Gmail attachment limit

Gmail Attachment Limit: How to Send Large File Attachments through Gmail (2019)

You already have zipped a folder containing a large chunk of data – could be 100MB of pictures, 60MB of presentations or 1 GB of quick video tutorial – ready for sending through Gmail?

What happens when you fire the email? Clearly not anything close to “Your email was successfully delivered to contact name so and so.”

It’s quite sickening that even at this age of technological advancement, popular email clients like Gmail still refuse to accept attachments to the north of 25MB because of Gmail attachment limit.

It gets worse if you don’t get to know whether your email was opened (or not) after putting such efforts in sending it.


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How to send Personalized Emails in Gmail using Mail Merge

We have all been there. Wanting to send emails in bulk but afraid of showing that you have sent the same email to 100 different people or using [Ctrl + C] and  [Ctrl + V] again and again and again. That’s where we, SalesHandy, steps in. With SalesHandy, people can send personalized emails using Mail Merge with Gmail or Mail Merge with Outlook to multiple recipients without anyone knowing that you sent it to other 199 people at the same time. And you have to type the email just ONE time. That’s it!

SalesHandy’s Mail Merge Feature allows users to:

  • Send personalized emails to up to 5000 recipients at a time.
  • Save time and efforts in sending one-to-one personalized emails.
  • Add from Bcc to CRM.
  • Send mail merge with an attachment from Gmail.
  • Track the mail openings, document and link openings & replies.


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Why should you use our new mail merge with auto follow-ups

We have released much-awaiting feature “mail merge with auto follow-ups”. Lots of our users have been asking for follow-up emails with mail merge. Now, you can get maximum reply rate up of your personalized email campaigns by sending follow-up emails automatically.

In this blog, you will learn about our newly added features and improvements made in a mail merge. We recommend you to use our new mail merge for a better experience, and results compare to the previous version. Find improvements listed below.


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Find out if SalesHandy is suitable for you

Our platform is best used by:

  • Customer Success Executives
  • Salespersons
  • Business Development Managers
  • Recruiters and more

It is Ideal for small and medium-sized companies. You can send up to 5000 emails with SalesHandy if you are using your Gmail account address (Trial Version / Free Gmail Account). Whereas, with the G Suite account address, you can send up to 2000 emails. Your sent emails will always be landing in the recipient’s inbox and not Spam. (more…)

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Why You Should Use Filelink Instead of Email Attachment?

Answer to this question is pretty straight forward, have you ever sent any Email campaign without tracking opens and click-throughs? Then why only track Emails and not attachments?

In this modern world, if you don’t make most out of technology, you will be lagging behind your competitors. Keep in mind that your clients are already tech-savvy. Everybody knows life in the tech world moves quite fast, and if you want to survive, you have to keep up with the pace and adapt to new technologies.


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