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You expect a response to your Email as soon as you hit the ‘Send’ button. Some emails of yours are responded to but for the others the wait becomes a never ending one. But have you ever tried to discover the reasons behind this? Or are you among the hundreds and thousands of people all around the world who are worried due to the low response rate to your emails?? Then here are 10 simple tips which you can use to increase your email response. Check these tips out and adopt them in your Email Strategy in order to give wings to your Email Campaign. Read On…

1. Personalized Email Address

The Inbox of people are flooded with hundreds of emails. If your email lands with a common domain address such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc., it might too get lost in the cluster of emails. To avoid this, make your personalised email address which includes your name and the company you work in/for.

<Name>@<company name>.com

Such an email address will make it easier for the recipients to immediately relate to your company. People are more likely to open such emails as it makes your email look more authentic. It gives an impression that you belong to a genuine company and it is not a bulk/spam email, thereby adding bright chances for your email to get a response.

2. Mobile-Friendly Email

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it has become a common practice to read messages on mobile devices. Thus, your emails should support mobile devices to add on to its bright chances of receiving more responses/replies.

3. Choose’ Your Recipients

The list of your target recipients should be drafted wisely. It should include only the ones who are expected to be interested in buying your products/ services. One needs to  invest quality time in preparing this list. Information about the needs of those in the list should also be figured out.

For Example: Sending a baby product promo offer to old age people will make your Email end up as a waste!!

Hence the choice of right recipients is very important. If one is sending an email to a company, it is always advisable to send it to the person dealing with the product-type you intend to sell in that particular company. Including this strategy will surely help you finalize a list of recipients who will be more inclined to respond to your e-mail. (tips to find targeted prospects from LinkedIn)

4. Well-Crafted Subject Line

The Subject line of the email is your first impression on the recipient and hence, it should be drafted in such a way so as to drive them to open and read your mail. An intriguing subject line works wonders in multiplying the response rate of your email. The subject line needs to be interesting, engaging and seducing, such that it induces the recipients to open and respond to your email.

Here are some tips about writing an email subject line.

5. Personalized Approach

In this competitive scenario, a personalised approach in your emails can help your mail stand out from the hundreds of emails that crowd the inbox of your intended recipients. A personalised approach in your email will help you rightly reach your target audience and then drive them to respond/reply to your mails. For this, you can do the following: Use the name of your recipient, Specify how important they are to you, Describe how your product can improve their business, etc. Also, you can do some research on your recipients’ website or mention their blogs in your email. Also, you can use SalesHandy Mail Merge feature to send personalized email)

6. Goal-Centric Email

The goal of your email should be the very ‘soul’ of your email. This will help your mail recipients understand quickly and easily everything about your product/service and also about what you intend to convey through the mail. Highlight the points that you want your recipients to know/do from your emails. For instance, be extremely clear about what you want them to do: Buy a product from you/ Take a trial session/ Call you/ Answer your questions, etc.

7. Short And Simple

In this fast-moving business scenario, none of us have time to go through big messages let alone big emails. So it is always a good practice to be short and simple with your emails. An elaborate email with heavily loaded words tends to develop disliking among the readers. It becomes straining for them. And thus, most of the time they do not even go through the whole email. So, keep it brief but clearly expressed.

8. Embed Call-To-Action

You can increase the response rate of your email by adding a well- thought out Call-To-Action button to it. By doing this, you can direct your readers to the place you want them to go, thereby urging them to reply.

One can also create a sense of urgency by including phrases like, “Offer lasts only for today”, “Limited offer for the first “x” customers”,etc.

Ending your emails with a question can also do wonders. Studies show that those emails which end with simple questions get more replies/response.

9. Time It To Perfection

The timing of your email is one of the most deciding factors for the recipients to respond to your email. You should time the sending of your email on the basis of the product/services the email is designed to promote.

For instance, a promotion of holiday resort through email will get you more replies and responses if the mail is sent just before a weekend. But on the contrary if such emails land up in your recipients’ Inbox on Monday mornings, it may become irritating for them and they may straightaway ignore your mail!! Hence, it is important to schedule your emails to be sent at the right time.

10. Follow-Up

Follow-ups, if done in the right manner can make your recipients to respond. A series of gentle follow-ups will act as a reminder to your prospects and will push them to reply. Few prospects ignore the email for the first/ second time but when you bang their Inbox with several emails they at least make it a point to open and read it. This further increases the chances of them replying to your email. But follow-up emails should be sent at regular time intervals with limited frequency. Too much follow up can ruin your game so don’t do follow up by sending continuous emails like this:

Emails have become the most important means of business communication and marketing. Your email should create a positive impression on your recipients. So make your emails fault-free to enhancing your goodwill and to subsequently increase the response rate to your email. Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes, the links, and the attachments before clicking the Send button. Lastly, make sure that the words which you use in your email mean exactly what you intend them to. The above strategies will definitely boost your email response rate which will in-turn help you make your Email Campaign a grand success!!

By Piyush Patel

Piyush is the Co-founder and CTO of SalesHandy- A Data Analytics and Communication tool. He has expertise in Product Development and User Experience Design. He also writes about Technology.

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