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Press Release: Ikigai Infotech launches SalesHandy 2.0 – A Next-Gen Email Productivity Tool3 minutes read

Ikigai Infotech proudly launched SalesHandy 2.0 – a new version of its successful sales engagement and email productivity tool. It is the biggest update to SalesHandy till date and is built from the ground up making it 10x faster, with rock-solid stability, and a whole new look! The new platform comes with a completely new user interface and many new functionalities.

SalesHandy has been recognized amongst the top service providers for Email and Documents Analytics and Automation. With SalesHandy 2.0 the company sets its sight to become the segment leader!

“It is the next best thing since Website Analytics – It is Email and Document Analytics and Automation on a single platform!”

Dhruv Patel, Co-founder, SalesHandy

SalesHandy is a Sales Enablement Software Solution that provides you with features like Email Tracking, Email Scheduling, Document/Attachment Tracking, Email Templates, Mail Merge with automated Follow-ups in a single easy to use platform with detailed engagement analytics.

Whether you’re a freelancer trying to track email proposals that you sent, an SMB wishing to send personalized cold email campaign and find out the most engaged prospects from it or an Enterprise trying to find and organize best performing email templates and attachments and share it with specific teams to increase productivity – You can get it all done effortlessly using SalesHandy!

Prominent Features of SalesHandy 2.0:

1. Email Tracking

Know what happens to your email after you hit send – Track unlimited emails for free, get real-time desktop notifications and get to know the location, browser, and device of the recipient. On top of that, you get to view the entire history of opens of a given email with just a click.

2. Email Scheduling

Schedule your emails to reach your recipient’s inbox at a specific time with the ease of selecting time-zones.

3. Document Tracking

Know if the prospect is engaging with the document with data like the volume of opens, the percentage of the document read, time spent on each page, forward tracking etc and create folders containing a specific set of documents and share it with specific teams. You can also set document preferences that would enable you to password protect it, set a reminder if not read or set a date of expiry.

4. Email Templates

Create email templates once and use it whenever you want. Share it with your team and measure the performance of each of them.

5. Mail Merge

Send personalized email merge campaigns using custom mail merge fields. Send from Gmail, Outlook or any other email service providers using SMTP.

6. Automated Follow-ups

Set up to 9 stages of automated follow-ups to your mail merge campaigns using behavioral triggers. Target prospects who haven’t opened or replied to your previous email and boost your response rate by 10 times!

SalesHandy offers 14-day free trial where you can experience all functionalities of the tool. However, Email Tracking and Email Scheduling will be lifetime free even after trial. Even after the free trial, its paid subscriptions start at just $9 a month (when paid annually), making it the most competitively priced solution in the market.

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