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Saleshandy Connect – Prospecting Made Easy!6 minutes read

Here’s something exciting that is about to make your prospecting 10x easier! 

We have launched Saleshandy Connect, a prospecting tool specifically designed to help your prospecting efforts. 

With Saleshandy Connect you get: Higher conversion rates, verified prospect list and accelerated organizational growth. 

All you need to do is simply install the Google Chrome extension, and we will work our magic and deliver verified email addresses to you in a matter of seconds (this is true!). 

Explore the features of Saleshandy Connect and start building your prospect list. 

Introducing Saleshandy Connect

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Saleshandy Connect is a prospecting tool that works with LinkedIn and native customer relationship management (CRM) tools. This tool allows you to search for prospects on LinkedIn, and extract their verified email addresses once the extension is launched. It instantly displays the email address of the individual in a matter of seconds; saving you time and avoiding lengthy email finding processes. Email addresses of prospects can directly be added from your CRM software into the email sequence of your choice. 

Saleshandy Connect works seamlessly with all versions of LinkedIn: 

👉 Free LinkedIn 

👉 LinkedIn Business Premium 

👉 LinkedIn Recruiter Lite 

👉 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Saleshandy Connect Is Best Suited For: 

  • Sales Teams 
  • Marketing Teams 
  • HR Department 
  • CEOs 
  • Outreach Specialists 

What Do You Gain From Saleshandy Connect? 

You Build A Verified Prospect List 

This is an excellent feature in our tool that will help you reduce bounce rates. As you collect the email addresses of your prospects, you build a verified prospect list. Email validation can reduce bounce rates by a whopping 90%! This is extremely good news for you because this means each one of your emails is being sent to active inboxes. Furthermore, you can eliminate email addresses that are inactive, false, or disposable; helping you craft the perfect verified prospect list. Saleshandy Connect allows you to organize your list to avoid confusion and promote efficiency. 

You Can Import Your Prospect List Directly To Your Email Sequence 

Manually importing a list onto your cold email outreach tool adds to the number of tasks you have to undertake. Saleshandy Connect allows you to directly add the email address of the prospect directly when you find it on LinkedIn. This helps you save time and effort, freeing up extra time for you to work on other important tasks. 

You Don’t Spend Extra 

Our email extension tool is free of charge and there are no hidden costs as of now. In order to use our tool, you have to use your Saleshandy account (our primary cold email outreach software), you can do so by creating a freemium account to access the tool. 

You Expand Your Prospect List and Get Hot Leads 

Lead generation is one of the biggest benefits you can get through Saleshandy Connect. You can easily build a tailored prospect list with personalized content specifically meant for your audience and increase your chance of a conversion. You can create a list to gauge the interest level of prospects to lock in on hot leads. 

You Can Personalize Emails With Verified Data 

When you visit the LinkedIn profile of a specific prospect, beyond their email you can also get other data on their background and qualifications. This can help you personalize your content with verified data, helping you craft the perfect email for your prospect. Personalized emails instantly stand out and are more likely to be clicked on. Personalized emails have a 6x higher transaction rate.

You Increase Open Rates 

Saleshandy Connect also has email validation functionality that ensures the email addresses acquired from the software are valid. This is especially beneficial for increasing open rates; nobody likes having bounced emails after working tirelessly to create an email campaign. 

You Have Increased Opportunities and Exposure 

Through the use of Saleshandy Connect, you are able to maximize your outreach efforts and reach a larger number of prospects, increasing your chances of closing deals. With a lot more opportunities available to you, you will be able to achieve your goals at a faster rate. 

You Can Add Email Addresses Of Prospects To Your Email Sequence From Your CRM Software 

This feature will come in handy in case you are using CRM software with a pre-existing prospect list. Simply log on to your CRM software, click on the Saleshandy Connect Chrome extension to launch it, and press on ‘Save Prospect’ and it will be added to your list or email sequence. 

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How To Install and Use Saleshandy Connect?

Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store, and key in ‘Saleshandy Connect’ in the search bar 

Step 2: Proceed to click on the first search result (pictured below) 

Step 3: On the right-hand side of the screen, click on the blue button entitled ‘Add to Chrome’

Step 4: Allow the relevant permissions needed to add the extension to your Google Chrome browser 
Step 5: When the extension has successfully been added you will receive a pop-up message indicating the successful installation

Step 6: Once the extension has successfully been added, Log Into your LinkedIn Account 

Step 7: Type in the desired parties name in the search bar, click on their profile 

Step 8: Click on the Saleshandy Connect extension (right-hand side of your Google Chrome browser) 

Step 9: Enter your login information (Saleshandy Account Needed*)
Step 10: A pop-up window on the right-hand corner of your screen will appear, containing the First and Last Name of the individual, and their verified email address


Prospecting tools are godsent! Saleshandy Connect will help you grow your organization and achieve goals rapidly. Yes, the option of reaching out to a prospect the old-fashioned way and acquiring their email address by asking them will always be there. But with Saleshandy Connect, we have made this process much easier and efficient. Additionally, the option of adding your prospect from your CRM software to either the Saleshandy Connect list or email sequence; will broaden your reach and decrease time spent switching between apps. 

Add Saleshandy Connect to your Google Chrome browser right now and start building your prospect list and closing deals! 

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