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15 Words to Power Your Sales Pitch8 minutes read

“Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours wisely”

Avery popular saying which emphasizes the “POWER of WORDS”. Well, words can turn your simple calls into perfect sales. But what if your words don’t leave that impressive impact on your customer?

Many times it would have happened during the call that, you would have used such words without knowing their correct usage. This would have left a not so positive impact on your customers. Well, this is no big problem. One can close his/her sales very easily by learning their usage.

The answer to the above question is to be impressive while talking with having a perfect grip on the usage of sales words. Yes, SALES WORDS!

Before we go on and discuss in detail about Power Sales Words, let us summarize them before we give out the specification on how to use them.

Here are the top 15 Power Words you can use for your next Sales Pitch:

  • You
  • And/Or
  • Value
  • Bargain
  • Easy
  • Help
  • Now
  • Improved
  • Instant
  • Best
  • Sale
  • Brief
  • Remember
  • Thank You
  • Welcome

Now that you know the perfect words to use in the conversation with the customers, let us tell you how to use them wisely to get things going.

Here you go:

#1 – “You”

This is a very common & most popular word used while talking to the customer.  During a call sellers often talk in their own perspective.

Say for example: “I would like to offer you ABC thing”.

In this case, the whole conversation would revolve around the word “I”. This would leave a ‘not so’ positive impact on the customers. Instead, use the word “YOU”.

Like in this example: “You would like to have ABC thing”.

This would consider customer’s viewpoint and he/she would be more pleased to accept what you ‘actually’ want them to buy.

#2- “And / Or”

Customer is the king. Many a time, it would have happened that we don’t heed upon the usage of conjunction; either to carry forward our conversation or to give options to the customers.

Say for example: “You would like to have ABC but the option of choosing PQR would also yield maximum benefits.

The underlined word would give the customer a notion of accepting only one product.

Rather than this, you can say: “You would like to have ABC and you have option of PQR or XYZ.

This would allow the customer to choose from many options and they can have more than one item in their shopping cart.

#3- “Value”

In order to close a sale, the seller has to discuss the cost of the product with the customer. The first word, related to cost, which comes to our mind, is “price” and most of the time we use it in the conversation.

Say for example: “You can get the product at a very nominal price.

Instead of saying this you can say: “You may have the product at this value.

This would be influencing the customer in a better way.

#4- “Bargain”

It is a very common thing in sales that customers bargain for the best value of the product. Dealing with this process efficiently requires the seller to be calm and patient.

For instance, if a customer asks for a bargain, use this word very politely.

Like this: “I am sorry to say that bargain is not possible at this value of the product.”

This would leave a positive impact on the customers and they would love to accept your offer.

#5- “Easy”

Usually, customers have a prenotion that the process of buying would be very lengthy and monotonous. Therefore, it is always suggested to satisfy the customers with the words. Let me explain you how it can be done.

For instance: Your customer has made a choice about what he wants to buy. Try to make him/her comfortable by using words such as “easy”, “smoothly”.

Like this: “You have to go through a very easy process of payment.


We take you through a very smooth process of payment.

This will make your customers feel comfortable and they would love to visit you often for their purchase.

#6- “Help”

It is human tendency to seek help before trying something alone. This applies to your customers as well. Whether it is a pre-purchase phase or post-purchase phase of the product, the buyer would be mentally satisfied if you use the terms either “customer support & service” or “help & support”.

Like this: “Our customer support team would be very pleased to help you.

#7- “Now”

This particular term is used often during the conversation. If you emphasize on completing the procedures of sale fast, it would be appreciated by the customers. It gives assurance to the buyer about the willingness of the seller to sell.

For example, you may use the term “NOW” in this manner:

May I go ahead with the procedures now?


May I seek your favour to accomplish the process now?

#8- “Improved”

This term attracts the customer. Do you know why? It is because of the human tendency to seek for the new. Be it software or gadget or anything, they would always love to go for new. While dealing with the customers also, when you will tell about the new features of the product, they would be pleased to hear it. You may use the better terms for “improve” like “enhanced”, “upgraded”, “modernized” to serve your purpose well.

For instance, “The improved version of software is available now.

#9- “Instant”

Ever since the dawn of civilized life, the human race is pacing to acquire more in less time. This applies to your customers as well. When you use the terms like “instant” or “spur of the moment” in your conversation with them, it would create a sense of quickness in the deal.

For example, ” You can use PQR feature of the product for instant results.

#10- “Best”

If you tag something with the superlatives, it automatically gains momentum. When you explain about the product, be it features or anything else, try to use superlatives for description. The common words may include:

-best: “The best thing about this product is its cost efficiency.

-most wonderful: “The most wonderful thing about the product is its XYZ feature.”

-utmost amazing: “The utmost amazing option is you can choose three out of five given choices.

This way you can provoke your customers to buy the product and turn your pitch into a perfect yes.

#11- “Sale”

Doing sales, and the word “SALE” is not used in the conversation, is like undigested food in the belly. While attempting for sales, one must take care to use this word wisely. The customer should not feel that you are after him/her to sell your product and close sale. He should feel comfortable and be contented that he/she is talking to the right person.

Say for example, “We have an annual sale with 20% discount on all our products.

#12- “Brief”

The word itself is self-explanatory. While dealing with the customers, be it mail or call, explain in short the benefits of the product. This would enhance their understanding of the product & at the same time will help you step further doing the sales pitch. Be very humble in your speech.

For instance, “I would like to brief you about the product.”


“I would like to brief you the salient features of the product.”

#13- “Remember”

It is a very general psychological fact that if we use any word to emphasize something, then this would have a long-lasting effect on the brain. The word “remember” can be used to bring the customer’s attention to what we want to actually sell.

Say, for example, if you want your customer to focus on certain features of the product, then you can say: “Remember, the XYZ features of the product can serve your purpose.

#14- “Thank You”

Since childhood, it is being taught to thank the person who does something for you. So, being a part of manners you should take out time to thank your customers. Remember, to be cheerful while doing so.

For instance, “Thank you for calling at Saleshandy.


It is always good to be polite, it won’t cost you much. Saying welcome to your customers as a part of greeting them will leave a better impression on your customers.

Say for example, “I welcome you at DD Company.


After they thank you for something, “You are most welcome!!

You are not the only one who could goof up while impressing your customers. It happens with many. But keeping in mind the usage of the words, you can avoid being a jester in front of the crowd.

Hope, it sounds interesting to you.

By Dhruv Patel

A marketer, people person, SaaS enthusiast, hustler & growth hacker. Always smiling & ready for help. Co-founder at @SalesHandy

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