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Inventions like Internet, Emails, Mobiles and such has made the world smaller. Because of this ease of communication, companies can now expand their customer base to anywhere in the world. However, communicating with clients around the world can be tricky as they don’t live in the same time zone like you. It might be 3 AM in the morning where you live and 11 AM in the morning where your client lives and communicating with such time difference can be hard. And your clients are all around the world and there are 24 time zones and it will be difficult to keep up with every time zone, don’t you think?

And hence, the invention of a thing called email scheduling. If you are an Outlook user, you might already have an in-built email scheduler and for Gmail users, there are tools available for the same.

If you have used Outlook’s email scheduler then you know that your emails won’t reach on time if your device is not connected to internet. So, if you have scheduled an email to be sent at 3 AM in the morning then you have to keep your pc running for the whole night otherwise that important email will be found in your “Drafts” folder only.

And we at SalesHandy know how important it is to send your email at the right time and right day. Using SalesHandy, you can schedule and send the unlimited number of emails for FREE.

Here is a step by step guide to install and use SalesHandy in outlook:

Step 1: Download SalesHandy Outlook Extension

SalesHandy’s Outlook extention comes in two variants 32 bit and 64 bit. You can download these extensions from SalesHandy for Outlook page.


Step 2: Install the Outlook Extension in your PC

Step 3: Refresh your Outlook

Note: Without SalesHandy Account you will not be able to track or schedule emails or use any features of SalesHandy.So, if you don’t have SalesHandy Account then you can create FREE SalesHandy’s account by clicking on “Start free trial” and signup with your Outlook details.

And with three simple steps, you are done! Now you will be able to track all your outlook emails, schedule an unlimited number of emails to be sent later and also send personalized emails in bulk and set follow-up emails up to 9 stages.

Now you know how to track and schedule your emails but do you know which is the best time and days to send out emails? If your answer is No, then check out this blog where you can get the idea of when to send the emails to get better open and click rates.

Psst… Tuesday 11 AM is the best time and day to send the emails in case if didn’t want to read the blog.

Now, you know at what time and day you need to send emails but is that enough to get your emails read by your possible clients? NO! That is not enough. To get more open rate, you have to write the best subject lines to every email you send and here are some of the proven subject lines for you to use:

Here are 22 compelling cold emailing subject lines which will help you achieve commandable open rates:

For introductory email:

  1. Appropriate person?
  2. Where shall I start?
  3. Are you the right person to speak to?
  4. Could you point me in the right direction?


  1. {Name}, a bit of advice?
  2. {Name}, can you help me?
  3. {Name}, you will love this!

Immediate value addition to the customer:

  1. Idea for {Company}
  2. A better way to {benifit offered}

Sparking curiosity:

  1. Do not open this email
  2. You are not alone!

Create urgency by using dates:

  1. Hey, are you free on {Date}?
  2. 10 times {desired result} in 10 minutes!

Follow up emails:

  1. Next step?
  2. Let’s take another look.

Follow-ups providing more information:

  1. I forgot to mention
  2. Here’s the article we were talking about.
  3. Found your answer!
  4. One last thing, {Name}

Highlight multiple touch points:

  1. Just tried calling you.
  2. Missed you again!
  3. Am I bugging you yet?


Using these little tips and tricks, you can increase your open rates, click rates and hence increase your sales too.

You can refer How to manage outlook email effectively to know more about how you can increase the productivity of your outlook email.

Are there any tips or tricks that you think are missing from this blog? Share it with us and we will add it to our list.

Which versions of Outlook does SalesHandy support?

Currently SalesHandy Outlook add-in Supports 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2015 on Windows (both 32 bit and 64-bit versions) and SalesHandy also supports your Office 365 work account. Here are a few steps which will help you to understand the same:

  • Sign in with your Outlook Desktop app and go into File menu
  • Click on Office Account
  • And see your version

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