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There are truly a lot of great resources out there to help you start your SaaS company. The difficult part is to find them since a lot of great people from different backgrounds write about SaaS. When It comes to SaaS, every SaaS player thinks about one name for sure and that is: Lincoln Murphy.

These is the list of 20 most popular blogs about SaaS Marketing, Growth, & Customer Success Articles by Lincoln Murphy.

SaaS Growth Hacking Tactics: The Ultimate List
saas articles

We put together a list of 43 real-world successful growth hacks from the world’s leading startups. Use these to brainstorm ideas and to understand the science and art behind growth hacking. Read More >>

The Secret to Successful Customer Onboarding
Successful Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding has come up a lot lately, which is great since having a poor onboarding experience for your customers can pretty much kill your growth… if not your business. Read More >>

Ideal Customer Profile Framework
Ideal Customer Profile

Having a clear definition of your Ideal Customer is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Your Ideal Customer Profile – ICP – dictates (or should dictate) everything from the features and functionality of the SaaS product you build, to the words you use and the emotion you invoke or tap into in your marketing. Read More >>

3 Secrets of High-Converting SaaS Free Trials
SaaS Free Trials

While just about every B2B SaaS company offers a Free Trial – especially those with self-service sales models – in my experience, the percentage of SaaS companies that feel their Free Trial is “successful” is fairly low. Read More >>

Active Users are a Vanity Metric
Active Users

Active customers churn. And when they do we’re shocked and confused. Your customer was very active, logging-in several times in the last month. Active customers churn, then “active” – as a customer “state” – clearly doesn’t equate to success. Read More >>

Engaging at Scale: The Secret to Automating Personal Emails
Automating Personal Emails

About a year ago I shared my super top-secret way to automate personal emails more effectively – called the “Customer Success bot” method – with the awesome folks on my mailing list.Read More >>

Exposed! A Top-Secret “Enterprise Pricing” Growth Hack
Enterprise Pricing

When it comes to SaaS, you basically have two sales models: high-touch and self-service. Small, bootstrapped SaaS companies often like to go the low-touch, self-service way. And sometimes it’s the opposite of that.Read More >>

How-to Use SaaS Pricing Discounts to Grow Revenue
SaaS Pricing Discounts

When it comes to SaaS pricing, discounts are both awful and awesome. Unfortunately (or not), we just don’t live in a world of absolutes. Generally, I like to avoid discounts because the way they’re done most of the time will devalue your offering in the eyes of customer.Read More >>

SaaS Marketing: 21 Growth Hacks to Test Today
SaaS Marketing

Below are 21 SaaS marketing growth hacks you could test right now. Of course, these are tactics and while everyone loves tactics, if they don’t make sense within your very well thought-out SaaS marketing strategy, you should probably not implement them, right?Read More >>

SaaS Pricing Model: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems
SaaS Pricing Model

This is a post about SaaS pricing models… but it starts with a story about human behavior.

We all know that money doesn’t buy happiness – it buys freedom, and it’s with that freedom that you can choose to do things that make you happy. Money is just the means. Read More >>

SaaS Pricing Strategy: The 10x Rule
SaaS Pricing Strategy: The 10x Rule

First thing to clearly understand when developing your SaaS pricing strategy; pricing is a function of Marketing.

If you think creating your SaaS pricing strategy is a function of Finance, Accounting, Operations, or even Sales… you’re doing it wrong.Read More >>

Sexy SaaS Models
saas articles

Over the last ten years as a founder and analyst, I’ve spent countless hours probing the depths of nerdom with my trusty companion, Microsoft Excel. Here are three models we look at regularly here at Astronomer, but there are many others out there. Read More >>

How We Increased Revenue by 332%
Saas SEO Cast Study

In this case study we’re going to show you how we took a SEO client of ours in the SaaS space and increased their organic traffic by 269% and revenue by 332% in the first twelve months. Read More >>

Understanding Your Customer’s Desired Outcome
Customer Desired Outcome

So… what does Success look like for your customer? That’s the question that’s at the base of my wildly popular “The Secret to Successful Customer Onboarding” article. BTW, this article is good.. Read More >>

The Success Gap: A HUGE Opportunity You Haven’t Considered
Success Gap

There is often a gap between the functional completion of your product and the customer’s Desired Outcome.

And this Success Gap that stands between what your product does and your customer’s Desired Outcome is a huge risk for you. It’s also a huge opportunity if you bridge the gap for your customers. Read More >>

Your SaaS Metrics Are Wrong if You Include These Customers
SaaS Metrics

A user is someone that uses your SaaS product, right? Or is it someone that signed-up? Or someone that’s active? Or someone that logged-in a few times? Hmm. Okay, so maybe defining a user is hard. Read More >>

Customer Success: The Definitive Guide
Customer Success

Customer Success is transformative. Whether you have a subscription business or you sell one-off products or services and simply want to do business with your customer more than once, Customer Success should be your driving purpose. Read More >>

5 Growth Hacks to Supercharge your Invite or Referral System

Growth Hacks

When was the last time you referred your friends or invited co-workers into an app after you just signed-up for the free trial? So why do you expect your users and customers to behave differently?Read More >>

7 Sanity Checks for Sending Cold Email
Cold Email

Email Prospecting, the once-secret method (still) used (to great effect) by the hottest companies to get the attention of the biggest enterprises out there – even if all they talk about publicly is inbound marketing, adwords, and social – is no longer a secret.Read More >>

22 Ways to Reduce Churn with Growth Hacking
Ways to Reduce Churn

As the SaaS industry continues to rapidly mature, more folks are looking at churn in SaaS companies – investors, analysts, executives, consultants, etc. – and more and more methods of measuring churn are going to surface… and that’s awesome. Read More >>

Autoresponders are Dead: 5 Types of Follow-up Emails
Follow-up Emails

Whatever the scenario for the SaaS vendor – during a Free Trial, as a free user of a Freemium, for Demo requests or Enterprise Pricing Inquiries, or after a prospect becomes a paying customer, I get asked all the time what the best email follow-up sequence is.Read More >>

How to Develop your SaaS Pricing Model
How to Develop your SaaS Pricing Model

Developing your SaaS Pricing Model isn’t Rocket Science, but even in the Rocket Science business, you need to price your work so you can sell it and make money! This post is awesome (IMHO), but there’s an even better, more recent one that’s specific to early-stage SaaS companies.Read More >>

Growth Hacking: 43 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website
43 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

WARNING: In 2014 2015 2016, relying heavily on SEO to drive traffic to your website is a recipe for failure!

Okay, that might be a bit harsh… maybe SEO isn’t dead, but things have changed and you need to look beyond SEO to drive traffic to your website.Read More >>

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