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30+ Agency Tools To Grow Your Business in 2023

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The agency world is unique in the sense that it offers a myriad of functionalities. An agency is an umbrella of sorts that provides different services. All of that calls for the use of different types of apps and software—each serving its own purpose towards its unified primary goal. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we have tools and applications available for various functions. 

Agency tools can help you stand out from your competition. Agencies work for several different organizations around the world that put their business goals in their hands in the form of online/offline marketing, digital campaigns, advertising, lead generation, sales prospecting, etc. 

For one to experience success in the agency world, you need tools to back your skill set. Agency tools are important because agencies use a multi-faceted approach that places an equal emphasis on teams and client success. Whether you have a big or small agency, efficient agency tools can help in improving your overall team’s productivity and optimize workflows. 

Most projects will require you to undertake multilevel functions which would warrant the need for different tools such as time tracking, digital marketing, file management, project management, SEO, and graphic designing tools. 

To help you automate and streamline your agency growth, we have put together a list of 30+ must-have agency tools. We have categorized each tool based on its functionality.

  1. Lead Generation Tools For Agencies 
  2. SEO Tools For Agencies
  3. Project Management Tools For Agencies 
  4. Analytics and Website Building Tools For Agencies
  5. Social Media Tools For Agencies
  6. Meeting Scheduler Tool For Agencies   
  7. Graphics/Visual Content Tools For Agencies
  8. Landing Page Creator Tools For Agencies
  9. CRM Tools For Agencies
  10. Content Marketing Tool For Agencies
  11. Team Collaboration Tools For Agencies

Lead Generation Tools For Agencies

1. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is a cold email outreach tool that will help you scale your lead generation activities. Saleshandy takes care of all your cold emailing needs in one single platform. The tool is equipped with features like automated follow-ups, easy email sequence creation, inbox warm-up, email assistant, and so much more! 

Agency Use 

Saleshandy can be used by different agencies that are looking to scale and automate their lead generation activities. Reaching out to several prospects manually can be a tedious and time-consuming task. With Saleshandy, all your lead generation related can be automated and personalized, helping you convert prospects at a faster rate. 


Automated Follow-Ups 

Follow-ups are an essential part of any lead generation process. With Saleshandy you can automate the entire process of following up. Referred to as ‘email sequences’ in the tool, you can create various sequences with steps and A & B variants (to test out which email content is fetching more open and conversion rates).

Whether you are reaching out to prospects for your clients or your agency, this feature will help you save time and close deals at an accelerated rate than manual follow-ups. 

Personalize Your Agency Campaigns 

Without personalization, your email content won’t resonate much with prospects. But personalizing all of your emails? That’s probably going to take too much of your time.

With the use of merge tags, you can directly import data onto Saleshandy corresponding to particular prospects. Every email you send out can be personalized with a unique attribute of the prospect leading to more leads for your agency. 

So when you compose your email and insert a merge tag (for example, {{first name}}, {{pain point #1}}, {{city}}, {{job title}}), the information imported from the CSV file (or manually added) will reflect in the sent email.

This way your emails will be more personalized and have a greater chance of resonating with prospects. Agencies can make use of this feature to connect with prospective clients on a large scale. 

Hyper-personalize using Spintax

Spintax in Saleshandy allows you to create multiple variations in your email content, making it more personalized and unique. You can use spintax in between words, phrases, and sentences to avoid reputation without downgrading the quality of your email content.

Here is a simple example of spintax: Lead generation can be done in many ways, but cold emailing is the most {spin} powerful | effective {endspin} way.   

Here are the sample sentences that can be generated using the above example: 

  • Lead generation can be done in many ways, but cold emailing is the most powerful way.
  • Lead generation can be done in many ways, but cold emailing is the most effective way.

    This way you will be able to create unique email content which will also helps in better email deliverability.     

Inbox Warm Up (Keep your agency’s inbox safe from being marked as spam or blacklisted)

If you want your emails to reach the primary inbox of your recipient then it is essential you ‘warm up’ your inbox (to learn about inbox warm-up and what it means, click here). When you enable the inbox warm-up feature for a particular connected email account, Saleshandy automatically sends out emails and replies to them on your behalf (it also marks them as important and removes them from spam). All of the emails sent mimic human-like interactions to have a positive impact on your email service provider (ESP). 

