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Introducing Spintax: A guide to sending unique emails

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Lead generation is a crucial part of any business, as it helps to target, identify and connect with potential customers and clients. It is vital to have a well-defined strategy and use the right tools and techniques to succeed in your lead generation process.

One tool that can be particularly useful in cold emailing is Spintax, also known as spin syntax. With Spintax, you can easily create variations of sentences and words, which can help you produce unique content to send to multiple recipients.

At Saleshandy, we have introduced Spintax as a feature in order to make cold emailing more effective for lead generation. This feature is important for all types of outreach and helps maintain high deliverability across multiple inboxes. It is particularly useful for bulk email campaigns, lead qualification, and booking meetings.

This blog will explore the importance of using Spintax in lead generation or bulk email campaigns and provide tips to enhance your outreach effectively.

The Importance of Spintax in Cold Email

One of the main challenges of cold email outreach is getting your emails delivered to the inbox of your intended recipients. With so much spam and unwanted emails clogging up inboxes, making sure your cold emails stand out and are seen by the right people is essential. That’s where Spintax comes in. 

Skip spam filters & improve deliverability

When you send emails to recipients at large, it is more likely to be flagged as spam or rejected by the recipient’s ESP due to similar content. Using spintax to create unique variations of the same message can reduce the chances of emails being flagged as spam and increase the chances of delivering to the intended recipient’s inboxes.

Make your outreach unique for every prospect 

Another benefit of using Spintax in your cold emails is that it can help make your outreach more engaging and compelling. It can be uninteresting and generic when you send the same email to multiple people. With Spintax, you can easily create multiple variations of your emails, making them more personalized and tailored to your recipients’ specific interests and needs. 

The personalized message helps increase the chances of the email being opened and read, as well as the recipient taking action (such as clicking on a CTA).

Create a multiplier effect

One of the benefits of using Spintax in your emails is the multiplier effect it creates. It means that the more Spintax you use in your content, the more variations of emails you can generate.

For example, if you include multiple Spintax in your email content, like in the following example:

"Our {spin} successful | effective | highly-regarded {endspin} lead generation campaign aims to attract a minimum of 10,000 new potential customers in this area. The {spin} main | primary | chief {endspin} goal of this campaign is to brand awareness and generate more sales opportunities through targeted {spin} marketing | advertising | branding {endspin} efforts."

Using Saleshandy, you can generate up to 2*3*3*3 = 54 different email variants. This can be a powerful way to create unique and personalized email content, especially when sending a large volume of emails.

How to use Spintax in Saleshandy?

Saleshandy allows you to spin your content in the text editor in an effortless manner. By including it in your email body, you can randomly generate different variations of your greeting, questions, and closing.

To use Spintax, you’ll need to include multiple words or phrases between the {spin} and {end spin} tags, separated by a vertical line or pipe (|).

For instance, in the example {spin} Hey there | Hello | Hi {endspin}, the phrase “Hey there” will be randomly chosen and inserted into the email each time it is sent. 

This is a simple way to make your emails feel more personalized without manually customizing each one. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Randomize your greetings

Instead of using the same greeting every time you send a cold email, you can use Spintax to create a more personalized greeting. Add the Spintax code {spin} Hey there, | Howdy! | Greetings! {endspin} to your email body, and it will randomly generate the greeting each time the email is sent.

Randomize your email body and CTA’s

In addition to adding variety to your greeting, you can also use Spintax to mix up the questions or calls to action you include in your email. For example, {spin} What do you think? | How does that sound to you? | Are you interested in discussing this further? {endspin} can be added to your email body to generate different questions or calls to action randomly.

Use it in your sign-offs

Finally, you can use Spintax to add variety to your email closing. Instead of using the same closing each time, you can use the code {spin} Best, | Regards, | Cheers, {endspin} to generate other closings randomly.

Tips and suggestions to use Spintax

Spintax is a powerful tool for creating personalized and engaging emails, but it’s important to use it wisely to avoid making mistakes. Here are some tips for using Spintax effectively in your lead-generation campaigns:

  • Use variety: Variety is crucial when it comes to using Spintax. Add multiple words and phrases to create an impactful variation of automated sentences. You can also research new ideas and combinations online and review the text before spinning.
  • Avoid synonyms: Avoid overusing synonyms when creating content with Spintax. The goal is to create phrases that convey the same meaning but are phrased differently, not to complicate your automated sentences with too many synonyms.
  • Always test it before: It’s important to carefully test your emails and revise your content if needed before automating it. It’s always better to test the email and check for the relevance and context of the variation. This will help you spot mistakes, avoid duplication, and ensure that your automated emails are high quality.

We are happy to help you with your cold emailing and lead generation. For additional queries and questions, you can visit the FAQs. You can also reach us around the clock!

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