Mind Your P’s: The 3 Ingredients of an Effective B2B Sales Follow-Up Strategy

Customers avoid talking directly to salespeople–and this behavior can easily be observed among buyers in the B2B space. According to Forrester Research, 59% of B2B buyers prefer self-service and managing relationships on their own. This now poses a dilemma among B2B sales professionals who have been taught that ‘touching base’ is essential in getting a deal. Is follow-up still necessary?

Yes–but the key is figuring out the fine line between an effective follow-up strategy and being a nuisance to prospects. If the seller is too relaxed, sales will never get closed. On the contrary, the tenacity of an aggressive seller will drive clients away. The latter is also why customers have become averse to interactions with sales reps.

The client’s follow-up experience should be pleasant enough that they want to continue the business relationship.

So, keep the following P’s in mind when transforming current sales strategies to better suit the self-reliant lead.