How does inbox warm-up help my agency? 

When you are managing the lead generation activities of your agency or your clients, you will be sending out mass emails. In order to ensure all your emails land up in the primary inbox of the recipient (and not be marked as spam), it is important to partake in the practice of warming up your inbox. This is an email deliverability practice is observed by numerous professionals and is of utmost importance if you want to achieve results through cold emailing. 

Track Email Insights For Your Clients

With Saleshandy, you can track every metric of your email campaign. Metrics such as, open and click rates, unsubscribers, conversion rates, bounce rates, prospects, and link clicks. The metrics will help you understand if you are targeting the right prospects, and also give you an insight into the mind of prospective clients. With these metrics, your agency can formulate a better future strategy. 

AI-Powered Email Assistant 

Writing emails can be tricky. Saleshandy provides users with an AI-powered email assistant that offers you real-time suggestions to make your email content more refined. Suggestions such as subject line length, spamminess, personalization, and links inserted. The email assistant informs you of any spammy verbiage you have inadvertently included in your copy to help you from being marked as spam by email service providers (ESPs). With this feature, you can craft the perfect email for your clients helping you generate more results, making your agency more successful. 

Other Features 

  • Custom domain tracking 
  • A-Z testing 
  • Pre-header text
  • Bounce guard 
  • Email health score 
  • Email age 
  • Trigger-behavior-based actions email sequences 


  • Pro $25 Per User/Month 
  • 14-day free trial available 
  • Add on service: Verify email addresses $60 (up to 30,000 recipients) 

2. Saleshandy Connect

Saleshandy Connect is an email tracker and finder tool that is extremely beneficial for your lead generation process. The tool has two main functionalities: email tracking and extracting email addresses through LinkedIn. It operates as a Google Chrome extension. The email tracking feature can be used for multiple inboxes. The email finder tool provides you with verified information that can directly be imported into your CRM software if needed. 

Agency Use 

Whether for your clients or yourself, using an email finder and tracker tool will help you accelerate the speed of your lead generation. As an agency, you need verified email addresses. Using this tool you can build a verified email list and build your network for your agency or clients. The email tracking feature can help your agency keep track of engagement metrics. With desktop notifications, you can reach out to prospective clients as soon as they open your emails and close deals faster.


  • Email Tracking 
  • Works with multiple inboxes 
  • Desktop notifications when a recipient interacts with your emails 
  • Track link clicks (how many times clicked, time opened) 
  • Track email opens 
  • Export data 
  • Email Finder 
  • Instant and accurate results 
  • Import data extracted directly into an email sequence (Saleshandy account) 
  • Import data extracted to your CRM software 
  • Works with LinkedIn 
  • Pricing 
  • 14 days free trial available 
  • Plans start from $9 Per Month

3. Saleshandy Agency

Saleshandy Agency is specifically designed for agencies to help them manage their outreach campaigns. With Saleshandy Agency, all your email campaigns can be viewed, tracked, and edited from the master dashboard. Do you have over 10 clients that you are managing the lead generation of? Saleshandy Agency makes it easy for you to monitor and track all your campaigns. It also provides clients sole view-only access to track their specific campaigns for trust building. 


  • Master Dashboard 
  • Admin controls 
  • Assign team members individual roles for specific accounts 
  • Client-view only access 
  • Add unlimited team members 
  • Manage email campaigns for clients through the dashboard
  • Track and monitor progress 
  • Personalized support


  • Consultation required 

4. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a B2B lead generation software that allows you to analyze your website visitors in depth. Through this software, you are able to uncover users/companies that are visiting your website, how they got there, and which pages they are clicking on. 

It easily allows you to manage new leads by directly exporting them into your CRM software for ease of use. It also integrates with multiple tools such as Google Analytics, Pipedrive, Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp, and many more! 

Agency Use 

Leadfeeder is beneficial for agencies that are looking for valid lead generation sources. You can easily narrow down the prospects that have visited your website frequently. And also strengthen the use of a particular platform once you find out the most popular source that people are coming in from. 

They offer four solutions – lead generation, web visitor tracking, sales prospecting, and account-based marketing.


