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You need a customer support software if you have too many customers, the logic is that simple. You cannot handle all the mentions and direct messages from customers on your own without a help desk software. In this process, somewhere you’ll only leave your customer high & dry and trust me, you don’t want to take that kind of damage.

No matter the size of your business, there will always be some very difficult questions to answer and discontented customers to please. That is where Customer Support Help Desks make an entry.

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Find out if SalesHandy is suitable for you

Our platform is best used by:

  • Customer Success Executives
  • Salespersons
  • Business Development Managers
  • Recruiters and more

It is Ideal for small and medium-sized companies. You can send up to 5000 emails with SalesHandy if you are using your Gmail account address (Trial Version / Free Gmail Account). Whereas, with the G Suite account address, you can send up to 2000 emails. Your sent emails will always be landing in the recipient’s inbox and not Spam.

Growth Hacking Marketing Tools

Instagram Automation Tools to Grow your Business

There’s no denying the marketing power behind the Instagram platform. You have no idea how images & videos posted on Instagram can enhance your customer’s experience. Have you ever considered using these powerful Instagram Automation Tools to make your brand visible to a whole new market?