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Today, we have new releases to make your experience awesome with SalesHandy. The new features focus on improving your Gmail plugin experience and putting the outlook plugin out of beta.  Here are the features that have been updated.

Gmail Plugin Screenshot of new look
Gmail Plugin Screenshot of new look

Outlook Plugin

Our outlook plugin is now available on the following link. The plugin gives you unlimited email tracking, templates, and filelink. The outlook user will have all the benefits of templates mentioned ahead in this blog. Outlook plugin works with Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016. 


User can now access templates from external plugins i.e. Gmail & Outlook. Now you will not need to copy paste an older email, all you have to do is to create a template on SalesHandy and pull it every time you need it. SalesHandy templates will track your files and notify you whenever it is being opened by prospects. Additionally, by using SalesHandy you will be able to find out which of your templates are working best so you can modify your sales pitch accordingly.

Use Templates from Gmail Plugin
Use Templates from Outlook Plugin

What I personally like most about templates is the “share with team feature”.  Once you have created a template in the admin account, it can be used by the entire team once shared. If any edit is made by the admin, the template for the entire team will get changed. (So the sales pitch of the entire organization is in sync).  To make it really simple, the email plugin will also fetch the user signature from SalesHandy (set your SalesHandy signature here) i.e., even though similar templates are being used by the entire team, when it is pulled by any team member, his/her signature gets automatically added.  

Instant Desktop notifications (using chrome)

We have added instant desktop notification. You will now get informed of any critical updates on the SalesHandy activities on your desktop ( if chrome browser is open).

Screenshot of Desktop Notification

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