  • Lead management 
  • Contact management 
  • Third-party integrations 
  • API 
  • Reporting & statistics 
  • Data import/export 
  • Intent data
  • Goal setting/tracking 


  • Lite (free forever) – $0 
  • Premium – from $80 onwards 
  • 14-day free trial (no credit card required)

5. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a lead generation and customer acquisition application that allows you to creative opt-in forms (plus exit pop-ups, in-line call to actions, floating bars, slide-in scroll boxes, welcome mats, etc) and track conversions. 

Through the use of this application, you can convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers or customers. It also has personalization and targeted display rules that allow your campaigns to reach people at the right time. 

Agency Use 

As an agency, most of your prospects will most likely visit your website (there may be many returning visitors as well). By using OptinMonster you can easily target the right prospects through attractive and eye-catch pop-ups so they can be convinced of using your services. 


  • Drag & drop builder 
  • Different campaign types to choose from 
  • Campaign triggers 
  • Targeted campaigns 
  • A/B testing
  • Detailed insights 
  • Integrations with email marketing apps – MailChimp, HubSpot, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, SendinBlue, etc. 


  • Basic – $9 Per Month
  • Plus – $19 Per Month 
  • Pro – $29 Per Month
  • Growth – $49 Per Month 

SEO Tools For Agencies

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools used by many professionals. This tool provides you with in-depth keyword research and tips on how you can grow your website’s search traffic. 

Through the use of Ahrefs, you are able to delve deeper into SEO metrics and make use of the helpful inside to increase website traffic. Some of the data provided by Ahrefs includes keyword analysis, content analysis, traffic reports, and domain-based content analysis.

Agency Use 

As an agency, you want more organic traffic to your website. By using Ahrefs you can make improvements to your existing SEO strategy resulting in more organic traffic. If you are an agency that offers SEO services, then you can use this tool for competitive analysis, and formulate an action plan so they can outrank their competitors. 


  • Search engine keyword research 
  • Backlink research 
  • SERP history 
  • Content explorer 
  • Site explorer 
  • Site audit 
  • Rank tracker 
  • Alerts 


  • Lite $99 Per Month
  • Standard $199 Per Month 
  • Advanced $399 Per Month 
  • Enterprise $999 Per Month 

2. Moz

Moz is a comprehensive SEO tool perfect for agencies that want to improve their website ranking and visibility. What makes Moz unique is that it has its own community of SEO professionals that can help you make the most out of the tool. 

The all-in-one SEO tool provides you with site audits, social data, metrics, domain authority, link building, tracking of keywords, and page ranks. An added bonus of the tool is that it also provides beginner to advanced level courses and resources for those who want to expand their SEO knowledge. 

Agency Use 

Moz is especially beneficial for marketing and digital marketing agencies that want to improve their online presence. Whether you use it for business or your clients you can seamlessly track website progress and see how you line up against competitors.


  • SEO Monitoring and auditing 
  • SEO Content and rankings 
  • SEO Reporting
  • Link explorer 
  • Fresh web explorer (brand monitoring tool)
  • Insights 
  • Moz Bar (for SERP)


  • Standard – $99 Per Month
  • Medium – $179 Per Month
  • Large – $299 Per Month
  • Premium – $599 Per Month
  • Moz Pro – 30 days free trial available 

3. SEMRush

SEMRush isn’t just another SEO tool. This online visibility management tool has an intelligence suite that generates analytics reports that consist of competitor strategies, keyword difficulty, domain strengths and so much more! 

Most users use this tool for SEO, PPC, SMM, keyword research, PR, content marketing, marketing insights, competitive research, and campaign management. 

Agency Use 

SEO and content management play a huge part in an agency’s day-to-day functions (especially for SEO or content marketing agencies). SEMrush is great for agencies of all sizes. It allows you to track and use actionable SEO insights for your clients (or yourself). If your main goal is to build an iron-clad online presence, then this tool is highly recommended for you. Agency teams use this tool to help clients (or their organization) with content marketing, improving their overall SEO on all channels, creating PPC campaigns, and managing their social media presence. 


  • Keyword research 
  • On-page SEO 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Social media management 
  • Paid advertising
  • Link building 
  • PPC keyword research 
  • Integrations 


  • Pro $119.95 Per Month 
  • Guru $229.95 Per Month 
  • Business $449.95 Per Month 
  • 7 Days Free Trial 

Find more SEO tools, the best combination of your needs and budget.

