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Mixmax vs Yesware: Find the Best Email Productivity Tool for You

In the broad email productivity marketplace, both Mixmax and Yesware are notable among the users. Yesware and Mixmax occupy 20.63% and 3.62% of the market share respectively.

In the long run, both tools provide almost similar benefits that can make users confused in making a buying decision. Yesware is one of the oldest email productivity tools that started in 2010 getting a competitive advantage. Whereas Mixmax was launched in mid-2014 with upgraded features and an improved interface.

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How to Write a Sales Email for Sureshot Conversions

Sales professionals spend a lot of time and effort to set up their email outreach campaigns. 

Still, the buyers open only 23.9% of sales emails. 

The low open rate is due to the unappealing emails that make the prospect perceive as another trifling junk in the inbox. The low email engagement affects the entire sales process which ultimately hits hard to revenue of the company.

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Lead Nurturing Black Book: Learn How To Setup and Optimize for Growth

30% of sales professionals believe that having introduced lead nurturing has been the most significant benefit to their team, resulting in better responses to campaigns and easier segmentation.

Lead nurturing plays an essential role in high converting sales processes. It helps your leads deeply understand your product and guides them to make a purchase decision. Teams that are good at nurturing their leads generate 50% more sales-ready leads at ⅔ the cost.

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How To Get Referrals To Grow Your Sales

Referred customers were found to contribute 25% more margins in sales compared to all other customers.

If your customers are happy with your product, they are likely to talk about it with others who might find it useful. When you close such customers who’ve been introduced by existing customers, you have effectively got a referral sale. In theory- your client has done the selling for you, without you spending a penny. 

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What is Outbound Sales? Tips, Tricks and Tools to Scale in 2020

Outbound sales is the most commonly used sales strategy used across various industries. Indeed! It provides great success in less time. It’s not just us, 55% of sales professionals agreed on using outbound sales as their primary sales technique.

Outbound sales is the evergreen sales technique that is being followed and improvised every now and then. 

In 2020, outbound sales is not just restricted to selling your product, rather it’s also about designing a robust sales process and predicting the revenue for your organization.

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The Definitive Guide to Sales Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification is a very important part of the sales cycle. It is directly responsible for feeding your pipeline with high-quality leads that eventually close. It also happens to be the driving force behind conversions and productivity across the most successful sales teams we’ve seen.

If done right, you can bring in the most revenues you’ve ever brought in and make this a competitive advantage for your organization. In this blog, we’ll explore how to choose, build, and tweak your lead qualification process.


How to Build a Sales Pipeline for Getting More Conversions in 2020

Sales Pipeline is essential for growth, it directly affects the organization’s revenue generation system. A healthy sales pipeline provides a company with a swift revenue process and vice versa.

But do you know if your pipeline is effective enough? Or if it needs to be changed?

Only 46% of sales reps feel their pipeline is accurate, rest 54% say they need modification. 

Building a right sales pipeline is the most essential thing for a sales team to start their work and move towards their goal.

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A Guide to Build Successful Email Outreach Strategy Amid COVID-19

There’s no getting around the havoc the COVID-19 has caused for businesses and our economy. It wiped out $6 Trillion from our market. A lot of businesses, big and small, were caught off guard due to drastic drop in demand. Keeping all that in mind, how do you conduct email outreach during COVID-19?

We understand that times like these can be tough not just on consumers, but businesses that employ people. People like us are directly-indirectly dependent on these businesses to make a living, so it’s incredibly important to bring back demand.


The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting

While moving through the sales cycle, sales prospecting comes as its first step and is considered as an essential part.

From the famous quote “Sales prospecting is where the salesperson makes their money.”, you can easily understand how essential it is for any salesperson to learn the best sales prospecting techniques.

Every salesperson knows the importance of sales prospecting, but many lack some of the essential skills to succeed. Around 40% of the sales professionals say prospecting is the most challenging part of a sales process followed by closure and conversions.


The Ultimate Guide to Sales Engagement in 2020

Sales Engagement is a vital process of customer interaction, relationship building and bringing profit to an organization.This process holds major responsibilities and is executed by the sales team of a company. 

According to a study of Sales for Life, every SDR (Sales Development Representative) does around 94.4 sales engagement activities every day. This shows a clear picture how important it is for an organization to have a proper sales engagement process.

In this article we will be learning about all the aspects connected with Sales Engagement and the best ways to scale your business.