How To Create A Group Email In Outlook- A Step-by-Step Guide


An email is an essential mode of communication for any and every business. As per the report of Radicati, 293 billion business and consumer emails are exchanged every day in 2019. The same report predicted the number to cross over 347 billion by the end of 2023. With the increasing number of emails, business professionals prefer sending group emails. As Outlook is one of the most widely used email tools, Whenever you want to reach out to multiple people, you can create a group email in Outlook to get things done. 

Nowadays, everyone is focussing on their productivity, trying to do work more smartly and for them, Group email in Outlook has become a go-to thing. So in this blog, we will talk about two methods to create a group in Outlook that will make your day to day emailing easy. 

  1. Professional Method
  2. Traditional Method

The professional method is where you can send a group email with a tool, but along with that, you can also schedule email, send an auto follow-up and track your recipient’s activities. 

The traditional method is where you can send a message to your entire group of contact list using Outlook. However, with this method, every recipient gets notified when you add them to the list. 

First of all, let us try to understand what is a group email before you dive deep to know how to create a group in Outlook. 

What is Group Emailing?

Group Emailing is sending multiple emails to a specific group of people. You can create a group email in Outlook and then use the same to send email campaigns. If you are someone who wants to be regularly in touch with people and don’t want to add members every time, Group email is what you need to use. You can create a contact list and then add recipients to the same.

Benefits of Creating a Mailing List in Outlook

  • One of the main reasons for creating a group is to save time
  • Easily segregate your contacts based upon your use cases
  • You can import and export this contact list whenever you want
  • Prevent yourself from mixing your audience by making a list
  • With all the groups right in front of you, you can prioritize which one to send an email

How To Create A Group Email In Outlook: The Professional Method

Mostly this is a progressive method used by sales professionals, account managers, business development professionals and organizations to create a group email in Outlook. If you are also looking for a fruitful and high yielding email campaign technique to send multiple emails, you should opt-in for it.

With tools like SalesHandy, you can create multiple lists and carry out Campaigns. On top of that, you can schedule your emails, create auto follow-ups and use personalization techniques to give more human touch to your emails. Along with this, you can also know your customer behavior by tracking his activities, replies and open rates.

Simple Steps to Create An Email Group In Outlook

Here we will show you how to make a group email in Outlook in two parts.

In Part 1 we will make a contact list of recipients and in Part 2, the process of sending group emails in professional way.

Part 1: Creating a CSV file and export

If you are using group email in Outlook, you need to make a CSV file of your contacts. Follow the below steps to do the same.

Step 1- Log into your Outlook account and click on the File menu, it will open a dialogue box as shown below

1 Create-Group-Email-in-Outlook-log into Outlook

Step 2- Choose Open & Export >> Import/Export

Step 3- Click on Export to a file and Select Next

Step 4- Select Comma Separated Values and hit Next

Step 5- Click on Contacts and select the folder where you want to export it. Click Next to proceed

5 Create-Group-Email-in-Outlook-Contacts

Step 6- Name the File and click Save. Your Outlook contacts will be saved as a CSV file in your system

6 Create-Group-Email-in-Outlook-Save.

Part 2: Sending Email Campaign

We have seen above how to create a CSV file of all our contacts, now learn how to send an email campaign in the below steps.

Step 1- Sign up with SalesHandy

  • To create a group email in outlook, you first need to SignUp with SalesHandy using your outlook account.
  • Once you Log In, you will be directed to the SalesHandy Dashboard
7 Create-Group-Email-in-Outlook-Signup

Step 2- Creating Campaign

  • Use the Email Campaign option from the Dashboard and click on New Campaign
8 Create-Group-Email-in-O utlook-New-Campaign

Step-3 Contact List

  • Import the CSV file that you created in Part 1

Pro-Tip: If you want to run a campaign targeting the recipients from one of your previous campaigns, you do not have to upload a different CSV file for that.