Project Management Tools For Agencies

1. Hive

Hive is a product management platform that offers flexible project layouts, group messaging, file sharing, tracking of tasks, and a lot more features that optimize and streamline workflow. 

Agency Use

Hive is especially useful for agencies since they do a lot of project-based work. When you are tracking and managing several projects, you want a tool that can help you track tasks and monitor progresses. 


  • Project views 
  • Hive chat (internal use) 
  • Hive email 
  • Time tracking 
  • Automations 
  • Team collaboration
  • Integrations


  • Solo $0 Free Forever 
  • Teams $12 Per Month 
  • Enterprise – Consultation required 

2. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that allows you to collaborate with your team members with ease. With Trello, you can create and keep track of tasks using boards, lists, and cards. Trello is best used for organizations that manage a lot of projects at once and require a space to organize all their efforts. 

Agency Use 

If you are in the market for a tool that has advanced collaboration features then go for Trello. You can manage several projects, organize tasks and build team collaboration from one single dashboard. Trello offers solutions for teams in various industries such as marketing, engineering, human resources, design, product management, support, etc. Although, Trello lacks time-tracking and reporting functionality—making it more suitable for small-scale teams or individuals. 


  • Workflow automation 
  • 360 project management and view 
  • Preset workflow templates for different types of teams 
  • Task cards 
  • Create project boards
  • Integrations available with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and more 


  • Free $0 
  • Standard $5 Per User/Month 
  • Premium $10 Per User/Month 
  • Enterprise – Price depends on the number of users (estimated cost for 25 users: $17.50 per user)
  • 14-day free trial 

3. Nifty: Project Management 

Nifty is a project and task management tool that acts as a collaboration hub. You can manage teams, tasks, clients, and projects from a master dashboard. What makes Nifty stand out from the other project management tools listed here, is its one-click video meeting feature—both for clients and team members. 

Agency Use 

Nifty was specially designed with the personal pain points of agencies in mind. It aims to solve daily workflow disruptions that arise from using multiple tools. If you are an agency with a large team, then you can utilize this tool as it has the features to support unlimited members. 


  • Time and expense tracking 
  • Budget management 
  • Project templates 
  • Project portfolios 
  • Status tracking 
  • Instant chat feature 
  • Docs & file storing and sharing 


  • Free forever version available
  • Starter $5 Per User/Month 
  • Pro $10 Per User/Month 
  • Business $16 Per User/Month 
  • Unlimited $399 Per Month 

4. Asana

Asana is yet another project management tool that allows users to personalize and customize their experience. It enables effective collaboration through task displays, creating projects, work management, calendars and so much more. This tool has been around for a lot longer than most, which means they had time to build up a solid list of useful features. 

Agency Use 

Asana is an excellent tool for all kinds of agencies. It mostly works well for agencies that are process-driven and want to follow set procedures for projects. Asana also has the option of integrating with numerous other applications, so if you are using other agency tools you can most likely connect them with Asana and keep your projects running smoothly. 


  • Workflow builder 
  • Kanban boards 
  • Calendar 
  • App integrations 
  • Timelines 
  • Teammate view 
  • Internal instant messaging 
  • Forms creation


  • Free forever $0 (15 members only) 
  • Premium $10.99 Per User/Month 
  • Business $24.99 Per User/Month 
  • Asana Enterprise – Consultation required

Analytics and Website Building Tools For Agencies

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most advanced analytics tools you will find in the market for your business. Any business that has a digital presence must use this tool to understand their prospects, customers, and how they operate and mainly—unveiling the part of your website that resonates with them. 

Agency Use 

You can use GA for your agency or your clients. With GA one can easily track website visitors, new users and their source, user behavior, time spent on pages, key demographics, and a lot more. One of the best things about GA is the fact you can see how users are engaging with content in every way possible. Agencies can use this data to measure the success of their ongoing campaigns. 


  • Track user behavior from your website or client’s website 
  • Demographics insights 
  • Conversion tracking 
  • Multi-channel reporting 
  • Set various goals in-platform 
  • Create custom reports based on traffic by source, URL, goals, and more 
  • Find out where users are coming from 
  • Integrations 
  • Real-time reporting


  • Google Analytics is free to use (also known as ‘freemium’) 

2. WordPress

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) (open source means it can be customized and hosted from a third-party server) that comes with numerous pre-built website templates and extensions. It is one of the most popular website platforms in the world. It is very flexible and works seamlessly with many third-party tools and services. WordPress offers you many options for building websites in any form you wish. 

