marketing automation

10 Best Marketing Automation Tools For Startups

When you are starting a business, you have so many responsibilities that it’s easy to feel torn apart.

Financing, marketing, customer communication, business operation, and other tasks are hard to manage without assistance.

Most startups don’t have the resources to hire separate teams of specialists for every one of the above tasks.

Marketing Automation is the process of letting the technology work as your marketing team. In this digital era, if you are well versed with the right tools, you can single-handedly automate your marketing at an international level sitting in your office sipping coffee.


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gmail extensions for 2018

Top Gmail Extensions to Boost Your Productivity in 2019

Gmail has well over one billion active monthly users, which puts it well ahead of any competitors when it comes to email providers. Emails are still the most important way of business communication, but also a channel from which many private users get the updates they need. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the emails, since they tend to pile up, especially since Google switched to new Gmail years ago. By using extensions for your Gmail you can significantly boost your productivity and this article will show you just how.


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startup through blogging

7 Insights on Launching a Successful Product Startup Through Blogging

In 2017, launching a startup through blogging is the terrific and best way to get traction. That’s a fact. 81% of US consumers trust the information and the advice coming from blogs. Moreover, in order to make it big with your product, you’re ought to capture the search engine’s attention. Google loves content, therefore, if your website features a blog, you will be greatly rewarded in rankings.

However, the fact that most startups tend to fail makes everyone wonder. How come? How come some entrepreneurs manage to become viral with their products while others can barely make a few sales? Well, if you’re one of those who still “wonder”, please pay attention:

Your startup success is directly proportional with more factors:


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aggressive competitors

How To Deal With Aggressive Competitors In Business

In every industry, businesses will come across aggressive competitors who approach their sales and marketing with a forceful tone to conversion.

Features of an aggressive approach include –

  • Frequent cold calling
  • Continued persistence after being told NO!
  • Constant bombardment of follow-up during sales process
  • Bad mouthing competition
  • Exaggeration of product or service


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How To Organize Your Keyword Modifiers To Rank Better on Google

As the online marketplace is growing exponentially and the competition is getting tougher, so keeping your contents up the ladder become so important to stand out of the crowd. Showing the content of the Google search result with keyword modifiers can only help you to beat the competition.

Well, you can try doing anything to show your contents in the google search results, but today we are going to show something different yet simple that you can try on your next copy.

Let’s first see some of the Keyword Modifiers and how to use those keywords to get a broader idea.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

7 Pay Per Click Advertising Tips For Startups

Mastering pay per click advertising is a skill that requires a lot of patience and investment. Even high-quality and high-earning companies struggle to utilize Google Adwords and Facebook ads for their business properly. As a startup, you likely need some high-quality PPC tips that will help you master the delicate skill of pay per click advertising.

With the aid of these seven great PPC tips, you will learn how to maximize your success in a major way. Dallas SEO Expert Bradley Shaw is going to discuss some of the basics behind pay per click advertising to help you better understand how to manage it properly.


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cold emails

Cold Emails: How to Leverage it Effectively to Meet your Goals

I should start out by saying that relying on cold emails can be a very difficult way to communicate with people who could easily be our potential customers.

For one thing, there are no pre-existing connections with the audience, meaning there’s no way to get immediate feedback and modify the approach being used in real-time. This is one of the reasons why most cold emails fail. But it is actually possible for them to succeed. Many people launch startups or build successful careers around nothing more than emails for B2B lead gen.


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promote your brand

Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Brand on Social Media

Running a business is never an easy task, and it requires a lot of attention and hard work. In addition, every business must strive to make a name for themselves and stand out in the competitive crowd. The first step toward achieving that goal is building a brand that will bring your target audience together and form a community of loyal customers, which will last for years to come.


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