Step-4 Select account
  • This is for users who have multiple accounts. You can select your Outlook account from the options
Step-5 Compose Email Campaign
  • Use a perfect subject line and draft your Email body
  • You can also select Merge Tags to give your recipients a more personalized touch
  • Choose from multiple Merge tags like {{First Name}}, {{Company}} and  {{unsubscribe url}} as per your requirement
Step-6 Automatic FollowUp
  • Once you send the initial email, it’s important to follow up
  • SalesHandy lets you set up to 9 Followup stages and you can choose the condition as per your recipient’s activities. The activities are mentioned below
  • Not opened– An auto follow up email will be sent to those recipients who did not open your previous email
  • Not Replied- People who open your email but did not respond, they will get follow up email
  • Been sent- This is the condition where an auto follow-up email will be sent to all the valid recipients from the list irrespective of Reply or Open Count
Step-7 Test your Campaign
  • You don’t want all your hard work go in vain. So test the email campaign before sending it out
  • Click on the test Email Option and type in the Email address you want to receive the test email
Step-8 Schedule Campaign
  • Schedule your Email as per your preference
  • You can select the time you think the maximum of your users will open the email
  • You can choose from 240 different Time Zones

Once you do this, click on “Schedule Campaign” and relax. Your emails will be sent to your recipients on the scheduled time.

Why Create a Group Email in Outlook with Professional Method - Advantages

  • It will save a lot of your time where you don’t have to add each recipient individually
  • You can also track your recipient’s behavior by his open rates and reply rates
  • Automatic email follow-ups are powerful. They will give a boost to your email campaigns and productivity
  • You can schedule an email with a click. Select the schedule now and send an email whenever you want. 

SalesHandy has a unique feature where you can block a specific Domain whenever you send an email campaign without affecting your list.

Cons of Using a Professional Method

  • Every time you want to send a group email, you will have to open the web application instead of the native Outlook app. However, with minimum hustle, you can get a lot of features and increase your efficiency.

How To Create A Group In Outlook By Traditional Method

Here we will show you the process in two parts. In the first part, we will show how to create a group email list in outlook where you can create your email contact list and in the later part you will know how to send group email using outlook.

Part 1: Creating a group email list in outlook.

  • Step 1- Prepare Contact List

    Once you are logged into your Outlook account, go to the Navigation Bar and click on People

Step 2: Make a Group

  • Under Contacts, you will see New Group

1) Name your group

2) Add members in the list

3) Write the name of your member you are adding

4) Mention email address of recipients

5) Click on OK  and your group list is prepared

Part 2: How to send a group email using outlook

  • Now when you compose a New Email, mention the name of the group that you have created
  • Outlook will add all the members in that group as the Recipients of your group Email
1 Create-Group-Email-in-Outlook-Addname
  • Click on Send and your email will be sent to all the members of the group

Note: If you are using any different version of Outlook, the basic steps we have written will be the same.

Pros To Create A Group Email In Outlook Using Traditional Method

  • People who want to send Emails every day for free, this works best for them
  • You don’t have to add email addresses every time you send an email to the same group of people
  • Reaching out to multiple people becomes very easy

Cons Of Creating A Group Email In Outlook By Traditional Method

  • All the recipients will get a notification when you create a group in Outlook
  • Recipients can see the email addresses of other group members to whom you have sent the group email. This might create a privacy issue.
  • You do not get any customer data which becomes very important in understanding the recipient behavior at times
  • No auto follow-up feature is available if you send group emails in Outlook. You will have to send an email reply to each recipient individually
  • You cannot send a test email and check if the email is reaching out correctly to the members
  • You will be unaware if someone replies you If you are offline and no real-time notification will be sent
  • If the user is using a different version of Outlook, the content may get hindered when it reaches the inbox of the recipient

Final Takeaways

If you follow the right steps of creating a group in Outlook and run an email campaign, it can be very useful in gaining potential customers. Be it an Enterprise client or Small and Medium-sized company, this feature of group email will definitely help. But once you send the campaign, your work doesn’t end there. You need to be proactive.

By using cloud-based automation tools like SalesHandy, you can always stand apart. You can set auto follow-up emails, track your documents and also get a detailed report of your campaign. This will help you in understanding your customer behavior and improve your performance drastically.