Agency Use 

With WordPress, you can host all of your agency’s websites on the platform and have control over them from one dashboard. As an agency, you will most likely be managing many websites, your own and your clients. Making WordPress a suitable choice for your agency. WordPress has a built-in feature called ‘Multisites’ that allows you to run multiple websites through one single WordPress dashboard. 


  • Manage website content from the dashboard
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Post scheduling 
  • Plug-ins 
  • Automatic backups 
  • Website and blog templates (themes)


  • Free version available 
  • Personal $4 Per Month 
  • Premium $8 Per Month 
  • Business $25 Per Month 
  • eCommerce $45 Per Month 

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is largely known for buying domain names or web hosting services. The tool also offers website builder software. They offer modern templates that you can edit and publish with no technical knowledge required. You can also hire a GoDaddy website designer if you want to. 

Agency Use 

If you need to create websites for your clients then the GoDaddy website builder can be your choice. They also offer built-in marketing tools that can help your website have a better online presence. 


  • Designer made templates 
  • Manage everything from one dashboard 
  • Add on premium services: SEO, set up recurring appointments, accept online payments, connect a custom domain 
  • Email and social media marketing 
  • SSL certificate


  • Freemium version available (first 7 days premium features are available) 
  • Upgrade to premium features – plans start at $9.99/Per Month

4. SeedProd

SeedProd is a WordPress landing page builder. It works as a plug-in for WordPress that is solely meant for building landing pages. It is easy to use with a drag and drop page editor and includes a growing library of top-notch templates. 

Agency Use 

If you want to gain more clients for your agency, then creating a landing page would be the next option for you. With a landing page, you can have specific traffic (targeted prospects). Using SeedProd you will have access to more features than a regular website page builder since the sole function of this plugin is to build landing pages. You can even create traffic-generating landing pages for your clients as well. 


  • Landing page templates 
  • Landing page sections 
  • Font themes and color palettes 
  • Domain mapping 
  • Mobile preview 
  • Drag and drop builder 
  • Email marketing integrations


  • Basic $39.50/Year 
  • Plus $99.50/Year 
  • Pro $199.50/Year 
  • Elite $239.60/Year 

Social Media Tools For Agencies

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media marketing and management tool you can use to schedule social media posts across all platforms. This tool also provides users with performance analytics that can help your team gain insights into the success or failure of your campaigns. They also have the option of paid ads.

Agency Use 

If you are managing several social media accounts of different clients, then you will require a tool that can help you schedule and manage all posting. Additionally, all messaging of social media platforms can be managed from your Hootsuite dashboard as well. Hootsuite is the perfect social media management tool for agencies and aids in saving time.


  • Schedule and plan social media posts across all platforms 
  • In-depth analytics of past and current performance 
  • Monitor social media trending topics 
  • Advertise content (paid ads) 
  • Integrate with over 250 tools 
  • Instantly reply from different social media accounts 


  • Professional $39 Per Month 
  • Team $109 Per Month 
  • Business $699 Per Month 
  • Enterprise – Consultation Required 
  • 30 days free trial 

2. Buffer

Buffer is social media toolkit that allows users to plan and publish content across all social media channels from a single dashboard. Buffer has three apps, Buffer Publish, Buffer Reply, and Buffer Analyze. 

Agency Use 

Buffer is a user-friendly application with an easy user interface. Buffer offers specific plans for agencies that are managing their client’s social media accounts. With Buffer for agency, you can even add your team members on the app, for better collaboration.


  • Easily create, schedule, and post across all social media platforms 
  • Monitor upcoming campaigns via the calendar 
  • Delve into in-depth insights 
  • Create a ‘start page’ for social media 
  • Priority customer service for agency accounts 
  • Team collaboration


  • Pricing starts at $100 Per Month 
  • 14 days free trial 

Meeting Scheduler Tools For Agencies   

1. Calendly

Calendly is a meeting scheduling tool that can be used to book appointments. Instead of having a dozen back and forth emails about availability, with Calendy you can save time and let clients choose their own timings. Calendly integrates with your own calendar to check your availability to help connect with clients and prospects effortlessly. 

