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Announcing removal of location, device and OS information

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It’s an era of GDPR & many other data protection laws. Data privacy is one of the most crucial aspects for most of the users on the internet. At SalesHandy, user’s data privacy is at the utmost priority.

We want to share some changes that have been implemented recently. 

Earlier, we used to collect & display the recipients’ location, device & operating-system related information, together with the date and time when recipients opened the email. 

Recently, we realized that these sensitive data can be easily exploited to harm any person (as a recipient).

Hence, in order to safeguard our recipient’s privacy, 

We have stopped collecting & displaying the sensitive information of the recipients with immediate effect from 20th of April 2020. Note that users will not be able to see the historical data (location, device & OS info.) collected from previously tracked emails. You will still find the date and time when recipients opened an email.  

We can understand how crucial that information is for many of the legit users; who had genuine use cases. We can understand the pain in losing these data pointers. 

Earlier, you were able to see the location and OS details, as shown below:

In the SalesHandy’s Chrome Extension

In the SalesHandy’s web app:

After release, you will not be able to see the location, OS & device information; instead, you will see something like this:

Chrome extension:

web app:

In case of any further questions or queries, you can reach out to us at, or you can comment below. We would love to help you.

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