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10 Best Email Warm-Up Tools in 2023 (Features + Pricing)

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As you delve deeper into the world of cold emailing, you become aware of the importance of email deliverability. Spending hours and hours on a campaign only to have your emails land up in the recipients’ spam inbox isn’t ideal for anyone. 

While researching ‘cold emailing best practices you have probably come across the concept of ‘inbox warm-up’ or ‘email warm-up’ as they call it. This concept is gaining popularity in the emailing industry as cold email service providers find hacks to work their way around the ‘spam filter’. 

Nearly 85% of all emails that are received are considered spam. Email Service Providers (ESPs) are well aware of these numbers and have taken measures to protect users from such occurrences by implementing a spam filter. 

A spam filter is a mechanism set in place to detect unwanted, virus-infected, and unsolicited emails from reaching a recipient’s primary inbox. The mechanism automatically detects such emails through various elements, such as spam triggering verbiage, too many images, high volume of emails, sender reputation, etc. 

What is an email warm-up?

Email warm-up is the process of building and establishing the trust of Email Service Providers (ESPs) over time. Most ESPs have implemented strong spam detecting mechanisms to provide users with the best possible experience. 

Commonly referred to as ‘spam filters’, they look for any unusual content in your email. They filter out anything that looks suspicious and immediately labels it as spam. 

If a new domain starts sending out high volumes of emails, all of their sent emails will end up in the spam folder. 

Your domain is warmed up through the process of sending out system-generated emails (or manually sent out emails), which are then replied to (again through the system) to show engagement. This process helps ‘warm-up’ your domain and is fully automated. All emails appear legitimate enough to build the trust of ESPs. 

Most email warm-up tools these days use AI machine learning backed by a large network to stimulate business conversations to trick ESPs into thinking legitimate email activity is taking place. 

A proper email warm-up involves gradually increasing the volume of sent emails along with high engagement rates to show ESPs you are a legitimate and interesting sender that deserves to be in the primary inbox of the receiver. 

The email warm-up process generally takes about 3 to 4 weeks. It is not advisable to send mass emails from the get-go, as you could risk losing your account altogether. 

Pro Tip: To maximize email deliverability, continue warming up your domain during email campaigns too; this will positively impact on your overall campaign performance. 

Why is email warm-up important for your domain?

The primary goal behind warming up your inbox is to maximize the results generated through your cold email campaigns with optimized deliverability. Ultimately, a warmed-up inbox results in higher open, reply, and click rates. 

When your domain is warmed up, it increases your sender reputation making it easier for your emails to land in the recipient’s main inbox. 

These are some of the benefits of warming up your inbox: 

  1. Inbox placement is largely based on engagement, and warming up your inbox highlights your engagement rates. 
  2. By warming up your inbox, you are able to track your sender’s reputation and deliverability. 
  3. Once you launch your campaign, you will automatically see higher open rates because your warmed-up domain will increase your visibility. 
  4. As you undertake the process of email ramping up, your sender reputation increases as ESPs assess the credibility of your domain. 
  5. A warmed-up domain entails the highest possible deliverability leading to decreased bounce rates. All your emails will reach your target audience in their main inbox. 
  6. Email warm-ups are extremely effective because they use a smart algorithm, a network of high reputation inboxes, and meaningful warm-up email exchanges.
  7. It helps you increase and maintain maximum deliverability even during email campaigns 

10 Best Email Warm-Up Tools 

Undertaking the process of manually warming up your email will consume a lot of time and resources. It is best to invest in an email warm-up tool that automates the entire process. Moreover, by using such tools you don’t have to hassle yourself with the technical side of warming up your inbox (which is often complicated). 

There are a wide variety of email warm-up tools available in the market today. But which tool aligns with your organization’s needs and fits within your budget?

Based on your goals and spending power, our team of experts has compiled a list of the top 10 best email warm-up tools that will help you avoid the spam folder forever!

