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Introducing Advanced Team Management: Effortless Team Collaboration

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Sales teams constantly find better ways to scale lead generation and sales efforts. However, one of their biggest challenges is simply managing their teams effectively. This is especially true for bigger teams with hundreds or even thousands of leads and opportunities in the pipeline.

As teams grow, keeping track of everyone’s progress, assigning tasks properly, and providing timely feedback becomes increasingly difficult. This leads to confusion, missed opportunities, and decreased productivity. 

So, companies often invest huge amounts of time finding the right team management tool. 

For enterprises and bigger teams, Saleshandy understands these issues and has built advanced features to address them. Advanced team management helps to keep focus on generating more sales rather than diverting resources towards improving productivity.

This blog post will discuss how advanced team management can benefit your sales team.

Advanced Team Management: What Is It?

ATM by Saleshandy offers you a comprehensive set of features designed to assist sales teams, regardless of their size, in effectively managing their teams.

With ATM, you gain access to a wealth of tools that provide you with crystal-clear insights into your team’s performance. 

This allows you, as a manager, to effortlessly monitor your team’s progress and pinpoint areas that may need enhancement.

It is your invaluable companion when it comes to optimizing your sales team’s efficiency and simplifying your operational processes.

team management in saleshandy

What are the Benefits of Advanced Team Management?

Advanced team management offers a range of benefits that can contribute to the success of a team, project, or organization. These benefits include:

team management in saleshandy

Increase Team Productivity

Teams with clear roles and responsibilities lead to more efficient workflows. As a result, teams can focus more on generating sales and accomplishing their objectives.

Enhance Team Performance

Managers can provide targeted feedback and support to teams by tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement. Overall, this can result in better outcomes for the team.

Organize and Reduce Manual Work

A lack of organization and overwhelm can lead to burnout and stress in teams. Advanced team management tools can reduce stress by giving managers visibility into team progress and making it easier to delegate tasks and provide support.

Encourage Collaboration and Feedback

Teams are more likely to engage and be productive when supported and valued. An effective team management tool can contribute to a more positive and supportive sales process.

How Does Advanced Team Management Make Collaboration Easier?

This feature allows big teams to execute tasks with the following highlights.

Role-based hierarchy: Roles allow managers to assign varying access levels to data and features according to team member roles. This helps ensure that everyone has the information and tools they need to succeed while protecting sensitive data.

Team hierarchy: This feature allows managers to create a team hierarchy with different levels of management and reporting. This streamlines communication and decision-making.

Steps To Use Advanced Team Management

Here’s a quick guide to using the following steps to navigate ATM inside Saleshandy.

  1. Create users and teams

Go to Settings > Users & Teams > Users > Click on Invite Users

  1. User invitations

Steps to Follow: Enter Email Addresses > Assign User Roles (Member, Owner, Admin) > Assign Team (If you haven’t created the team, nothing will show).

inviting team members in saleshandy
  1. Assign roles to users

As soon as you have invited users, you can assign them roles and click Send Invite.

The hierarchy of user roles is as follows: Owner > Admin > Member. 

  1. Create Team

Steps to Follow: Navigate to Settings > Users & Teams > Teams > Click on Create Team

  1. Add a Team

Enter the Team Name > Add the Team members from the list > Select Team Manager from the dropdown. 

  1. Modify the Team

If you want to modify a Team, click Modify on the Teams tab once it has been created. Click the Trash icon to delete the Team. 

Adding or removing team members and adding or removing the team manager are all available in the Team Name section.

You can choose the team you want to assign the user to from the dropdown menu.

Visit the FAQs to learn more about technical and feature navigation


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