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Connect SalesHandy with any App to Zapier using webhooks

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At Enterprise Tier, you can automatically send your email activity to your CRM via Zapier. Here’s the guide on how to connect SalesHandy to send events to Zapier.

1. Create a new Zap in Zapier

Login to Zappier & Hit “Make A Zap!” Button.

2. Choose App

Name the Zap as something which you can recognize on later stage that it is for SalesHandy Zappier Integration (Simply: SalesHandy Zap).

Click “Choose App” from the side bar & Search for “Webhooks by Zappier” and select the same.

3. Choose Trigger

The above step will take you to the choose trigger option. Select the Option “Catch Hook” & hit Save + Continue.

4. Skip Setup Option

Skip the setup option unless you want to add event fields.

By default, Zapier offers the entire payload of the webhook. If this specified, Zapier will only grab the child key from the object sent to Zapier.

If you aren’t pro user & need this, skip with out thinking much.

5. Copy the URL generated by Zapier

Zapier will generate a Custom URL for your account to send requests to. Copy the URL provided.

6. Paste the URL in SalesHandy App

Go to the settings page of SalesHandy, select module and event you want to send to Zapier & Paste the webhook link as shown as in the screen-shots below:

7. Test your webhooks

Once you have finished the copy & paste step, just hit the “OK” button. This will automatically run the test and give the result message.

8. Voila!

You can connect any tool with SalesHandy using Zapier webhooks under 5 minutes.

If you have any queries related to it then please email us at We will be happy to help you.

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