  1. Saleshandy
  2. GMass
  3. Lemwarm by lemlist 
  4. QuickMail Auto Warmer
  5. Warmbox 
  6. WarmUp Inbox 
  7. Folderly 
  8. Mailwarm 
  9. InboxWarm by OutreachBin 
  10. Warm Up Your Email By Mailshake 

1. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is a premium cold email outreach tool that allows you to warm up your inbox in a few simple steps. With Saleshandy, you can warm up multiple emails simultaneously hassle-free.

With Saleshandy’s Email Warm-Up you can improve your domain reputation gradually through a smart algorithm to achieve maximum deliverability in a short period of time. Saleshandy gradually increases the number of emails sent out per day to have a positive impact on your domain rating. 

How does it work? 

When a user enables the email warm-up feature for their account, Saleshandy sends out emails on behalf of the connected domain to our very own genuine email addresses. The emails that we receive are then replied to, read, removed from spam, and marked as important in an effort to mimic real human interaction.

Saleshandy acts like a medium that allows your domain to be viewed as a trustworthy sender interacting with quality leads. When ESPs assess your domain, they view all these positive engagement metrics and deem your domain as safe (i.e. not spam).


1. Fully Automated Set-Up

Once you enable the inbox warm-up option on Saleshandy, the entire warm-up process begins automatically. There are no technical configurations required from your side (provided you have already set up your DMARC, SPF, and DKIM authentication).

You have the option to change the settings of the warm-up as per your liking. You have the option to key in the number of emails you want to start with, the daily gradual increment, the maximum number of emails to be sent in a day, reply rate, and sender name. 

2. Daily Reports 

In case you wish to see the performance of your email warm-up, you have the option of viewing daily reports that detail how many emails were sent and received in the span of 30 days. You can also toggle between different email accounts to view their reports as well.

3. Predicted Deliverability Percentage 

Based on your email health score, our system generates the deliverability percentage your domain currently has. Your deliverability percentage is the percentage of emails that will reach the recipient’s primary inbox.

4. Email Health Score 

This is an important feature, especially for newer domains. It is important to have all your email authentications in place before you start using your email account in any capacity. This feature gives you a score based on your configuration of the fraud protection mechanisms in the background. 

5. Email Age (Domain Age)

With this feature, you can get to know the age of your domain. Domains that are under 6 months old are not recommended to send out high volumes of email. When your domain is ready for sending out mass emails, this will automatically reflect in the email age section of your Saleshandy account. 

Pricing Plans:

  • Outreach Basic – $27/Month
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Team Members
    • 2,000 Total Prospects
    • 10,000 Monthly Emails
    • 2,500 Email Verification Credits
  • Outreach Pro – $79/Month
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Team Members
    • 25,000 Total Prospects
    • 125,000 Monthly Emails
    • 10,000 Email Verification Credits
  • Outreach Scale – $150/Month
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Team Members
    • 50,000 Total Prospects
    • 250,000 Monthly Emails
    • 20,000 Email Verification Credits
  • Custom plan
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Team Members
    • Higher total Prospects Limit
    • Higher Monthly Emails Limit
    • Higher Email Verification

Why choose Saleshandy? 

After browsing through this list, you’ll realize that warming up your inbox is not an inexpensive endeavor. Moreover, most tools are offering their warm-up feature as a standalone product, meaning you will not be able to use their cold emailing features like automated follow-ups, email tracking, analytics, etc. 

With Saleshandy, you are able to use all of the important cold emailing features PLUS email warm-up at an extremely low cost as compared to any tool available in the market today. 

I highly recommend using this tool, as it offers everything you need for your cold emailing needs (important features: email sequences, custom domain tracking, email attachment, A-Z testing, automated follow-ups, bounce guard, email verifier, AI email assistant, detailed analytics, etc) and there isn’t a need to use an external tool that has a sole separate function.

