it through your personal corporate ID rather than a general ID like, . People tend to overlook mails from ID that don’t have a persona behind them. Thus, sending it through your personal corporate email-id will make a difference in email open rates.

11. Mobile friendly emails grab attention!!

People nowadays have a practice of checking emails on mobile device. Drafting mobile friendly emails have become the need of the hour. A few tricks works well to make opening and handling of emails on mobile smooth and rapid.

  • Simple font style
  • Large font size
  • Small subject line
  • Small images
  • Avoid attachments and use web links

All the above stated points can give wings to the opening rate of emails sent by you.

Do let me know which one worked for you the best?

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