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All of us are aware of the mighty email service provided by Microsoft i.e. Outlook. It has been used as free email service that can help us remain connected to various devices. In order to facilitate the pro-users, we have listed down these free outlook add-ins,

Let’s view them one by one:

  1. SalesHandy for Outlook Email TrackingKnow If a recipient is opening your email & how many times it has been viewed. Get back to your prospect on right content. This is one of the best free outlook add-ins for outlook communication.
  2. Constant Contact QuickAdd: Auto-check email senders on Constant Contact lists. Manage lists; display contact campaign activity.
  3. Nobicomms – collaboration, tasks, and surveys: Increase productivity by tracking in real-time how communication turns into action
  4. CVR Lookup: Lookup Danish companies in the CVR Register.
  5. Servicecamp: Reply to tickets and work with servicecamp directly from within Outlook.
  6. Progressly — Live SharePoint process notifications: Progressly — Live SharePoint process notifications
  7. Agito – Outlook Meeting Organizer (Discontinued): Quickly manage e-mails with appointments and tasks.
  8. QuickTix (Discontinued): ConnectWise Time Entry made simple
  9. SAP CRM Activity (Discontinued): SAP CRM Activity App for Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web Application
  10. Agenda Builder for MeetingSquared: An easy-to-use app that will integrate MeetingSquared with your Outlook.
  11. Reactor: Email response tool makes for a really good free outlook add-in.
  12. RedCritter Accolades (Discontinued): Send Accolades, share your social links and view RedCritter profiles inside Outlook.
  13. MART (Discontinued): MART is a productivity tool that enables extended mail handling features: SmartBcc, Thread Reminding
  14. StudioEnterprise for Outlook – Donor Information (Discontinued): StudioEnterprise for Outlook provides on-demand access to donor information from the Outlook inbox.
  15. Attachment Manager: Easily upload e-mail attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook into your OneDrive account.
  16. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Preview (Discontinued): Track your emails in Microsoft Dynamics CRM anywhere and anytime
  17. Comcast Business VoiceEdge Integration (Discontinued): Initiate a call within Office 365 Outlook Email and Calendar Events.
  18. Find and Dial Numbers: Turn phones numbers in your messages into dialable links
  19. SharePoint Online Client: Work with SharePoint Online files directly from Outlook
  20. FindTime: Discover the easiest way to find time to meet.
  21. Message Header Analyzer: Message Header Analyzer analyzes the headers on an email message
  22. TeamViewer (Discontinued): Connect to your TeamViewer contacts right away from within an email conversation in Outlook.
  23. Salesforce App for Outlook: Increase productivity by bringing the power of Salesforce Lightning into Outlook and Office 365.
  24. Email Translator: Translate email body to the language of your choice using Microsoft Translator.
  25. Egress Switch – Secure Email: Use the Egress Switch Secure Email app for Office 365 to send and receive encrypted messages.
  26. Schdo – Appointment Scheduling (Discontinued): Schdo helps you schedule and pick the best date and time for any appointment.
  27. Conversation Filer: Automatically suggest previous conversation filing locations for messages in your inbox.
  28. EveryCloud Outlook Plugin: EveryCloud manages Email filtering directly from Outlook which works with Outlook versions 2010, 2013, 2016.
  1. CloseFox (Discontinued): Increase revenue by empowering your team to better utilize sales videos and documents
  2. Emma: E-Mail-Mood-Analyzer: Sentiment analysis and text mining for emails by Emma.
  3. Save to Cloud for Outlook (Discontinued): This App makes it easy to save and share your files in the cloud.
  4. Send Secure: Touch of a Button email encryption makes sending out encrypted emails easier.
  5. Sellsy CRM for Outlook (Discontinued): Display your data from Sellsy CRM in your Outlook account
  6. Template Phrases: Save hours of your time by using custom templates for common emails
  7. Romulus (Discontinued): Submit your emails into Romulus as requests
  8. LawToolBox Deadlines for Clio: LawToolBox Court Deadline Office 365 App for Clio
  9. Kofax View+: Create PDFs, view,  edit and merge documents directly within Microsoft Outlook & Outlook for Office
  10. Wazoku Mail App: Engage with ideas directly from the Outlook reading pane
  11. Tandem: Detects emails that reference a Tandem calendar event and shows the event’s details.
  12. LawToolBox – Buy Court Deadlines a la Carte: LawToolBox – Buy Court Deadlines a la Carte (pay only for what you need)
  13. The Add-in gives you the possibility to store e-mails and more to your account.
  14. TimeZone Finder: TimeZone Finder scans for Phone Numbers in the email and helps to figure out the TimeZone
  15. KStudio – Outlook Script Editor: KStudio: Automate your daily work by using the script. Also, is a development tool to create an add-in.
  16. PhishPro Tracker: Phish Pro provide an effective solution to prevent a scenario resulting in cyber-attack
  17. meetings for Office 365: This add-in for Office 365 enables users to quickly add meeting details to Outlook meetings.
  18. Keluro – Smart Email Sharing: Share emails with teams, find information quickly and archive messages with Keluro’s smart algorithm
  19. Kayako Ticket Creator (Discontinued): Quick Kayako ticket creation
  20. BeyondCore Analyst for Outlook (Discontinued): One-click analysis, statistical evaluation, narrative explanation
  21. Evernote for Outlook: Tame your inbox. Save important email to a workspace where ideas go from projects to completion.
free outlook add-ins
  1. Sage One: Connects directly with Sage One pulling those vital customer or supplier details into your email.
  2. Glück & Kanja Social Employee: Discover more information about your favorite GK consultant
  3. Smart Connect for Oracle Sales Cloud (Discontinued): Oracle Sales Cloud integration for Exchange 2013 and Office365
  4. Zoho CRM: Close More Deals in Less Time
  5. OneMob – Video Engagement Platform for Salesforce (Discontinued): Send personal, branded and trackable video and voice messages from Outlook
  6. iGlobe CRM Meeting Helper: iGlobe Meeting helper makes it easy for you to create a meeting with your customer.
  7. COINS Mail Assistant (Discontinued): The COINS Mail Assistant enables the uploading of sent/received emails into the COINS ERP system.
  8. Messageware TakeNote: Powerful Note Taking for Outlook 2013 and OWA 2013.
  9. iGlobe CRM Contact Connector for Outlook 2016: Get your iGlobe CRM contact in your Outlook and your Smartphone
  1. Docs and invoice acceptance in DMS bb workspace (Discontinued): Add-in bb outlook for accept of documents and invoices into DMS bb workspace using the Exchange.
  2. Tracker for Outlook: Access Serengeti Tracker from your Outlook reading pane to complete matter management workflows.
  3. Omni Outlook Online (Discontinued): Online Outlook Integration with OD and OF using O365/Windows Azure
  4. Workday for Outlook: Approve time off requests and view Workday profiles within Outlook. Your Workday just got easier!
  5. Process It Approval (Discontinued): Process It Invoice Approval for Outlook.
  6. Kanban for Outlook (Discontinued) : Kanban Board is a visualizing tool for the Outlook, which splits tasks upon their status.
  7. Syncplicity for Outlook: Send files as secure links with Syncplicity, the leader in Enterprise File Sync & Share.
  8. LiveArena Broadcast: LiveArena Broadcast lets you start broadcasting live streams using your Azure Media Services account.
  9. Custom Signatures: Perfect your email with a custom signature.
  10. PayPal for Outlook: Get PayPal for Outlook and start sending money the safer, more secure way… right from your email.


