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Release Note July 282 minutes read

Hello Everyone!! We are rolling out the following updates in SalesHandy which are guaranteed to improve the User Experience of our clients and thereby help you become more efficient and quick!! Find out the latest updates in SalesHandy.

1. Gmail Plugin

  1. With these new update, users can see a new look of their Gmail. Now users can see all the features in button-form on top of their inbox, and these are: 1) Live Feed 2) Templates 3) Mail Merge 4) Files 5) Present OR Screen Share. Now, users can jump directly to the SalesHandy app. For example, if a user wants to see the list of templates, he/she can jump to SalesHandy app by clicking on the Template button in Gmail.Sales Engagement
  2. With this update, users can directly send files from gmail instead of going through the attachment process. You can see this “File” button beside that of “Template” and “Filelink” buttons. See the image below.


2. Campaign page 

  1. Make Duplicate Campaigns: Now users can make duplicate campaigns of their already sent campaigns.


2. You can save the duplicate campaign as a draft until you send it. See the image below.


 3. Design

Here are some of the screenshots of our new design.

  1. Activity Dashboard : In this release, we have increased the width of the Activity Dashboard for better presentation. Now you can see the sidebar with the following icons: Recent Activities, File Links, Email, Templates and Campaigns. Also, users can see submenu by hovering on icons.The complete design of the application has been updated and the speed of the application has also been increased. See the image below:

     2. Email page:  The layout and the look of Email page has been changed. It looks better now!!


3. File Link Performance: The layout and the look of File link performance has been changed. It looks better now!!

We at SalesHandy are constantly giving our best efforts so that you can have the best experience while using this unbeatable tool. And we are also open to any suggestions that you may have, and we shall happily incorporate it into SalesHandy if it enhances your experience. So, wait no more and try SalesHandy today itself !!

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