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Introducing Email Preview: Spend less time in testing your cold emails

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To achieve results in cold email outreach campaigns, it’s essential to hyper-personalize your emails. This approach involves the extensive use of merge tags, spintax, and various other functionalities to tailor emails for each recipient as closely as possible. 

Verifying the proper functionality of these tags and links requires you to send numerous test emails to your own inbox, ensuring that every component is operating correctly before launching the campaign.

This process, essential for catching errors and tweaking messages, often proves as time-consuming and frustrating. The root of this frustration lies in the disconnect between the editing environment and the final appearance of an email in a recipient’s inbox. 

This gap means errors and issues often go unnoticed until a test email is sent, requiring further revisions and tests.

Understanding the need to make this process easier in cold email outreach, our team at Saleshandy has been developing a solution. 

We are excited to introduce Email Preview inside Saleshandy for you.

How email preview can benefit you?

By providing a real-time preview of your email as it’s being drafted, this feature eliminates the need for repetitive test sends, allowing you to see exactly how your email will appear in the recipient’s inbox.

This immediate feedback loop ensures that every element of your email, from merge tags to signatures, is perfect before hitting send. 

Here’s how Email Preview enhances your email outreach process:

Value of Merge Tags: Instantly identify and correct any missing values in your merge tags, ensuring your emails are personalized and complete.

Error Detection: Proactively catch and correct errors related to editing the email copy, preventing potential damage to your credibility.

Sender’s Signature: Confirm that your signature is appropriately visible and professional in every email.

Unsubscribe Button: Ensure compliance and respect for your recipient’s preferences by including a visible unsubscribe button.

No Sending Limits for Testing: Refine and perfect your message without worrying about hitting sending limits, saving your quota for actual outreach efforts.

Empowering Your Email Outreach: With Email Preview, Saleshandy is making it easier and faster for the users to conduct the cold email outreach.

This feature is more than just a tool; it’s your partner in crafting emails that are error-free, personalized, and fully optimized for your audience. 

How to preview your emails inside Saleshandy?

Previewing your emails inside Saleshandy is quite easy. Here are few steps to follow:

  1. Login to your Saleshandy account.
  2. Create a new sequence.
  3. Add a Step and write your email copy inside Saleshandy. You can also choose a template from Saleshandy’s templates library.
  4. Once you create your email copy you will be able to see the email preview on the right side of the pop-up.
  5. Make sure you have added prospects in the sequence if you want to get the preview of how the email will individually appear to different prospects.
  6. You can also check how merge tags are appearing and how your sender’s address and signature will look to your prospects.

So this is how you can know before sending your emails how they will appear to your prospects, without sending any test emails.

So try it now and avoid email copy errors!

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