Email Attachment Tracking: A Super Effective Marketing Technique5 minutes read

Assumptions are one of the hindering elements when it comes to closing a deal or a client. If you are a salesperson or a professional whose career revolves around pitching clients and presenting ideas through email attachments, then assumptions become a big part of your everyday professional life.

Supposing that your prospect might have opened your email attachment or might have gone through it doesn’t give you a right path to follow that will help you close the deal.

The solution to eliminating such a hindrance from your daily routine is email attachment tracking.

With email attachment tracking, every time you send an email with a “PFA”(attachment) in it, you will get real-time desktop notification according to your client’s engagement.

But how does email attachment tracking work & how can your company benefit from the same?

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How does email attachment tracking works?

The best practice for seamlessly tracking your email attachments is to use a third party software like SalesHandy.

SalesHandy’s email attachment tracking software creates individual links for your documents that form a path for your leads to cross SalesHandy’s servers first and then your email attachment.

So, whenever your prospect opens your email attachment, SalesHandy’s servers get notified and updates the analytics dashboard of the SalesHandy app.

The analytics dashboard provides insightful data that can help you take more effective decisions to add more value to your future presentations.

Now that we have an understanding of how email attachment tracking works, let’s see other notable & productive features of SalesHandy’s document tracking.

Other features of Email Attachment Tracking:

  • Capture Viewer’s Details:
    • Generally, Email attachment tracking feature doesn’t work with forwarded emails. So, imagine you sent your attachment to an executive & he forwarded directly to his manager. The analytics of the forwarded email won’t be captured and you might lose a hot decision-making lead over this. But SalesHandy has got that covered for you.
    • With SalesHandy, you can capture the details of the forwarded email. Hence, enabling you to make more efficient decisions.
  • Password Protection:
    • Imagine, your proposal with an individualize quotation for a specific client end up falling into 3-4 prospects?
    • These small things might cost you thousands of dollars. To avoid such mishaps, SalesHandy’s document tracking will help you set a password for all of your documents
  • Page-wise analytics:
    • SalesHandy’s attachment tracking not only provides the big picture with actionable data but it also captures small details like time spent on each page by your prospect.
  • Real-Time Notifications:
  • Track Document Open Rate:
    • Scrutinize the success rate of your documents, presentations and other important reports to filter out the best ones for thriving results.
  • Gmail & Outlook Integration:
    • SalesHandy’s Gmail & Outlook plugins with features like real-time document & email tracking, shared templates, email scheduling & much more will upgrade your email game.

How is attachment tracking useful to you?

You, now, know everything about Email attachment tracking, how it works and which tools to use but why should you use it?

Below are the plus points of using email attachment tracking:

  • Increased Productivity:
    • With document tracking, you don’t have to wait around for your prospect’s reply. You can see the actions taken by your prospect & his engagement with your documents. You can easily tell apart the hot leads from the cold ones.
  • Engagement Analysis:
    • When it comes to closing deals & completing your sales funnel, you need more than click, open & bounce rate. You need a deeper understanding of their engagements with your collaterals.
    • With SalesHandy’s document tracking, you get page-wise analytics which gives essential metrics like the number of views, time spent on pages & completion rate that can help you assess the current positions of your prospect in the sales funnel.
  • Actionable Data:
    • Real-time notifications, location tracking, document open rate, viewers details, and shared documents can help you make practical and quick decisions.
    • With the feature like shared document, you can also discard the useless documents from the funnel and focus on the collaterals that gets the most conversions
  • An Insight in Prospect’s Mind:
    • Document tracking gives you a proper idea of where your prospect’s interests are and allows you to anticipate the further questions & queries they might be having.
    • This helps you prepare for the next step and even take some proactive decisions like sending them information related to the content they were interested in.
  • Collateral Optimization:
    • Every company has tons of collaterals in every department but how to tell what works and what doesn’t?
    • With shared documents, you can track the success rate of your documents. Moreover, you can also see the engagement of your team members and analyze which document to optimize & which to eliminate.

Document tracking lets you capture the details of whosoever views your documents which indirectly enables you to understand the dynamics of the prospect company.

Besides all these benefits of email attachment tracking, there are some limitations and scenarios where it doesn’t work.

Limitations of Attachment tracking:

  • Extensions like Adblock & Firewalls block every kind of tracking and adds a red flag to your email. In such cases, your prospect might not be able to get to the document itself.
  • Email attachment tracking doesn’t work when it is sent to a group of people. The software tracks the activity but fails to provide insights like who is interested & who viewed the document.
  • Unable to send tracking details to the software servers due to some of the user settings.

Wrap Up:

Email attachment tracking solves more than one problem for your sales & marketing department. And besides solving the problems, it also provides valuable information that saves their time & your company’s resources.

It’s time to put a stop to your wait and doing it in the old fashion way.

Upgrade your sales funnel with technology lead email attachment tracking to make your sales & marketing funnel more profitable & efficient.