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7 Insights on Launching a Successful Product Startup Through Blogging

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In 2017, launching a startup through blogging is the terrific and best way to get traction. That’s a fact. 81% of US consumers trust the information and the advice coming from blogs. Moreover, in order to make it big with your product, you’re ought to capture the search engine’s attention. Google loves content, therefore, if your website features a blog, you will be greatly rewarded in rankings.

However, the fact that most startups tend to fail makes everyone wonder. How come? How come some entrepreneurs manage to become viral with their products while others can barely make a few sales? Well, if you’re one of those who still “wonder”, please pay attention:

Your startup success is directly proportional with more factors:

  • Your knowledge, experience, and background
  • Your drive to act, ability to act, and consistency in acting
  • Your ability to identify an existing, craving market niche
  • Your product’s quality, value, and relevancy
  • Your budgeting and investment skills (and your budget)
  • May the element of randomness be in your favor!

Now – that’s a lot, I know. Still, that is the truth. These things work together. Combined,
they will result in the success or failure of your startup, all according to your unconscious expectations of what success and failure are.

Well, now that you’ve noted what you have to do, act, or have, you can begin your journey towards higher business achievements. How are you going to do that? Start by learning how to make a blog and promoting your blog.

If your blog is super valuable to your target audience, your product is going to be appreciated too. Therefore, you need to develop a blogging strategy in order to generate awareness, attract customers, and develop loyalty among consumers.

Well, I’ve prepared a list of useful strategies that should be leveraged throughout your product launch process. Let’s get straight to them:

1. Create an Email Marketing Strategy Immediately

Product launch is a serious commitment. Your marketing strategy needs to be long-term, and that’s exactly why you need an email autoresponder. Every time you bring traffic to your website should strive to collect email opt-in in order to contact those potentially interested buyers again.

Create your email sequence using email sequence softwares or  email autoresponder software. During your email sequence, you should include valuable content that serves the reader’s purpose. They’re not subscribing to your list to receive irrelevant information, so pay close attention to what you’re giving them.

Every big business leverages the power of email marketing in order to strengthen the relationships with their customers. You should do the same. In case you fail to collect a website visitor’s contact information, there are rare chances that he’ll end up on your website again!

2. Develop a Strong Incentive to Drive Opt-Ins

Your website visitors won’t subscribe to your email list just because you ask them. Nowadays, in order to motivate people to become your subscribers, you need to offer them a strong incentive. For example, you can offer a marketing report which showcases scientifically proven data about a certain subject.

Or, you can offer a list of ideas, resources, or opportunities (through a PDF file). If your traffic is interested, they’re going to share their personal details such as name and email.

When they do, the first “phase” of your product marketing is complete. Now you can get in touch with your subscribers again, giving them more value and displaying your products/services more than one time. Many online brands use this strategy and they do it because it pays off very well!

3. Write Teaser Posts to Build Anticipation

Launching successful product startup requires a lot of traction and anticipation. Well, you can build that sort of anticipation using your blog as a tool. You can write teaser articles which showcase some features of your product (not all). The purpose of this strategy is to make people curious. When you spark that emotion you have won the battle for attention.

Moreover, you can also create teaser video content using any video editor If your product is physical, find a way to showcase just a bit of its value by capturing it on screen. Share this content on your social media channels. Send the teasers to your email list also, and make sure to ask your subscribers to share the content around!

4. Provide Valuable and Relevant Content Consistently

Content is king. It doesn’t matter in what form it comes: articles, infographics, videos, audio, and so on. Create engaging content that reflects your knowledge and expertise. When someone hears about your brand, they’re going to reach your blog in order to gain more trust.

If they’re welcomed with valuable information, they’ll consider your brand worth keeping an eye on. Obviously, whenever they get in touch with your content, one way or another, they will get in touch with your products also. Therefore, the key point here is this: provide as much value as you can, and you will eventually make sales.

However, no one likes to follow blogs which are inconsistent. A consumer is hungry for valuable information; he needs it on a consistent basis, so you can’t disappoint by being inconsistent with the delivery of your promises.

5. Approach Niche Influencers

Niche influencers could be goldmines if used effectively. If you can find someone who owns a big database of followers that fit your “ideal” target audience, you should try talking to them. Every person wants something; in most cases, you’ll have to offer money in exchange for promotion. However, don’t perceive it as a loss. It’s not. It is an investment!

Social media creates a lot of “influencers”. Everyone with 10k+ followers could be considered valuable. If you can put your product in front of an audience that’s likely to be interested in your product’s unique proposition, you’ll obviously obtain a positive ROI and significantly improve your brand’s awareness. Buzzsumo can help you find the newest, most trending influencers in any niche.

6. Keep Pushing Your Content Everywhere Around

When you believe that your blog features enough content, there’s no reason to stop
promoting it. Keep pushing your content around by consistently distributing among your social media platforms. Besides social media marketing, you should also build backlinks towards your blog post. To build quality backlinks, you can take help of link building tools.

These backlinks are going to bring SEO benefits to your entire website, therefore improving the reach of your products. To scale your business and sell your products to more people, you should continue to promote your content using different angles and channels of promotion.

7. Measure Your Initial Results, Optimize, and Scale

To heighten the performance of your marketing campaigns, you need to measure the metrics you’re receiving from your analytics. Your analytics statistics show a lot; they show the behavior of your potential customers. From that, you can figure out which of
your website’s pages are hurting or improving the performance of your sales process.

Once you have managed to go through the feedback, make the required optimizations by eliminating or adding different elements. Nobody can tell you what to change in your own campaign; you need to figure that on your own. Use your knowledge and instinct and find a balance between these two whenever you deal with optimization choices.

The last step is to scale everything that works. If you’ve made a change in your social media marketing campaign, double the investment so you can double the results. Keep it stable until it shifts, then readapt.


Launching a product is one thing. Launching a successful product is an entirely different
thing. If you’re still wondering what makes the difference, head back to our introduction and acknowledge the reasons. Understand that it’s all connected. Follow the cause-and-effect principle and be aware that each of your thoughts and actions will have an effect.

Do the right things, follow the proper strategies, and also remain consistent and persistent through your failures. Keep testing, optimizing, and scaling your marketing campaigns (email, social media, SEO) and observe the results. Also, pray for some luck and have faith. I wish you the best of luck!

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