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Sales team is a vital part of any organization. A favorable sales team, whether big or small, inside or on the field, direct or channelized, plays a critical role in multiplying the revenues of the company.

Every company focuses on enhancing the productivity of the sales team. For this, the company needs to observe the undertakings of the sales reps and needs to take various steps for making improvements to help them serve better. Below stated are a few ways that will help to boost their productivity.

1. Right person for the right job

The first and foremost action to be done by the companies is to choose the right sales team. A righteous team with worthy members possessing team spirit can do wonders to the company. So, go for recruiting the right personnel onboard and you can extract the best results. See this video in which, Recruiters select Chris Gardner by seeing his smartness and Dedication for work instead of his clothes.

2. Great CRM, works the best

An advanced CRM will help the sales team work efficiently in less time. Using a good CRM number of tasks, such as goal management, understanding leads, etc. can be automated and the sales team can devote more time to deal with customers.

3. Say no to multitasking

Sometimes company hires a single person to do sales related tasks & administrative tasks in order to control budget. This multitasking done by the reps ends up in a mess and it also reduces the speed of the work done. Multitasking should be avoided so that the sales reps can fully concentrate on tasks related to sales.

4. Motivational Speech Works

Through praise, you can inspire the sales team members and moreover, it does not cost anything. Few words of appreciation and encouragement can be a motivating agent for them to work better.

Motivational Speech

5. Good tools help increase productivity

A good choice of tools helps the sales team work more efficiently. The tool should be helpful, easy to learn and implement (Here’s the list of free sales tools). Before introducing any new tool its acceptance should be enquired and a training program should be conducted. Remember! Too many tools also make sales team land up in confusions.

6. Professional training to be rendered

Grooming of the sales team is one of the most important tasks to be rendered. Some company’s think it involves a lot of time, and refrain from giving training to its reps. But when they resort to training, they realize its importance as it improves the quality of work done. But Training should be given to improve sales methods, introduce the latest selling strategies, enhance communication skills, etc.

7. Better leads better sales

A small list of genuine prospects is always better than a big list of leads who are not interested in buying your product. High-quality leads help the sales team to convert prospects into customers without wasting much time (Read Here convert prospects into customers) and with fewer efforts. The marketing team needs to draft a good list of leads to help sales team sale better.

8. Personal strengths and interest to be considered to assign roles

A keen observation should be made on personal strength and interest of each team member. Keeping in mind these observations, roles and duties should be assigned to them. It helps as a motivator and results in better work done by each of them. For instance, a person having good communication skills should be made to deal directly with customers, while a person with good leadership qualities should be appointed as a team leader.

Communication Skills

9. Improvements should always be given a welcome

There should always be an open welcome to any improvement to be done regarding various undertakings involved in the sales process. Sales team should conduct surveys with customers and any improvement needed should be implemented.

10. Compatibility and comfortability with customers

The sales team should be friendly with the customers. They should always be in touch with the prospects and moreover, they should have the skill to communicate effectively with the customers. They should be smart enough to answer the questions raised by the prospects and customers regarding the product and company.

11. Understanding Buyers Journey

The sales team should try to understand about buyer’s needs like their behavior, their purchasing power, etc. Surveys can be conducted to procure this information about buyers. All this information helps the sales team to sell smartly and efficiently.

Buyers Journey

12. A flexible tracking and reporting system is needed

A tracking system should be maintained to record proceedings of the sales team, such as time is taken from when the lead comes in, so he/she responds and finally the deal is closed. The reporting process should be made easy. If it is complicated and time taking, the sales team will refrain from reporting. Monitoring is needed but sales team should be given freedom to tackle the sales process as we know each customer has to be dealt differently. You can track your prospects activities by using SalesHandy.

13. Personalized content library to be maintained

The sales process of each company is different as product and customers they deal with are different. Various marketing materials available in the market giving knowledge about marketing strategies may not be of much use. In order to overcome this, companies are opting to maintain their personal content library created by their own sales team members. They store all of the relevant marketing materials in a cloud or virtual storage, allowing sales reps to search for and find the content as and when required.

All the above-stated strategies will help to boost the productivity of sales team.

Bonus Tip – It is always advised to measure your company’s sales productivity. There are various metrics that can help to do so, such as, a length of sales cycle, win rate, time is taken for adopting any new tool introduced, etc. This will provide with an idea of how well these above-stated strategies are working for your company and help implement any improvements needed.

Let me know which of the above point helped you the most. Let us not end the discussion, will be waiting for any new point to be added from your side as your views and suggestions are most valued.

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