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7 Pay Per Click Advertising Tips For Startups5 minutes read

Mastering pay per click advertising is a skill that requires a lot of patience and investment. Even high-quality and high-earning companies struggle to utilize Google Adwords and Facebook ads for their business properly. As a startup, you likely need some high-quality PPC tips that will help you master the delicate skill of pay per click advertising.

With the aid of these seven great PPC tips, you will learn how to maximize your success in a major way. Dallas SEO Expert Bradley Shaw is going to discuss some of the basics behind pay per click advertising to help you better understand how to manage it properly.

What is PPC?

PPC is a form of advertising that costs you money only when your customers click on it. This model provides a major benefit for you because it helps to maximize your advertising dollar. For a startup that is just getting going on the road to financial success, an effective advertising budget is an absolute necessity that cannot be ignored.

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

PPC works by targeting the social media and search results of your potential customers. You set up keywords that your clients may try to find, and your ad campaign will automatically target people searching for those terms. The best PPC tips help you choose the best possible keywords and maximize their spread efficiently.

PPC Tip Ideas to Try

If you’re looking for a way to maximize the success of your Facebook ads and your Google Adwords campaigns, the following PPC tips should be right up your alley. Each has been carefully researched and tested to ensure that they are a successful way for startups like you to maximize the spread and effectiveness of your pay per click advertising campaign.

1. Target Ad Campaigns

Startups typically have a specific service that is likely to appeal to a niche market. Target your ad campaign on people who may enjoy your services. For example, if your company makes high-quality fishing flies, you should try to focus your ads in places where fly fishing fans visit.

Targeting advertising campaigns like this also help you avoid spending too much money on your PPC. Rather than trying to capture the attention of everyone on the internet, only seek to attract the eye of people who are more likely to enjoy your product.

2. Write a Compelling Ad Copy

Don’t avoid spending a little time writing compelling ad copy that captures the imagination. Of all the PPC tips on this list, this may be the hardest one to implement. Knowing what will capture the attention of people who want to buy your product can be a challenging task.

Spend time considering why your product is superior to others and why people would want to buy it. Focus your copy on these benefits and use compelling language such as “revolutionary” to capture the reader and to get them to click on your ad.

3. A/B Test Ads

There are several types of tests that you can perform on your pay per click advertising to ensure it is running smoothly. The A/B test is one of the most important. This test will automatically gauge the effectiveness of your ads headline, the body test, the link, and the keywords in the ad.

After running this type of test, you’ll get a better idea of who is seeing your ads and how often they are getting clicked. For a startup, this is crucial because it can help you narrow your keywords to a more particular group and more efficiently find potential customers.

4. Use Retargeting

If your keywords are not converting properly, it is time to consider search retargeting to help them convert more efficiently. Retargeting will help to focus your keywords on new segments of the online population and make your ads stand out more effectively.

Even better, they can also be used as a way of managing keyword saturation and streamlining your campaign. As a startup, you can’t afford to support dead keywords that don’t convert your ads. By narrowing your focus, you save yourself money and boost your ad’s conversion rate.

5. Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are often the most understood of all the PPC tips on our list. That’s because they are a little confusing to many people. Negative keywords prevent your ads from being shown when a particular phrase or keyword is typed into a search engine.

For example, adding the term “California” to your negative keywords keeps your ad from showing up on that search. For a local startup, this is a significant benefit. It helps keep you from getting expensive ad clicks from people who won’t buy from your company.

6. Spread Out on Social Media

When using Google Adwords, you have the opportunity to target a wide range of social media sources. Facebook ads are one of the most common. These ads are great because they will reach a wide range of people and use their Facebook information to target people who are more likely interested in your startup.

However, you can also try sources like Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Mastering the use of pay per click advertising in a diverse and engaging social media environment ensures that your campaign is more successful and less expensive than other types of methods.

7. Localize Your Landing Pages

Last, but not least, on our list of tips is the importance of localization. Your PPC ad campaign should focus on directing your potential customers to a local landing page. For example, you could have a page with contact information for your main office or even a branch of it. It is also a good idea to have an e-mail address and even a map in this section.

There are a few reasons you want to take this step. First of all, it will ensure that your customers find the information they want. However, it also helps increase the chance that they will contact you or utilize your service. For example, a landing page with local contact information and a map provides potential customers with the vital information they need to contact you easily.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these simple PPC tips are a great way of increasing your pay per click advertising campaign’s effectiveness. By focusing your early startup money on these concepts, you can spread your name more quickly and be more successful than you would have been otherwise. That is a major win-win that you simply can’t get with any other type of advertising campaign.

By Bradley Shaw

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