Agency Use 

As an agency, you will be booking a lot of meetings. Calendy will help you organize all your meeting schedules and make it easy for clients or prospects to pick out time slots depending on an individual’s availability. 


  • Availability preferences 
  • Teams scheduling 
  • Routing forms 
  • Website scheduling (can be added to your website) 
  • Calendar connections (connect up to 6 calendars) 
  • Meeting polls 
  • 70+ integrations 


  • Basic – Always free 
  • Essentials $8 Per Month/User 
  • Professional $12 Per Month/User 
  • Teams $16 Per Month/User 
  • Enterprise – Consultation required

Graphics/Visual Content Tools For Agencies

1. Canva

Canva is a graphic designing web application. The tool offers a library of graphical templates that include, social media posts, newsletters, powerpoints, flyers, invitations, infographics, and more. Canva comes with a drag and drop editor allowing you to create freely with a thousand other design elements. 

Agency Use 

Canva is a visual communication tool that your agency can use to make creative graphics. The graphics you create can be used for social media posts, newsletters, emails, and your website. If your clients require you to create graphics for them then you can use this tool too. The best part about Canva is that it is free to use with limited features (as a simple graphic designing tool, advanced features require you to pay).  


  • Drag and drop editor 
  • Library of thousands of templates 
  • Easily share your designs through links, social shares, embed codes, etc 
  • Edit videos 
  • Download designs in any format 


  • Canva Free $0 
  • Canva Pro $12.99 Per Month 
  • Canva For Teams $14.99 Per Month (for the first 5 users) 

2. Visme

Visme is a graphic designing tool made for non-design professionals to create business presentations, infographics, schedules, flyers and so much more. They offer professionally designed templates that can be customized as per your choice. The tool comes with an intuitive design mechanism with color themes, fonts, animations, and stickers. One of the most unique things about Visme would be the animated graphics and illustrations that have been designed by their own designers for users to add to their graphics. 

Agency Use 

With Visme you can centralize all your design needs on one platform. You can store design assets specific to each client and organize your efforts. 


  • Project templates 
  • Content database 
  • Graphics and charts 
  • Drag and drop editor 
  • Presentation themes 
  • Animated illustrations 
  • Edit videos 
  • Share and download options 


  • Basic – Free
  • Personal $12.25 Per Month 
  • Business $24.75 Per Month 
  • Visme for teams – Consultation required 

3. Pexels

Pexels is a free stock photography website with global contributors. Pexels allows you to download HD stock photos and videos for your projects, graphics, social media posts, or any other purpose. All of the images and videos are free to download. 

Agency Use 

When you are designing graphics, making presentations, making videos, or creating your website you will need some stock photos/videos. Pexels is completely free to use, so you can use their library of unlimited 3 million photos and videos for this purpose. If you are working on a project for a client and they require some graphic designing you can use Pexels’ visual elements to tell their story. 


  • 4K HD stock videos 
  • HD photos 
  • Download in various formats 
  • Leaderboard (highlights from top contributors)


  • Pexels is completely free to use 

Additional Tools

Landing Page Creator Tools For Agencies

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page creator that uses AI technology to help you create high-performing landing pages. It is considered to be one of the best landing page creator tools in the market. It uses the data of over 1.5 billion conversions to generate on-brand landing pages that best match exactly what you are looking for. If you are struggling to write a copy for your page, then they also provide AI-generated original content in 30+ languages. 

Agency Use 

If you need to create a lot of landing pages, then using Unbounce for your agency is a good idea. Since Unbounce uses AI technology, it will be easier for you to generate landing pages at scale with a guarantee that you are delivering high converting pages for your clients. They also offer the option of sending your clients leads in real-time. The Unbounce mechanism supports campaign management and easy client collaboration. 


  • Customizable templates 
  • A/B test landing pages
  • Send clients leads in real time 
  • Set different client permissions 
  • Smart copy (AI Copywriter)


  • Launch $90 Per Month 
  • Optimize $135 Per Month 
  • Accelerate $225 Per Month 
  • 14-day free trial 

CRM Tools For Agencies

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows you to centralize your sales, customer service, and marketing activities. The CRM software provides you with a real-time view of your sales pipeline through an easy-to-use dashboard. Viewing the activities of your team members is easy and you can monitor productivity and individual performance.