  1. Bullhorn for Email: Integrate Bullhorn ATS/CRM features directly into Office365 and Exchange 2013 mail systems.
  2. Gaelic Athletic Association Fixtures: Get your favorite county’s GAA fixtures in your calendar
  3. KPi Suite Calendar tasks in MS Outlook 365 (Discontinued): KPi Suite MS Outlook Add-in allows you to manage tasks from the KPi Suite calendar
  4. Like for Outlook: Send a Like with one click!
  5. API Tutorial for Outlook (Discontinued): Explore the Office Add-ins API for Outlook in an interactive tutorial.
  6. My Electronic Signature: Cloud cryptography app by Taxcom
  7. DeviantArt: Insert Art from DeviantArt directly into your emails
  8. Zomato – Restaurant Finder: Discover great places to eat at, and share restaurant information with your colleagues and friends.
  9. XING for Outlook: See directly in your Outlook e-mails and appointments more information about the other participants.
  10. GIPHY: Search, Discover, and insert GIFs into your emails.
  11. Yelp: Yelp will allow you to find great businesses and share them in email quickly with friends.
  12. Uber Ride Reminder (Discontinued): Get a reminder to your next calendar event
  13. Package Tracker: Package Tracker helps you to track the status of packages from FedEx.
  14. Bing Nearby (Discontinued): Insert a snapshot of a restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel, directly into an email/appointment/meeting

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eWay-CRM is missing here. It allows me to organize my contacts and opportunities and it’s free for single users. I’m considering upgrade to the paid version because of their Android app though.

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