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How You Can Create A Stunning Email Campaign To Close More Leads

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In this Internet Era, Email Campaign has become the need of the hour. Marketing your Business/Startup through Email Campaigns has become the most effortless, effective and inexpensive mode to reach the maximum number of prospects. Email Campaigning refers to all the steps starting from Creating to Delivering your business marketing emails. These emails are not only aimed at delivering information to the prospects but also to generate their positive response. And ultimately converting these prospects/leads into real customers!!

Want to create a mind blowing Email Campaign for your business? Remember, formulating and executing a game-changing email campaign is no rocket-science. You or for that matter, anyone can create and deliver an email campaign. But yes, creating a stunning email campaign that will guarantee you more leads and conversions is not child’s play!! But worry no more as here is how you can do so and thereby increase the profit of your business organisation.

1. Determine The Goal

The first and the foremost thing for any Email Campaign should be deciding its goal. Unless and until you zero-in on this, you cannot utilise the right and the most effective path to proceed in order to make your campaign a grand success.

For this, you must make a comprehensive study of the following aspects to determine the goal of the campaign:

“What is the need of the Email Campaign?”
“Who should be the target recipients of the Email Campaign?”
“When to send the Email Campaign?”
Once you are clear with the goal, you can move forward with the following steps for your email campaign.

2. Segregate Your Recipients

It is always advisable to segregate the email recipients based on different factors to extract the best out of your email campaign. This segmentation of the prospects should be based on factors such as Age, Gender, Position, Field of Work, etc. Moreover, the list of recipients should always be filtered and checked from time to time. New interested people should be added. The email addresses pointing towards undelivered or bounced emails should be removed.

Further email marketing segmentation tips include making your newsletter also dynamic. And because segmentation also is not an exact science, be sure to do some A/B testing if possible.

3. Seducing Subject Line

The Subject line is often the deciding factor for the recipients. Just a look on the subject line and within seconds they will decide whether to open the mails or not. If the subject line of your emails is crap, then it can even provoke the recipients to directly send your mail to the Spam folder without even checking the contents of your email. Hence, the subject line needs to be well-crafted and seducing enough to propel your recipients to open and read your email. It should be impressive yet deliver your intended information to the point. (Here are some tips to write killer email subject line)

4. Be Precise

A small email with all the relevant information is always admired. The lengthy ones become a pain for the readers and irritates them. Discuss the important points in the very starting of the email. Use headings and pointers that are relevant to the concept you are trying to convey. Format the important information in bold to draw the attention of the readers. This makes the reading easy and enjoyable for the recipients.

5. Provide Freebies

Providing freebies/ discount coupons to the customers is a tactic which always works. This will induce your readers to not only go through your entire mail but also respond/reply to you. Who doesn’t want freebies/discounts/profits? Even including them as part of your Email Campaign will prove wonders for you.

6. Use Multimedia

Using only text in the email makes it interesting and boring. Add video, infographics and other graphical visual elements in your email. This will help you hold your readers’ attention. And the possibility of your email getting forwarded further also increases. Moreover, if you want to be sure that your email positively hits the Inbox of the recipients, send the HTML as well as the Text version. This is needed because the HTML version many times lands up in the Spam box as they are blocked by Spam Filters.

7. Track your Email Campaign

Remember, even after you send the emails or perform a mail merge, your Email Campaign is still on. You should always keep a track of all the emails you have sent as part of the Email Campaign. For this, tools like SalesHandy is available in the market. SalesHandy provides unlimited email tracking which will give you an idea about the success rate of your email campaign.

8. ‘Pull Back’

Last but not the least, your Email Campaign should also be equipped to pull back all the prospects who are about to leave.Also, a list of all the users who have not logged in/ opened the emails of your company from last 2-3 months should be generated, and on the basis of this list, your Email Campaign strategy should be devised. One of the ways is to send them “Welcome Back” and “Discount For You” mails!!

The above key tips will surely give wings to your Email Campaign and help you leverage the best out of it. Remember! Email campaigning is being used by all the companies catering to different products and services. So in order to stand out from the crowd, you must aim towards executing such an Email Campaign that results in more leads, more conversions, more sales and ultimately more growth and revenue for your Business!!

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