2. GMass

GMass is an email marketing tool that operates as a plugin for Gmail and Gsuite. This tool offers 8 unique products all focusing on your cold outreach needs (SMTP tester, email verifier, email tester, etc.) 

Out of their 8 products, their warm-up tool is free to use. The only downside is that it is only compatible with Gmail and Gsuite. If you are using other domains, you will have to look for other warm-up tools. Additionally, if you are wanting to use their other features then you will need to sign up for their paid subscription.

Features (Warm-up Only):

  • One-click set up 
  • Live warm-up statistics 
  • Multi-message threads 
  • Automatic inbox decluttering 
  • Higher warm-up limits (200 per day)

Pricing Plans:

  • Free (Only for the email warm-up tool)
  • Individual
    • Standard – $19.95 Per Month
    • Premium – $29.95 Per Month
    • Enterprise – $49.95 Per Month
  • Team: $125 Per Month (5 Users)

3. Lemwarm by Lemlist

Lemwarm is a sub-product of lemlist that was solely created for the purpose of inbox warming up. Lemwarm uses a ‘best in class’ algorithm that makes use of real people resulting in better domain reputation and open rates. 

If you want to use lemwarm only, it costs around $29 per month, which is a little pricey just to warm-up your inbox and not be able to use their other features. The email warm-up is only available as a paid plan and is not included in the free trial version. 


  • Conversation threads
  • Control daily sending limits 
  • Detailed reports 

Pricing Plan:

  • Email Warm-Up – $29 Per Month

4. QuickMail Auto Warmer

QuickMail offers an email warm-up tool called ‘Auto Warmer’. This tool is integrated with their main cold email automation platform. After you have linked your email account with Auto Warmer, your domain will automatically start sending and receiving emails to and from other users using the Auto Warmer tool. 

One of the reasons this tool stands out from the rest is because it is completely free to use. However, there are some limitations to the number of emails sent in a day and the number of inboxes you can connect. 


  • Connects to Gmail, Outlook, and other inboxes 
  • Specifically designed for cold emailers 
  • Deliverability reports 
  • Engagement with real people 

Pricing Plans:

  • Auto Warmer – Free 
  • Starter – $59 Per Month 
  • Pro – $79 Per Month 

5. Warmbox

Warmbox is an exclusive inbox warm-up tool that uses a smart AI algorithm to generate realistic responses through its network of 10,000 inboxes. 

Warmbox charger $19 per month for 1 inbox warm-up and 50 emails per day; which is quite costly as compared to the other tools listed in this blog. They also do not offer any free trial. 


  • Compatible with most ESPs
  • Detailed analytics 
  • AI-based platform 
  • Domain blacklist and DNS deliverability checker

Pricing Plans:

  • Solo – $19 Per Month 
  • Start-up – $79 Per Month  
  • Growth – $159 Per Month  
  • Team – Consultation required

6. WarmUp Inbox

WarmUp Inbox is another standalone inbox warm-up tool that floods your inbox with ‘good’ emails. This tool creates and sends smart dynamic content for each and every email. They use a network of over 15,000 inboxes talking to each other to provide users with the most authentic experience. 


  • Outlook, Gmail, and SMTP integration 
  • Domain age tracking 
  • Blacklist monitoring 
  • Full sending control 
  • Inbox health scores 

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic – $15 Per Month
  • Pro – $49 Per Month
  • Expert – $299 Per Month

7. Folderly

Folderly is an AI-based platform that increases your email deliverability. They offer an all-in-one email deliverability platform that allows you to maximize your email deliverability for any ESP. Their AI-powered machine learning mimics human-to-human conversations to successfully warm up your inbox or resolve any spam-related issues. 

Folderly is another expensive tool on this list, their basic warm-up plan starts at $49 per month. 


  • Integrates with the most popular ESPs 
  • Deliverability tests 
  • Spam checker tool 
  • Email deliverability audit 

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic warm-up – $49 Per Month
  • Cold email outreach – $200 Per Month
  • Email marketing – Consultation required 

8. Mailwarm

Mailwarm is a marketing software that ensures your emails reach your recipients’ inboxes. This tool makes your domain active by gradually increasing its sending and response rates to build a positive sender reputation.

