How we Earned 100+ Dofollow Quality Backlinks in a Month using SalesHandy

With every business, every industry going digital we all know how important it is to make a digital presence of the company/business. Everyone turns to Google. Be it personal questions, travel queries or even the smallest things like “How to open a can.” And with Google’s newly launched “near me” boolean which help refines searches and gives you the location of businesses in vicinity based on the query you asked. And with Google getting smarter, every business/company has to cope up with it. And the same rule applied to us too.

We had to keep up with Google’s changing algorithms and SEO requirements. And to do so, we set out on a voyage to gain as many backlinks as we can because the one thing that hasn’t changed with Google’s algorithms is the importance of backlinks. But we made sure that they were dofollow backlinks and the legit ones.

Here’s our journey to how we scored 100+ dofollow backlinks under a month in the form of infographics because we know our audience loves those. And we did all of this with some tools like Ahrefs, and SalesHandy’s Mail Merge Campaign feature. Without further ado, here you guys go:

dofollow backlinks

Dhruv Patel

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