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Cold Email Outreach For Link Building: Definitive guide 2022

Whenever you decide to do a cold email outreach campaign, questions like, will the outreach work? what if my email lands in the spam folder? is cold email outreach the right pick? pops in your mind.  

Amid all these questions, cold emails remain effective and popular. Hubspot’s statistics say that 86% of business professionals prefer email as a communication medium. 

Looking at the statistics, it is safe to say that cold email is an integral part of any communication, even in your link-building campaign.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Software Deals 2021

The holiday season is here, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday officially signaling the beginning of the shopping season. We’ve handpicked a selection of attractive discounts gathered from the greatest SaaS industry providers just for you.

Take advantage of all of these Black Friday and Cyber Monday Software Deals in 2021 and use your marketing budget to launch additional initiatives.

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Track Cold Email Links: Effective Methods 2022

In the past, we barely had any control over our email campaigns. Today, thanks to the evolution of technology, we have a far greater level of control. With email intelligence tools, we are able to track multiple components of email marketing. 

Email link tracking is a popular practice observed by several marketers and salespeople. One of the sole purposes of adding links in cold emails is for tracking purposes. If you’ve added a link, it only makes sense to know how many people have clicked on it and taken the action prompted. Beyond that, through the use of link tracking, you are able to identify where the traffic is coming from. 

So what exactly is the issue then? It all seems pretty straightforward. 


50 Best Sales Email Templates That Will Get the Deal Closed

Sales Email Templates work as a great time-saving blessing when one has to send similar emails frequently catering to different stages of a customer’s buying journey. With a proven sales email template, you can cater to more people and spend less time doing the same, ensuring that you nurture more potential leads and close more deals as a result. You can use this saved time in doing other productive work like learning a skill, pursuing your hobby, planning your next move to convert a big account, and the list is endless.

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100 Best Cold Email Templates For Effective Conversions in 2022

Finding the best cold email template is always a struggle. For example, a good cold sales email template can stand between you and your next successful business. If you don’t write cold emails that get responses, you’re out of the game before it even begins. The best email introduction template is hard to come by, which is why we’ve thought of a few cold email templates that will make it easier for you to break that first ice between you and hopefully your future client or partner.


How To Send An Email To Multiple Recipients (Updated 2022)

If you’re working day in and out with emails, you know the struggle of sending an email to multiple people.

Sending each email one by one is time-consuming, and marking everyone in the same email (where the recipient can see others on the list) looks unprofessional. 

So, is there a way to send one email to multiple addresses that is not time-consuming and where the recipient can’t see others on the list?  If you have reached here, there are a few ways that we’ve explained in this blog.


How to Create a Group Email in Gmail: A Step-by-Step Guide

Gmail is one of the most used and preferred email clients around the world. Every now and then one needs to send an email to multiple people at once. You must be doing it manually and wondering if there is a way to create email group in Gmail? Is this possible? The answer is yes. There are tools that will ease your job.

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How to send 10,000 emails using Gmail at once (2022)

You must be wondering, how is it even possible to send bulk email using Gmail.

We all know that Gmail has set certain restrictions for sending bulk emails. They restrict such action because they don’t want to hamper the users’ experience on their platform. Also, sending 10,000 emails at one go will put your email deliverability rate at risk.

That doesn’t mean you can’t send mass emails; You can, and that’s what you will learn in this blog — a step-by-step way to send 10,000 emails without spamming or getting blacklisted. 

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20+ Best LinkedIn Cold Message Templates

Using different avenues of lead generation is a move in the right direction in procuring qualified leads and eventually a conversion. Whether you are a job seeker or a sales representative, cold messaging (email, social, or phone calls too) is a tried and tested method that has had proven results. LinkedIn cold messages are the perfect method for reaching out to business professionals that are qualified prospects.

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The Best 20+ Live Chat Software (With Pricing) 2022

The technologically advanced world we live in today demands results to be achieved instantaneously. Consumers have the exact same mindset when it comes to communicating with organizations; they expect instant answers. A survey by HubSpot revealed that consumers expect answers within 10 minutes from customer support. Live chat software offers the functionality of prompt replies.