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August 2016

1. Email Scheduling in Gmail

Now, SalesHandy’s “Schedule” function makes it simple for you to schedule an email to be sent at a later time. You can draft an email now, then schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Just write the message as you normally would, then click the Schedule button. See the below images to understand it better.

Step 1: Compose your email and click on “Schedule” button.

Step 2: On clicking you will see the “Schedule Later” dialogue box containing options for selecting your preferred Timezone, Date and also Time list. From these options, select the Date, the Time and the Timezone at which you want your mail to be sent to your client/prospect. Our handy Calendar picker with hourly Time-intervals and Global Time Zones are two of the main highlights of this brand new feature update in SalesHandy.

The Time-Zone selection feature is something which will be very beneficial for you if you have clients/prospects in those countries whose time-zones are either extremely ahead or behind your country’s time zone.

For example: If you are residing in Sydney & have a client/prospect in Newyork, you will have no other option but to stay awake in the night to mail him if you want that mail to be delivered to him in the morning. But here is where SalesHandy comes to your rescue as with the help of its Time-Zone feature, you just need to schedule the sending of your mail according to the Time-Zone of USA/Newyork!!


Step 3: You will see an update of your scheduled email on the SalesHandy Dashboard in Activity feeds

release note

2. Share Custom Filelink With Targeted Prospects For Forward Tracking

With this new feature, you can get detailed analytics about everyone your prospects are sharing the files with. You will get an email notification with full contact details of each person as soon as he/she opens your file. See the below images to know more.

Step 1:  Go to Files from the sidebar and click on “Share Link” Icon.

rlease note

Step 2: You can see a pop-up coming from the right side titled “Share File”. In this pop-up, fill all the details to generate custom file-links.

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Step 3: You will get an email whenever your file-link gets opened with the prospects’ name, Email and even location.

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Step 4: When your recipient forwards/shares the same file-link with another person, he/she will get the following form to open the file-link.

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Step 5 : You will get another notification via email as soon as your file-link is opened by the third person after filling the contact details.  See the below image to understand it.

release note

Additionally, you can also see Page-wise Analytics of their shared file-links. It will help you to know which page of yours is more engaging and which page needs improvement.

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3. Outlook (Added Bcc To CRM & Share Files)

In this SalesHandy update, Outlook users will be super happy because they can share their files directly from Outlook.

Also, Outlook users can use Bcc to CRM to monitor all their Outlook email activities in CRM. When you send emails using bcc to CRM with SalesHandy, you will be able to forward your outgoing emails to your CRM program, so that all your email activities will be added into your CRM records. You will not miss even a single customer interaction since they will be “captured” by your CRM tool. A copy of your email will be saved automatically to the CRM records, with no hassles. All you need to do is enable “Bcc to CRM” when you send an email from your Outlook. You can see both of these features explained below.

release note

4. Outlook Self-Notification Off

In this new SalesHandy features update, we have solved a problem faced by our Outlook users about self-email open notification. It has been solved. Cheers!!

Previously :

In Outlook, if a user sends an email to the recipient and opens the same mail from Sent items, the user used to get notification of the email being opened by the recipient even if the recipient has not seen the email.

For example: Roy sends an Email to Aron and afterwards if Roy goes to his Sent items and clicks on the mail sent to Aron, Roy used to get the notification that Aron has opened the mail.

Now :

In this update, this self-notification problem has been solved. Now, once a user sends an e-mail and opens it from sent items, the user won’t get any notification, they will get the notification only when the recipient actually opens it.  

For example: Roy sends an Email to Aron and afterwards if Roy goes to his Sent items and clicks on the mail sent to Aron, Roy won’t get any notification. Roy will get a notification only when Aron opens the mail!!

We at SalesHandy are constantly giving our best efforts so that you can have the best experience while using this unbeatable tool. And we are also open to any suggestions that you may have, and we shall happily incorporate it into SalesHandy if it enhances your experience. So, wait no more and try SalesHandy’s new features today itself !!

