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How to get quality leads on the website?4 minutes read

While there’s so much talk about generating sales leads from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, no one seems to notice the benefits they can ascertain by making little changes on their websites. To get quality leads on the website, there are few points which could increase the effectiveness of the website and generate authentic sales leads.

Add Testimonials and company’s association on the website

Testimonials can leave a powerful impact on visitors and increase the chances of conversion by 10%. Credible testimonials from users and influencers can enhance the trustworthiness of the website. Hence, it will help converting more leads. Moreover, placing company’s association on the website or sign-up page can really boost the trust factor. In our observation, disclosing company’s association on the website has been the most effective tactic to get quality leads on the website.

get quality leads on the website

Lead Validation

Have you ever heard of online lead validation? If not, don’t feel bad — 9 out of 10 companies with lead generation websites haven’t heard of it either. It’s the process of separating website sales leads from non-lead inquiries by reading all form submissions and listening to recordings of phone inquiries generated from a company’s Internet marketing campaigns (SEO, PPC, email marketing), etc.

Lead validation is crucial because half of a company’s website conversions are not leads. As you will learn in the presentation below, The Critical Importance of Lead Validation, by adding this activity to your marketing process results in speedier and better improvement of campaigns, resulting in more leads – and, incidentally, better leads.

Importance of lead validation study by SEO optimization services firm Straight North.

Cross-Platform Marketing

Cross platform marketing is a medium where both the companies promote each other’s product and decide to add extra appeal to products they offer. If an established company promotes your product, it certainly adds some value to it. It triggers the visitors to think twice about the product and increases the chances of conversion by 20%. Lead generated from this medium can be sometimes as good as customer referral.

Use Whitespace smartly.

Intentionally leaving space for proper structure and layout give emphasis to the content area and makes it more attractive from reader’s point of view. They say the first impression is always the last impression. So when good design makes a good impression at first sight, it increases the chances of lead conversion. Also, research shows that whitespace increases readability. If a visitor gets clarity and decent idea from the structure and layout, it can be an effective practice to get quality leads on the website.

Contact info and live chat

Adding Live Chat box can increase the direct engagement and nurture the visitors. It can help to solve the doubts of visitors instantly and help them to get a clear idea about the product. Moreover, adding contact information can bring some comfort to the visitors. Adding contact info makes a smooth transition from being a visitor to a customer.

These are some effective ways to get quality leads on the website. It helps to nurture the potential leads and increase the lead conversion rate.

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By Aaron Wittersheim

Aaron Wittersheim is a partner and Chief Operating Officer at Internet marketing agency Straight North

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