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All of us love Gmail, don’t we? But, at the same time, old Email Ids are precious to most of us. Not everyone can change their email ids; even if Gmail provides awesome features. This is a common expression that most of us give, “I  wanted to migrate to Gmail but I just can’t.”

Creating a new email id from scratch and updating it everywhere(Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) is quite a tedious work. Plus Email address which you want would have already been in use and you don’t want random numbers in your email address. What would you do? You would rather stick to your old email provider. In fact, most of us would have opted for keeping the old address. But now, this concept is vanishing as Gmail allows users having email accounts of  Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail to Gmailify their existing email addresses; without losing their precious “old” email address (Google will be a rolling update soon for other providers as well).

If you’re already accessing your non-Gmail accounts from the Gmail app, you still need to opt for the “Gmailify” feature. To do so, you’ll need to open the new updated Gmail app, sign into your external accounts, and then “enable Gmailify,” as Google blog post explains.

In practice, this involves linking your non-Gmail account(s) to Gmail. In the app’s “Settings” screen, you have to tap on the non-Gmail account you want to link & then choose “Link Account.” This allows the app to take advantage of Gmail’s expanded feature. This will work both in the Android application as well as on the web at You can choose to unlink the accounts anytime, the company notes.

In addition to being able to utilize Gmail’s spam protection on the incoming email, your non-Gmail emails will also be organized by type (e.g. Social, Updates, Promotions). Plus, you’ll be able to search your non-Gmail account using advanced search options and receive better notifications on mobile.

At launch, “Gmailify” only works with Yahoo and Microsoft’s Hotmail/Outlook, but Google says more providers will be supported in the future.

All in one

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By Arpan Shah

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