SalesHandy 2.0 – Document and Document Set Feature12 minutes read

The all-new SalesHandy 2.0 comes up with a host of new features related to “Document Tracking” & “Document Management.”

Curious to know more? Then let’s take a short tour of it.

Jump to the respective feature category from below.

  1. How to Upload Documents 
  2. Document Link Creation & Preference Settings
  3. Document Management
  4. Document Performance
  5. Create Document Set & Document Set Link
  6. Document Set Performance

1. How to Upload Documents

Document and Document Set 1
  • First, Open your Saleshandy app and click on “Documents” to get started. Click on “Upload Document” to upload the document which you want to share & track.
Document and Document Set 2
  • You will see all the uploaded documents in the dashboard shown above. Here, you can find data related to each document like: “When the Document was last opened,” “The total number of visits of the Document,” “Total Time Spent on the Document,” ”Average Time Spent” and “Owner of the Document.”
Document and Document Set 3
  • To create document link to share your document, simply go to the given document’s action column and click on the “link” icon to create a link of that particular document.
document and document set 36
  • Once you click on “Create Link” icon, you will a see slide bar showing two options: “Individual” and “Custom”. To create and share the document link with a particular individual, select “INDIVIDUAL” and add the recipient’s email id and company name.
document and document set 37
  • You can set various preferences to the generated link:
    • If you want to receive an email whenever your recipient opens the document, check “Email me when viewed”.
    • Mark “Allow Downloading” if you want to allow your recipient to download the document.
    • You can also get to know when your recipient forward the document to others. Turn on the “Forward tracking” for the same.
    • If you want to make your document password protected, Hit “Password Protect”.
    • Set expiration date of your document by simply clicking on “Set expiration date”.
    • Select “Remind me if not viewed” option to set reminder if your recipient does not view the document until a predefined time.
document and document set 38
  • If you want to create a custom link that you can share with anyone, select the “CUSTOM” option shown above. Give a name to your “Document Link” and enter company name if applicable.
document and document set 39

Again, you will see preference options to customize the link.

  • Click on “Capture visitors info” and select the form fields you want. A given visitor would have to enter these details before he or she could view the document, providing you with all the selected data. Rest of all the options are same as we have covered under “Individual” link generation.
document and document set 40
  • Finally, click the “CREATE LINK” & your link will be created.

3. Document Management

Document and Document Set 9
  • You can now create folders to manage your documents effectively. Click on the “Add new folder”, name it & your folder will be created. It gives you the feasibility to share specific set of templates with specific teams.
Document and Document Set 10
  • Once you have created a folder, you can share it with your team members. Moreover, you can rename and delete a particular folder as well from the options shows above.
new document tracking shared documents
  • You can find all documents that have been shared with you by hitting “All Shared Documents”.

4. Document Performance

Document and Document Set 11
  • SalesHandy 2.0 gives you accurate and critical document analytics that would help you make informed decisions. You can see performance of each document that you upload in detail. Click on the “Performance” icon for the same.
Document and Document Set 12
  • After clicking on performance, you can see the overall statistics of a particular document. It includes “The Total Number of Visits”, “Total Time Spent on Document”. “Average Time Spent on Document”,”Average Document Viewed” and “The Number of Downloads”.
Document and Document Set 13
  • Under “All Visits” section, you can see the data for each visits. It includes “Time Spent on the document for that particular visit”, “View Percentage of Document”, “Visitor’s location, browser & OS under – Visit Detail”, “When he/she visited the Document, and page wise performance under the “Action”.
Document and Document Set 14
  • Once you click on the performance icon under “Action”, you would be able to see page wise analytics of your document as shown in the screenshot.
Document and Document Set 15
  • Go to Links to find detailed information of links you have created.
Document and Document Set 16
  • Here you will get details like “Name of the Link”, “When the link was last opened & by whom the link was opened”, “Total Number of Visits”, “Total Time Spent on the Document Link”, “Average Time Spent on the Document Link”, and “Name of the Link Creator”.
  • Also, under “Action”, you can “Copy the link “, “See Performance of the Link” and “Delete a particular Link” as well.

5. Creating Document Set & Document Set Link

Document Set allows you to upload and track multiple documents using a single link. Yes, you heard it right!

With “Document Set” feature of Saleshandy, you can create set of multiple documents and create a single link for the document set that consists of all the documents. Once your recipients will click on that link, they will find all the documents in the new and improved gridview.

Document and Document Set 17
  • In your SalesHandy application, click on the “Document Set” and select the “New Document Set” button to get started.
Document and Document Set 18
  • Once you click on “New Document Set”, you will see the slide bar as shown in screenshot.
Document and Document Set 19
  • Give a name to your Document Set and click on the “ADD” button to add multiple documents to the document set.
Document and Document Set 20
  • Here you can see all the documents that are uploaded either by you or your team. Select all the documents you want to add to the Document Set by hitting the “Select” button.
Document and Document Set 21
  • You can also upload a new document & add to the document set as well. For that, click the “Upload Document” button.
Document and Document Set 22
  • Once you’re done selecting the documents, you need to go through various options available that helps you to set preferences. These options are same as the ones available in the document link options.
Document and Document Set 23
  • Finally, click on “Create Set” and your document set link will be created successfully. You can use this link while sending emails to your recipients and track all the documents.
Document and Document Set 24
  • In the dashboard shown above, you can find all the document sets created with SalesHandy with important, actionable data. Statistics include “When The Link was Last Opened”, “Total Number of Visits”, “Average Time Spent on Link”, ”Status of the Link”.
Document and Document Set 26
  • Actions under Document set includes: “Check Performance of your Document”, “Copy the link” and others.
Document and Document Set 27
  • Click on the “Action” dropdown menu to see other options. Here you can find the option to: “Edit the Document Set”, “Deactivate the Set” and “Delete the Set”.

6. Document Set Performance

Document and Document Set 28
  • Click on performance icon to see the overall performance of document set.
Document and Document Set 29
  • You can check the statistics of overall “Document Set” as well as “Document-wise summary”. The parameters are same as we covered under “Document” link report.
Document and Document Set 30
  • You can also see performance of individual visits as shown in screenshot.

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