Agency Use 

If you are a customer-centric agency then using HubSpot will be beneficial in monitoring your sales representatives’ activities and customer engagement. You will also be able to keep a keen eye on your customers. 

If needed, HubSpot offers a Solutions Partner Program that deals with marketing, sales, website development, CRM implementation services, and more. This program pairs you with a HubSpot expert that aims to help you expand your services, get more clients, and improve customer retention. The expert provides you with continued support for your growth to help you reach your goals. The plans for this program start at $25/Per Month.


  • Real-time sales information on a customized dashboard 
  • Access to customer information and data 
  • Tracking of customer interactions
  • Filter customers by quota performance, meetings schedules, and number of deals closed 
  • Live chat/chatbots


  • HubSpot offers a completely free forever version of their software which includes marketing, CMS, customer service, and sales/CRM functionalities. 
  • They have paid plans depending on your functionality and most of them start at $45/Per Month. 

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that also works as an account-management tool. The tool helps sales and marketing teams automate and organize their entire process. Their slogan is ‘the first CRM designed by salespeople, for salespeople.’ Through Pipedrive, your business can easily manage and track customer interactions and the sales pipeline. Pipedrive can be integrated with Google Apps, Gmail, and Outlook. 

Agency Use 

Keeping a track of all your customer interactions can be a tough task. With Pipedrive you can keep a keen eye on leads, opportunities, and deals. This will help your team stay on top of things, and resolve any issues a customer/client may have almost immediately. All your customer data can be stored here, making it easy for you to connect with customers when you speak to them. 


(Currently, Pipedrive offers three software packages, email marketing, sales, and lead generation. Depending on your choice, the features are different for each.)

  • Email marketing software 
  • Sales software 
  • Lead generation software
  • Marketplace integrations 
  • Documents and templates 
  • Web visitor tracking 
  • Customizable dashboard 
  • Task management


  • Essential $9.90 Per User/Month 
  • Advanced $19.90 Per User/Month  
  • Professional $39.90 Per User/Month 
  • Enterprise $59.90 Per User/Month 
  • 14-day free trial 

3. Zoho

Zoho is a comprehensive cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage sales, marketing, and customer support needs. 

Agency Use 

If you want to centralize all of your clients’ projects as well as combine team efforts on one platform then Zoho is a great solution. You can store all your client information on the software and have a 360 view. Zoho also offers omnichannel communication so you can reach out to your clients wherever they are. Within the platform, they offer emails, calls, and live chat. You can choose to get notified anytime a prospect is browsing a clients/your website, reading an email from your campaign, or engaging with your clients/your brand. There is also a social CRM section that lets you know what people are saying about your brand online as well as manage social media accounts. 


  • 360 client management 
  • Social media management 
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • Omnichannel communication 
  • Automated workflows 
  • Document storage 
  • Integrations 


  • Free forever version – 3 users 
  • Standard $14 Per User/Month 
  • Professional $23 Per User/Month 
  • Enterprise $40 Per User/Month 
  • Ultimate $52 Per User/Month 

Content Marketing Tool For Agencies

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a content marketing tool that allows you to analyze top content, find influencers, run social reports, and perform keyword research. Buzzsumo curates the most engaging content your users will want. It also helps you find new potential opportunities to broaden your outreach.

Agency Use 

Use BuzzSumo to help your clients find the most relevant and engaging content. This content marketing tool can also help your agency stay keep up with trending content. Beyond this, you can use a content idea generator for your agency or your clients in case you ever run out of fresh content ideas. This will aid in always having something to offer your clients, be it trends, the information you have procured through social monitoring to fresh content ideas. 


  • Daily content discovery 
  • Keyword research 
  • Content research 
  • Social monitoring and tracking 
  • Find influencers 
  • Content ideas generator 
  • Chrome extension 


  • Free version – 10 searchers per month 
  • Pro $99 Per Month 
  • Plus $179 Per Month 
  • Large $299 Per Month 
  • 30 days free trial 

2. Yoast

Yoast is an SEO WordPress plug-in that helps you with website optimization and provides users with suggestions based on SEO best practices. With Yoast, you can rank on search engines and drive more traffic to your website. 

