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5 Ways to personalize your email outreach

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Email outreach is an integral part of the selling process. 

You want to let people know about your product or service, its features, discounts, news, etc., right? 

One of the ways to do it is to send them an email. Sending the same email to everyone, though, is not the way to do it. 

During the past couple of years, there have been lots of people saying that email outreach doesn’t work for sales anymore – it’s dead. 

However, it is still more than alive and keeps showing good results if done right. Segmentation and personalization are what this “right” means most of the time.

To personalize your email outreach, you need to study and analyze your audience and then segment it. 

You have a big list of emails, right? The very least you can do is to divide it into active and inactive users/clients/readers, etc.

The first group knows your product, service or content, and the second one knows little or nothing at all. 

Sending them emails taking into account this information can increase your conversion. 

Segmenting and personalizing your email outreach can help every group of your clients to see the exact information that they want to see.

Here are a few ways to do it:

5 Fantastic ways of personalizing your email outreach

1: Personalize the subject line
2: Personalize around the buyer’s interest
3: Personalize using buyer’s persona
4: Personalize by giving compliments
5: Personalize using visuals

1. Personalize the subject line

You should personalize your subject line as it is the first thing your prospects will notice about your email.

Your subject line will directly influence how your prospects perceive you as an email sender (if you’re an authentic one or a spammer). 

The catch to a good open rate is a personalized subject line. A personalized subject line increases the open rate by 50% as it works with the psychology of the prospects by making them feel special. 

While writing your subject line, it is good to include at least the first name or the last name.

You can add the name of their city if you have their details. Below are some examples of a good personalized subject line: 

  • Hey, John, we have a surprise for you
  • Mark, did you know about this?
  • Seattle Residents: Get a special discount this whole month. 

Using Saleshandy, you can easily add merge tags in your subject line as well as body copy. 

2. Personalize around the buyer’s interest/prospect’s main goals

Every prospect works with a different goal in mind that is unique to their business. Not everyone is the same, right?

One might want to generate more leads through their outreach, while the other wants to streamline connecting with their audience. As a sender, you should study your prospect well before hitting the send button.

Based on your study, you can categorize the prospects with similar goals and shoot an email that offers value to their problem.

This mindful approach helps you hit the nail on the right head and come across as professional.

3. Personalize using buyer’s persona

Another easy way to personalize your email outreach is by taking advantage of your buyer persona.

E.g., your product works best for a sales rep and a business developer. So, you can group the sales reps from your list and start understanding their pain points (they might be similar in many cases). After that, start drafting your email, helping them to achieve a specific goal.

In the same way, you can pull out other buyer personas, understand their areas of concern, and craft a solution-based email.

Pro-tip: Do an A/B test with your messaging. Not every message will hit the right spot. Make some changes in your messaging and see which one works the best.

4. Personalize by giving compliments

Praise or a compliment doesn’t hurt anyone, but actually, everyone loves it (like I love it, tbh). If you really like the recent LinkedIn post of your prospect, don’t shy away. Just share it with them in your email. 

I’m sure even they don’t mind receiving some appreciation in their inbox. In the best-case scenario, you might get a reply from them for your honest efforts. 

5. Personalize using visuals

Think about the last image you saw. Isn’t it as clear as water in your mind? Visual instantly catches attention, and our brain processes them faster than words.

You can add a visual relevant to your message or a GIF/video that communicates your message easily.

If your prospect skimps over your email, the graphic will help catch their attention.

Suppose, in your email. You shared the team photo from your latest business trip, which can hint to the prospect that you’re an authentic sender and build a trust factor.


Personalization is the key if you want your email outreach to perform well. It is worth mentioning that the real human touch is always precious, even when high technologies are evolving. 

People still enjoy feeling unique and special.

When you do it correctly, the prospects take an interest in your product and service, seeing your efforts. So, make sure you use it wisely in your email outreach. 

You can use the above five ways to get started and navigate what works best for you.

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