7 Ways to Inspire Customer Loyalty

The business world is an uncertain place, where most of us experience many ups and down. The ups are fantastic – they make any drug seem like a cheap rip off (I’ve been told). The downs, on the other hand, can be devastating and if they arrive at the wrong time they can be the end of your business.


11 Ways to Improve your Email Open Rates

Email marketing is gaining importance day-by-day. This has resulted in the inbox being flooded with emails. Ever wondered how many of your sent emails have been opened or what are your email open rates?

When you receive promotional emails. It takes just a few seconds for you to decide whether to open it or not. Same applies for the prospect who is receiving your email.per

Alternative Tools

Yesware Alternative – A Comprehensive Comparison With Saleshandy


People always look at the differentiation first before making any selection. Why one should choose Saleshandy (A yesware alternative) and not  go for Yesware?

We frequently receive emails inquiring why one should go for saleshandy and not others? Is SalesHandy a yesware competitor? Or is SalesHandy an alternative to yesware with more add-ons available?

Release Note

SalesHandy New Feature Announcement

Today, we have new releases to make your experience awesome with SalesHandy. The new features focus on improving your Gmail plugin experience and putting the outlook plugin out of beta.  Here are the features that have been updated.


Spam Email: 13 Reasons Why Your Emails are Landing in Spam

You want to contact a person through email. You have sent it to that person. You are looking forward to response, but you don’t receive any.

Ever wondered about the possible reasons behind him/her not reverting back to you?

The chances are high that your email has been delivered to “Spam” folder of the recipient.

So why does your email turn into spam email and landed in spam box instead of the primary inbox?

Sales Tips

Sales Tip #9: Make Your Own Way

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Being prompt in sales can be beneficial for a salesman. Surprisingly, the opportunity is not a thing to be left out in this context.

While dealing with the customer, a salesman always looks for an opportunity to make sales happen. But what if there is no opportunity at all to do sales? Yes, at times there is no option left out with the salesman to pursue sales.

Sales Tools

Sales Tools: Top 10+ Powerful Tools You Need to Check Out in 2022

SaaS has made software set up a breeze for both for the customer and the software company. Onboarding a customer for SaaS software product is relatively simpler. As a result of this, we can find the number of software which have their small team/basic version available without any charges (free). Those free software can be coined as free sales tools & can prove to be a boon for the sales team by helping them enhance their productivity.

Sales Recruitment

7 Tips For Recruiting The Right Sales Representative

Sales is the primary objective of most organizations around the world. And to ensure you are able to reach your targets every time, you will need an excellent team. Any mistake in recruiting team members can be suicidal. Here are 7 tips facilitating the process of recruiting sales representative.

1. Appropriately fitting in the organization

The candidate you are looking at should culturally fit in the organization.  Otherwise, the whole work environment may get affected. You should focus on understanding the Team spirit of the candidate.  He should be able to act as a binding agent for all the team members. An intention of supporting each and every person should prevail. Being ambitious and fun are traits that every SDR should have. This positivity from his side will result in a positive environment in the organization which will help the company in the long run. The recruiter can get an idea about his nature by enquiring from the company and the colleagues he has worked with in the past.

Sales Tips

Sales Tip #8: Choose Your Company Wisely

A man is judged by the company he keeps

Taste of success is sweet. It will give you wealth and status but on the other hand people will slowly start to cut loose from you. This happens in sales as well. Therefore, it is very important for a sales person to be in the company of like-minded people.


SalesHandy: A GoToMeeting Alternative

With the growing technology, the world has become very small. No matter what distance apart you are from your friends and family, you can always be at one place with the help of technology. This is applicable for the businesses as well.

Since the advent of video conferencing, the business representatives are able to reach their clients as well as other business associates within a blink of an eye. No doubt GoToMeeting is the kingpin in the field of video conferencing tools but at the same time, this tool involves a huge fee too. Therefore, small-scale business projects may not find it quite affordable. However, there are sundry numbers of alternatives to GoToMeeting. Among those alternatives, SalesHandy shines the most with the outstanding features.