The Mailwarm team uses a network of 1000+ email accounts that interact with your domain in accordance with the schedule you set. 

Out of all the inbox warm-up tools listed in this blog, this is by far the most expensive one; the starter pack is $69 (for one inbox only). 


  • Create your own unique reply and send schedules
  • Integrates with Gmail, Outlook, SMTP, and other popular ESPs
  • Easy setup 
  • Daily insights 

Pricing Plans:

  • Starter – $79 Per Month (1 Inbox) 
  • Growth – $189 Per Month (3 Inboxes)
  • Scale – $549 Per Month (10 Inboxes) 

9. InboxWarm by OutreachBin

InboxWarm is a byproduct of OutreachBin and exclusively functions as an email warm-up tool. Their algorithm operates on a peer-to-peer network, which means your domain exchanges warm-up emails with individuals (that are actual businesses) who are also warming up their inboxes. When you use this tool to warm up your inbox, you automatically become a part of this network. 


  • Interactions with real businesses 
  • Connects with Gmail, Outlook, SMTP, and other popular inboxes
  • Auto remove from spam 
  • Warm-up metrics 

Pricing Plans:

  • $39.99 Per Month (Cold emailing services included) 
  • No free trial is available 

10. Warm Up Your Email By Mailshake

Warm Up Your Email is a tool that was acquired by Mailshake in 2021. What sets this tool apart from the rest is the fact that they use their actual team members to generate engagement for your emails. They also provide a free tool to review your DMARC, SPF, and SMTP configuration. 


  • Real people reply, open, and read your emails 
  • Spam score and pattern monitoring 
  • Both human and computer warming are combined 
  • Connects with Gmail, Outlook, SMTP, and other popular inboxes

Pricing Plans:

  • Sole Sender – $29 Per Month 
  • Pro Sender – $49 Per Month 
  • Agency Sender – $99 Per Month 

Wrapping up

It is impossible to start sending bulk emails from a new email account, adversely affecting your deliverability and sender reputation. It is, therefore, essential to warm up your Inbox. Above mentioned tools are the best solution if your company works at scale and values time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I warm up my email manually?

Yes, you can. It is absolutely possible to warm up your email manually, but it is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort. You will have to send out emails daily and ensure that you are getting engagement. One of the key factors in gaining a solid domain reputation is a high response rate. This entire process will take you months (provided you are consistent in your efforts) to get ESPs to deem you as a trustworthy sender. 

2. When should I warm up my email?

It is recommended that if you are sending out high volumes of emails from a new email account, then you should warm up your inbox to avoid the spam folder. The warm-up process should be continued even when the email campaign is running to achieve maximum deliverability. 

3. How long does it take to warm up an inbox? 

It takes roughly 3 to 4 weeks to properly warm up your inbox. However, as mentioned previously, even after you have warmed up your inbox and launched your campaign; keep the warm-up process ongoing to continually increase your sender reputation. Warming up only before sending does not immunize your domain from spam filters. 

4. Can I start my email campaign without warming up my inbox? 

Yes, you can but ideally, you shouldn’t. If you do, your emails will most likely land in the recipient’s spam folder which will harm your sender reputation and could ultimately lead to your account being blacklisted.

5. Will I have better email deliverability if I warm up my inbox? 

Yes, 100%! Without warming up your inbox, ESPs will most likely consider your new domain as spam. When you warm up your inbox with the best practices in mind, you will achieve boosted email deliverability and avoid triggering spam filters altogether. When ESPs see that your email account has a very high engagement rate, they will automatically deem you as a trustworthy sender. 

If you continually warm up your inbox, you will also be able to maintain that deliverability. This is why it is recommended, that you keep warming up your inbox even when your campaigns are up and running. 

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