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Higher Email Sending Limit Campaigns with SalesHandy2 minutes read

We launched our best feature i.e. Mail Merge Campaign with Auto Follow Up in April of this year and since then, We have got tremendous feedback for the same. People appraising and also helping us at the same time with their critics as to what should be done to make it better and we have come a long way making some small tweaks here and there to make our customer’s experience better and productive.

After many small changes and some big too, we have learnt that what our customers most want when it comes to our mail merge feature is:

  • They want to upload a CSV without any limits to the contacts in it (Our current limit is 200 emails per CSV)
  • They want to send more emails than what we are offering as of now .i.e. 1600 emails/per day

These were the two major changes our customer wanted and we always want to cater to their needs. Hence, our one of the best update of Mail Merge feature is here. We rightly call it “High Volume Email Campaign.”

What’s new with Higher Email Sending Limit Campaign?

New CSV Upload Limit

  • We have revised the CSV upload limit from 200 emails to 5000 emails. Yes, that’s right. 50x times the original limit.

Daily Email Quota

Under the hood changes:
– New server infrastructure to meet the demand of high sending limit campaigns.
– This setup will ensure the smooth experience of our Enterprise Plan customers as well as our existing customers.

Other Small Changes:
– High Sending Limit campaigns will be displayed in orange colour in the campaign list view.
– Import from other campaign option will be disabled for High Sending Limit campaign in create/edit page
– In case of High Sending Limit campaign, user can schedule next stage at least after 2 days of previous stage (for other campaign it is 1 day).

FAQs for Higher Email Sending Limit Campaign:

1. How can I send 5000 emails in a day?

  • You can keep an interval between emails as min 40 sec to max 45 sec. i.e you can send approx 5000 emails/day.
  • Please note: that this type of campaign is considered as very aggressive and you might face the hourly sending limit quota set by your email service provider.

2. What will happen if my Gmail/Gsuite quota is reached?

  • We’re working on hard to handle errors thrown by email service provider like ‘Rate limit exceed’, ‘Backend error’. Currently, if your account do not have Gmail sending limit then the rest of the emails will get failed.

By Piyush Patel

Piyush is the Co-founder and CTO of SalesHandy- A Data Analytics and Communication tool. He has expertise in Product Development and User Experience Design. He also writes about Technology.

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