Release Note

Release Note: SalesHandy 2.0

Today (on Sunday 8th of April 2018 01:30 PM GMT), we released the software we were building since last 9 months. 

What’s new in 2.0? 

What’s coming next? 


What’s new in 2.0? 

Chrome Plugin (Update)

  • Built using theinboxsdk – prevents SalesHandy plugin conflicts with other chrome plugins
  • Revamped Plugin UI/UX (New)
  • Link Tracking (New)
  • Activity feed (New)
  • Revamped Template and Document Insert flow (New)
  • Plugin Preferences (New)
  • UI/UX Improvements in Email Scheduling
Email Release Note

Higher Email Sending Limit Campaigns with SalesHandy

We launched our best feature i.e. Mail Merge Campaign with Auto Follow Up in April of this year and since then, We have got tremendous feedback for the same. People appraising and also helping us at the same time with their critics as to what should be done to make it better and we have come a long way making some small tweaks here and there to make our customer’s experience better and productive.


10 Simple Tips To Increase Your Email Response Rate

You expect a response to your Email as soon as you hit the ‘Send’ button. Some emails of yours are responded to but for the others the wait becomes a never ending one. But have you ever tried to discover the reasons behind this? Or are you among the hundreds and thousands of people all around the world who are worried due to the low response rate to your emails?? Then here are 10 simple tips which you can use to increase your email response. Check these tips out and adopt them in your Email Strategy in order to give wings to your Email Campaign. Read On…

Customer Sales

16 Ways To Increase Sales From Existing Customers

In the present scenario, companies give much importance to finding, targeting and acquiring new customers. However, they often tend to overlook the significance of staying connected with existing customers. Such customer can contribute massively to sales if treated with care. In order to sell smartly, companies need to understand the importance of customer retention and take various measures for the same.


The Ultimate Guide to Mail Merge

Why should you personalize  your emails?

For any sales/marketing team personalize communication with customer yields better results.

  • Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10% – Aberdeen
  • Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened – Campaign Monitor
  • 50% of companies feel they can increase interaction within email by increasing personalization. – Experian

16 Tips to Write Killer Email Subject Line

The subject line of an email is the first thing to gain the attention of the recipients. It often becomes the deciding factor for an opening of the emails. An email should always have a good and convincing subject line. Emails lacking subject line is either ignored or delete.

Sales Tips

7 Must Read B2B Sales e-books In 2021

Sales have been a tedious process over a period of time. Moreover, if the salesperson does not keep up with their targets they are bound to get bogged down which would hamper their progress. It is a famous saying ” Books are men’s best company“, so if the sales team is provided with good and comprehensive sales books like b2b sales e-books in the midst of adverse time it would prove to be a boon for them. Moreover, Authentic sales tips  and proven methods will enable your sales team to re-sharpen their strategies and work methods.

Here is a list of some of the most sought-after and highly rated sales e-books you can’t do without in 2021:

Growth Hacking

Entrepreneurship – From the Eyes of Inbound Marketing

Uncertainties bring evolvement and the risk taking abilities change the viewpoint of the world. Entrepreneurship is ONE SUCH THING which involves both. It brings such great things into prospects which were never thought before along with the opportunity to deal diligently with the same. “Turning Out to Sweet Sixteen” i.e. 2016 offers new opportunities for the beginners as well as the professionals trying to upgrade their scheme of things.  Synchronization & Innovation with an ability to sustain and grow is the NEW MANTRA (Hymn) that would dominate the future belongings of Entrepreneurship. Here is the “things to do” list that would be needed to go with the flow.

Sales Tips

Sales Hacks to Acquire More Prospects in 2021

The internet is a murky scene of a shipwreck that sends everyone, including the experienced seafarers/captain into a disarray of confusion. And, to navigate out of this confusion and stall tall, a solid strategy (or a clever hack) is needed.

Marketers need to have good tools and make use of them. According to Farlan Dowell, the Vice President of sales of Uptight, to stay ahead, you need to keep your champion first. Your champion is your sales team. Make them heroes by giving them the tools they need to make sells upwards.