Agency Use 

If you want your agency to do well, then you will need your clients’ (and your own) websites to rank on the first pages of search engines. With the help of Yoast, you can make use of all the suggestions it provides and ensure your website is ranking on search engines.


  • Instant SEO suggestions 
  • Estimated reading time 
  • In-depth analysis of your content (suggestions of what you can change content-wise) 
  • Keyword density 
  • Keyword use 


  • Yoast SEO – Free 
  • Yoast SEO Premium $99 Per Year 

Team Collaboration Tools For Agencies

1. Basecamp

Basecamp can be regarded as one of the ‘OGs’ of team collaboration as it’s considered the best in the industry. It is an efficient tool for team collaboration with features such as automatic check-ins, file sharing, assignable to-do lists, project cards, and so much more. 

Agency Use 

Basecamp has one feature that makes it perfect for agencies (and also makes it stand out from all the other team collaboration tools listed here). Clients can be given access to certain projects (you have full control over what they can see). This helps you work collaboratively with your clients, keeping both sides organized. Decisions, feedbacks, and approvals can all be centralized on Basecamp with the client having access as well. This not only makes weekly client meetings redundant but also gives a great impression and automatically builds through transparency.


  • To-do lists
  • Message boards
  • Schedules 
  • Documents and file storage 
  • Real-time group chat 
  • Automatic check-ins 
  • Client Access 
  • Direct messages (Pings) 
  • Reports 


  • Basecamp Personal – free 
  • Basecamp Business $99 Per Month 

2. Slack

Slack is a team communication tool that is used by several organizations. With Slack, you can create different channels serving various functions and stay up to date with the happenings of your organization. 

Agency Use 

As an agency, having a platform where you can communicate instantly is important. Moreover, the platform should have different channels where you can monitor other interactions as well so everyone is kept in the loop. Slack also offers file sharing which is an added bonus for agencies. Slack mainly functions as a communication platform that integrates with any device and a number of other tools.


  • Multiple channel creation 
  • Set reminders 
  • Notifications 
  • Voice and video call 
  • File sharing 
  • Apps and integrations 
  • Privatization of channels 
  • Workflow builder 


  • Free $0 
  • Pro $6.67 Per Month 
  • Business+ $12.20 Per Month 
  • Enterprise Grid – Contact sales 

3. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing tools that a wide range of professionals use. Since it has been one of the most used tools, Zoom has upgraded many of its features to support better team collaboration. Whether you have remote employees or clients, collaborating with them can be done seamlessly with high-quality video and sound.

Agency Use 

Zoom is an essential tool that your agency will need. Through features like screen sharing, instant messaging, webinars, meeting recording, and breakout rooms you can collaborate with teams and clients without having to worry about geographical constraints. 


  • Create rooms and workspaces 
  • Schedule recurring meetings
  • Video call recording/screen recording
  • Instant live chat and file sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Virtual backgrounds 
  • HD Video & Audio 
  • Webinar-only mode 
  • Integrations 


  • Basic – Free (40-minute limit) 
  • Pro $149 Per User/Month 

Zoom has different pricing for industries and solutions. They also provide add-on services. The pricing listed above is for ‘Zoom One’ which includes meetings, chat, phone, and more. For detailed pricing please visit their official website. 

4. is a meeting productivity tool for project management meetings. The meeting notes app helps teams collaborate by providing real-time note-taking, action item tracking and instant feedback requests. The tool even integrates with your favorite project management apps to carry over tasks after your check-in meeting. 

Agency Use

Whether you are meeting internally with your team, for a 1:1 or with an external client, you need an agenda to guide the conversation. Use Fellow’s meeting agenda for organized and productive meetings across your agency. 


  • Use a meeting agenda
  • Real-time note taking
  • Track action items
  • Gather real-time feedback
  • Use expert meeting templates
  • Track quarterly objectives


Fellow is free for a maximum of 10 users. – The Pro plan is $5 per user per month, and custom-priced plans are also available.


All of the tools mentioned in this blog will help your agency grow and achieve its goals. These tools are designed to improve particular areas of your business. Before you select a tool for your agency, review, and research each tool thoroughly and choose ones that align with your business’ future trajectory. 

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