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7 Motivational Videos to Thrive your Sales Team4 minutes read

Everybody gets bogged down in some way or the other in life. The same aspect goes with your sales team as well. The constant pressure of performing and delivering results knowingly or unknowingly drains your sales team physically as well as mentally. Sales is a constant battle through adversity.It’s a transference of energy — from seller to buyer — and an invigorated excited Sales team is the necessary prerequisite for sustained, long-term success.

We all love epic and inspiring videos, Don’t we? They are hailed so much that some of the case studies have shown that inspiring videos on YouTube have served as a great motivator of a sales team irrespective of their size!!

The below-listed videos can be unorthodox or the one you never expected. So be relaxed and let the videos inspire you!!

  • Team oriented Benefits:  Enjoying success as a team is a must for any sales team if they want to achieve the highest level of professionalism. It doesn’t matter how many deals you close, you will never enjoy the fruits of your efforts if it is not a team-oriented. Ray Lewis’s speech here talks about success in terms of team effort.
  • How Leaders inspire action: Here Simon Sinek re-conceptualizes the ability of positive influence of a leader that could produce the desired sales results and outcomes. In order to understand the nucleus of Sales, representatives should always think like their leaders. Moreover, they should never rationalize what they do. Leaders should make their team believe in themselves in order to achieve optimum outputs.
  • Hustle Your way to the Top: Whether it is football or sales, every day you go out and hustle your way to the top. Moreover, this video visualizes completely the concept of work-life balance.
  • Never Give up: It’s time to take a breather and watch this simple poem. You must be wondering what a simple sweet poem doing in the midst of some highly acclaimed sales videos. It is here because this poem speaks nothing but the truth. The ultimate goal of any salesperson should be to never give up on his ambitions and dreams. Watch it and feel inspired!!
  • Always be closing: In guess in terms of practical advice on closing deals, you must be contended with Amy Cuddy’s advice. But here, Alec Baldwin insists on a bit of old-fashioned grit and perseverance in order to close a deal. Moreover, it is the most iconic sales monologue (speech) of all time!!
  • In Midst of Adversity: Al Pacino nails it here!! If your sales team going through tatters and are unsure about their future, they must watch this video.
  • Train better grind successfully: This video proves to be the “icing on the cake“. This video hails the prospect of initial training and propagating knowledge of the outside sales scenario.

I am sure after watching the whole list you as a salesperson must be feeling thrilled and excited!! Moreover, I might have missed some of your favorites. So get your hands down and pour us with your insights and thoughts along with more inspirational videos.

I just want to end with a famous saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. This is dedicated to all the Sales Persons.


By Dhruv Patel

A marketer, people person, SaaS enthusiast, hustler & growth hacker. Always smiling & ready for help. Co-founder at @SalesHandy

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