Email Templates

#3 Templates for Referred Outreach

When your colleague has referred you somebody’s name, then you can always choose to be wiser while shooting mail to the prospect. Here is an example.

Email Templates

#2 Templates for Researched Outreach

Well, if you have done a full-fledged research on your prospects, then here is the example set of such emails.

Email Email Templates Sales

#101 Email Templates for Sales Person

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You have a dazzling product or a new idea or simply some sales prospecting to do. You might be pondering on ways to sell your product or idea.

In the present day, reaching your customers is as easy as knocking a door. They are just a mouse click away.!!

For this, you would have done the research on – “How to take your product to the customers?”

Well, you might have found that email is the most popular method used nowadays as sales prospecting tool, since business cards.

Now, the question arises: What type of content should be used so that your email doesn’t move to the trash?


Email Trends – The Roller Coaster Journey

It’s been 45 years since Ray Tomlinson sent the first ever email. The history of email has been a very interesting one. It’s fast, cheap and has opened more opportunities that were impossible before.  As the journey continues to explore more horizons we look at some of the barriers breached.