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Release Note May 162 minutes read

NOTE- We have made some updates in the Gmail plugin. It might get auto-disabled, only the first time chrome check for an update. To Re-enable it a) Open chrome setting on chrome://extensions/  b) Search SalesHandy  c) Re-enable it by clicking on the check box. 


Our latest update had a number of improvement. However, here are 4 broad feature we would like to talk about in this release note.

  1. Sales Campaigns
  2. Location and device tracking for
  3. Documents forward tracking & Interactive thumbnail
  4. BCC to CRM

1. Campaigns

SalesHandy campaigns has been release for all users after we tested it in beta for some weeks. With campaigns you can personalize email for multiple prospects and can send email upto 200 prospects at one go. SalesHandy users will also get an campaign performance report in their email after campaign sending to all prospects is completed and another report after 24 hour. SalesHandy Campaigns have the power to track click through rate for you emails. You will need to login with your Google ID to send campaign emails.  (which ensures higher delivery rate)

2. Location tracking (Email, Filelink, Files)

We have added location, device and browser tracking for emails and documents. With this, you will come to know the city your email or document has been opened in. SalesHandy will also inform you the device used (mobile or desktop) and also the browser used to open the email.

Location and device tracking

3. Documents (Forward tracking & Interactive thumbnails)

You can now track forward of any document sent through SalesHandy.  This means if you send a document to John using SalesHandy, and John forwards it to Michal, Michal will be asked to fill a form before he can view the document. This will help you track any forwards of the document. Note- John will not need to fill any form as the document was originally targeted to John.

Additionally, we have introduced interactive document thumbnails. With interactive document thumbnails, SalesHandy will auto create interactive thumbnails for any document uploaded. You can see a document with interactive thumbnail in the video below.

Documents forward tracking & Interactive thumbnail

Such thumbnails increases your document opening rate & ensure higher engagement with the prospect.

4. BCC to CRM

copy to crm

Now you can BCC your emails to crm from the chrome plugin. The CRM email address can be added from profile in admin.


We are continuously improving SalesHandy to further improve your experience of using SalesHandy. Here are other improvements we have made to the product.


  1. New authentication popup for documents and filelink
  2. Get email notification when someone joins someone joins a live meeting
  3. Get indepth details on document opening


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