July 2016

1. Gmail Plugin

  • With these new update, users can see a new look of their Gmail. Now users can see all the features in button-form on top of their inbox, and these are: 1) Live Feed 2) Templates 3) Mail Merge 4) Files. Now, users can jump directly to the SalesHandy app. For example, if a user wants to see the list of templates, he/she can jump to SalesHandy app by clicking on the Template button in Gmail.
release note
  • With this update, users can directly send files from gmail instead of going through the attachment process. You can see this “File” button beside that of “Template” and “Filelink” buttons. See the image below.
release note

2. Campaign page

  • Make Duplicate Campaigns: Now users can make duplicate campaigns of their already sent campaigns
relese note
  • You can save the duplicate campaign as a draft until you send it. See the image below.
release note

3. Design

Here are some of the screenshots of our new design.

  • Activity Dashboard : In this release, we have increased the width of the Activity Dashboard for better presentation. Now you can see the sidebar with the following icons: Recent Activities, File Links, Email, Templates and Campaigns. Also, users can see submenu by hovering on icons.The complete design of the application has been updated and the speed of the application has also been increased. See the image below:
  • Email page:  The layout and the look of Email page has been changed. It looks better now!!
release note
  • File Link Performance: The layout and the look of File link performance has been changed. It looks better now!!
release note

We at SalesHandy are constantly giving our best efforts so that you can have the best experience while using this unbeatable tool. And we are also open to any suggestions that you may have, and we shall happily incorporate it into SalesHandy if it enhances your experience. So, wait no more and try SalesHandy today itself !!

May 2016

release note

Our latest update had a number of improvement. However, here are 4 broad feature we would like to talk about in this release note.

  1. Sales Campaigns
  2. Location and device tracking for
  3. Documents forward tracking & Interactive thumbnail
  4. BCC to CRM

1. Campaigns

SalesHandy campaigns has been release for all users after we tested it in beta for some weeks. With campaigns you can personalize email for multiple prospects and can send email upto 200 prospects at one go. SalesHandy users will also get an campaign performance report in their email after campaign sending to all prospects is completed and another report after 24 hour. SalesHandy Campaigns have the power to track click through rate for you emails. You will need to login with your Google ID to send campaign emails.  (which ensures higher delivery rate)

2. Location tracking (Email, Filelink, Files)

We have added location, device and browser tracking for emails and documents. With this, you will come to know the city your email or document has been opened in. SalesHandy will also inform you the device used (mobile or desktop) and also the browser used to open the email.

release note

3. Documents (Forward tracking & Interactive thumbnails)

You can now track forward of any document sent through SalesHandy.  This means if you send a document to John using SalesHandy, and John forwards it to Michal, Michal will be asked to fill a form before he can view the document. This will help you track any forwards of the document. Note- John will not need to fill any form as the document was originally targeted to John.

Additionally, we have introduced interactive document thumbnails. With interactive document thumbnails, SalesHandy will auto create interactive thumbnails for any document uploaded. You can see a document with interactive thumbnail in the video below.

Such thumbnails increases your document opening rate & ensure higher engagement with the prospect.

4. BCC to CRM

release note

Now you can BCC your emails to crm from the chrome plugin. The CRM email address can be added from profile in admin.

release note

April 2016

The new features focus on improving your Gmail plugin experience and putting the outlook plugin out of beta.  Here are the features that have been updated.

release note

Outlook Plugin

Our outlook plugin is now available on the following link. The plugin gives you unlimited email tracking, templates, and filelink. The outlook user will have all the benefits of templates mentioned ahead in this blog. Outlook plugin works with Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016.

release note


User can now access templates from external plugins i.e. Gmail & Outlook. Now you will not need to copy paste an older email, all you have to do is to create a template on SalesHandy and pull it every time you need it. SalesHandy templates will track your files and notify you whenever it is being opened by prospects. Additionally, by using SalesHandy you will be able to find out which of your templates are working best so you can modify your sales pitch accordingly.

release note
release note

What I personally like most about templates is the “share with team feature”.  Once you have created a template in the admin account, it can be used by the entire team once shared. If any edit is made by the admin, the template for the entire team will get changed. (So the sales pitch of the entire organization is in sync).  To make it really simple, the email plugin will also fetch the user signature from SalesHandy (set your SalesHandy signature here) i.e., even though similar templates are being used by the entire team, when it is pulled by any team member, his/her signature gets automatically added.

Instant Desktop notifications (using chrome)

We have added instant desktop notification. You will now get informed of any critical updates on the SalesHandy activities on your desktop ( if chrome browser is open).

release note
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