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Introducing Attachments in Cold Emails

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What pushes your prospects to hit the reply button? 

Is it a shorter and more personalized copy?

Surely, personalization helps to grab their attention. But it can’t hold it for too long. 

As your prospect’s attention span is shrinking over time – it takes only 8 seconds to read a cold email. No matter how short you write or deeply personalize your content, you always need more time to prove your point. 

It would help if you always had something more for them to hit the reply button—especially something valuable in your offer.

“Shorter emails fail to deliver a value proposition.” Many Saleshandy users complained about losing good deals due to shorter emails in the past six months. 

“There is almost no way to share value-proposed documents. Also, sharing a one-pager through links is not convenient.” 

There is no doubt that we agree with our users. Your deliverability is also hindered if you use multiple links in your emails. 

Then what can be done to improve the value of short emails without links? 

Create value at first impression

As we already know, getting a prospect’s attention is half the job. You would need to propose your value the moment prospects feel they should know more about you.

Relying on witty CTAs and pushing them to click links to read your whitepapers, one-pagers, etc., can kill their interest. Moreover, a link from a stranger creates suspicion amongst both spam filters and your prospects.

Therefore, it’s highly required to serve something more profound in the cold email to retain the prospect’s time and get a reply simultaneously.

Finally, it’s here

Why do people use shareable links? We tried to enquire.

The answer was the size of the document. You can’t send big documents attached in a cold email.

Over the past few years, more people have read emails on mobile devices. And attachments have helped a lot to grab their attention and keep it for a long time.

Also, you don’t need a big sized-document to create value. It’s more like a cold email. Keep it short but effective.

After lengthy discussions over coffee and high user demand, Saleshandy finally launched the attachments in emails.

You no more need to worry about attaching files in the links.

Attachments of smaller documents in popular formats help you get better deliverability and replies.

Take a chance to deliver value propositions instantly

Now, you can attach your documents in your cold emails with Saleshandy. Gain your reader’s attention with short copies and let them explore more about you and the service/product through the attached document.

Attaching a document allows you to get a reply and start a conversation.

Better deliverability with small-size documents than sharing links 

Saleshandy allows you to attach multiple documents. You can easily attach attachments in different formats. 

Attachments are not susceptible to any access issues, unlike links. 

The email size shall not exceed 20 MB to get high deliverability. Consequently, having no links in your cold emails improves your sender’s reputation and prospect’s trust.

Save attachments in your templates and A/B test

You can save your templates getting attached with documents. You can even use A/B templates with different documents per outreach’s performance. Eventually, your deliverability also improves.

Drag and drop your files

The file upload is simpler. You can pick and drop the files directly anywhere from your system and get them attached instantly.

Links vs. Email Attachments

Many search results over the web caution you against attaching documents. They all suggest you use links to share documents. 

Undeniably, for sharing larger files (<20 MB), going with links is a better option.

But links come with significant complications. Without following the best practices, sharing a document using a link will always be considered spam. 

  • The best practice for sharing a link is to host the file on your server, and it should be accessible through the same domain used to send the email.
  • Serving your prospects with third-party links in the cold email to attach the document makes the spam filter flag you as spam often.
  • If you use reputed shareable links from Google Drive and One Drive – you still need a sufficient warm-up to get better deliverability.

The above complications can undoubtedly lead you to invest more time in configuration—your objective is not to send files it’s to get a reply!

A cold email can only be successful by following the best practices. If you send out emails, large documents will impact your deliverability. 

Instead of making a large file, try to split the files into multiple parts with smaller size and attach it to your cold emails for better results with some following practices. 

Best practices to follow while attaching documents

Your goal must be to create value with your cold email rather than overloading prospects with much information. If we are on the same page, let’s follow good practices to always land in primary inboxes.

  • Although Saleshandy lets you attach a wide variety of document formats, PDFs have the best reputation among the ESPs.
  • Although Saleshandy allows you to attach multiple files, for better results, ensure you reduce your files to 5 MBs size for best results.
  • Always run a malware and virus check before attaching a file. 

Get started with attachments

Saleshandy allows you to send attachments with your email with a few easy clicks.

  • Log into Saleshandy.
  • Go to Sequences and click on the required sequence.
  • Click on the email template of any step where you wish to add the attachment, and click on the attachment icon đź“Ž from the email content editor.
  • You can also use the drag-and-drop editor to pick up and attach files directly from the system.

If you have more queries, you can refer the feature’s FAQs in detail.

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