10+ Best Sales Email Templates that will Get the Deal Closed14 minutes read

Sales Email Templates work as a great time-saving blessing when one has to send similar emails frequently catering to different stages of a customer’s buying journey. With a proven sales email template, you can cater to more people and spend less time doing the same, ensuring that you nurture more potential leads and close more deals as a result. You can use this saved time in doing other productive work like learning a skill, pursuing your hobby, planning your next move to convert a big account, and the list is endless.

Every business in every industry drills down to one thing – Sales. Cinema sells tickets, Salon sells services, Consultants sell solutions, essay writers sell their talent and advertisers sell happiness. Almost all business, in today’s time, require a deck of effective sales email templates, especially if you run or are a part of a product based and/or service based business which requires it.

And if you are selling your product/services through email marketing, it can get tricky as subtle details can play a crucial role in the reader’s mind as the element of visual experience and expressions as a whole is missing. A caps lock here or there can MAKE YOU SOUND LIKE YOU ARE SCREAMING. In order to tackle these difficult scenarios, we did a trial run and tried to make some of the perfect sales email templates for you.

At the end of this blog we have 5 amazing pro tips for writing a sales email template. Make sure you stick around to read it. We have made sure that those are worth your time.

That’s why we have come up with this blog containing the 11 most effective sales email templates and categorized them into the following:

Cold Emails

Statistics Cold Email – Show one or two statistics that will be an interesting hook for the reader to read ahead.

A must know for you

Hey Tim,

Do you know 44% of salesmen give up after one follow-up?
This gives you a chance to swoop in the inboxes of these prospects and get a follow-up.

If you want to get ahead with this opportunity, do let us know.

Hoping to work with you.


Feature Cold Email – Explain in brief about one of your features in the cold email.

You might like this one

Hey Bruce,

Don’t you wish that you had a feature where you can just schedule emails according to different time zones? Well, say no more. We have designed a new email scheduler just for you.

If you want to try this for free, revert to this email.


Attach a personal detail– Directly addressing a person and his work leaves a fleeting impression on the buyer and helps you stay unique and smarter. When you will attach a personal detail like name or the business he is working in, it would give the prospect a feeling of belongingness through your email. This type of sales email templates grabs the maximum number of eyeballs.

Be smart,

Hey David,

I have seen some of the awesome logos made by your company. They are stylish and decent at the same time. Especially, the touch of handshake that you gave in the real estate business logo was a great and meaningful addition to the design.

We can help your already established business multiply its effect and reach through our tool. You’d be able to bring in more and more business due to the aforementioned strategies. Also, it will help you understand the market scenario and the behavior of your customers in a clear way.

Keep doing good work


We have also published a blog covering ten proven Cold Email templates apart from these, that you can refer in case you want to explore more perspective and options to match your use-case.

Nurturing a potential/qualified lead

Show Exclusivity – Everyone wants to have a product that others can’t get. That is one of the major reasons why we see lines to buy new iPhones and why the first place of that line was sold at higher prices than the iPhone itself. If you want to make use of this human instinct of having exclusive products, this sales email template does exactly that job for you.

Only 4 hours to make it or break it

Hey Dan,

You have an opportunity to buy out of 40 pieces exclusively made for the special customers of ours. Although this limited edition is available for you, time might not be unlimited. Make sure you make your decision fast and get benefitted.

We have attached the secret link from where you can get your exclusive and unique masterpiece.

Thank you
Mark Ronson

Facts and figures segue – When it comes to facts, everyone wants to know them. Use the facts, figures, and statistics that are related to your organization and help yourself with selling your product. This sales email template can be used by SaaS product or any one product based industry sales team.

Just for your Info!

Hi Tony,

Did you know that 47% higher purchases are generated by nurtured leads? In order to nurture these leads, you need to constantly engage with your customers. If you want to learn more about how to nurture leads, please feel free to give us a call.

Our support team works 24-7 to provide you with distinguished and best in the market services/help.

Think about it.

Thank you,
Tony Stark

Regarding their already published content – This would be an effort in letting them know about how much you care for them.

We believe in you, Mark

Hey Mark,

I read your article regarding how you are going to expand your network by taking the whole real estate vision into the digital world. I think it is a very realist and smart thing to do as the whole world is turning into a digital mass.
I hope you achieve nothing but success with your newly developed goals.

Also, if you need any help regarding your vision or want suggestions and advice from our side, we are all in for it. Let me know at what time would you have spare minutes, we would schedule a meeting.

Hope to help you in this amazing venture.

Reply awaited.

Peter Parker

Create pre-saved email templates and get a success score of each. Try SalesHandy for free!

Sales follow-up email templates

Personalized follow-up – People love when you remember details about them and mention it back to them. Try this when you are taking a follow-up. For e.g. if the person is working on a project for wildlife sanctuaries, and you got to know it somehow, write an email like this-

Hope it’s going awesome

Hey Jamal,

I got to know that you have been working for the preservation of wildlife sanctuaries in the country. People like you are true heroes for our nation. Also, you had taken interest in our product before. This is just a follow-up for the same. If there is any way I can help you assist using it, please do let me know.


Offers and discounts – Everyone in this world is mad for having a product or service at a lower rate than normal. This is why tags like 2000$ dress(strikethrough) now at just 1500$ work for e-commerce websites and retailers. One can use this mentality to leverage the benefit out of the situation and create a situation for all the parties. As they will get the product in discount and we’ll get the product sold.

Deals you’ve been waiting for!

Hey Bobby,

You are one of the most valued customers of our company. I hope we have served you well enough till date. In order to serve you even further, we have come up with exciting deals and offers for you. We thought of it as our duty to send you an email and tell you about the same in person.

Here are the deals:

Use the code Halloween and get SalesHandy – 20% off
Get 15% off by buying more than 5 accounts.

Hope you get the best out of it.

Yours sincerely,
Monica Geller

We have also published a blog covering ten proven Sales Follow-Up Email templates apart from these, that you can refer in case you want to explore more perspectives and options to match your use-case.


Interesting update – Once you got something interesting to show to your customer like an update in your product or an additional service that your customers can subscribe to, it could work as a great technique to upsell/gain the attention of your customer. Use this sales email template to roll in new updates and make sure you want your customer to know it.

We are growing old together!

Hey John,

It’s Lisandra on this side. How was your journey with our app till now? I hope it was nothing but awesome. If there are any queries or complains, feel free to ask. Our sales team work 24-7 to provide you with the best of the price you pay.

There was a happy announcement we had to make regarding our app. Your favorite app is now 2 updates old. We have added in a ton of features beta tested. I am sure these update will be of great use to you. 

We are currently planning to make the update free for you. Use it and give us your feedback. It is of a great value to me and our whole team as a whole.

Thank you and regards,
Lisandra Coppens

Free stuff – Treat your active customers with a little gift every now and then. This will make sure that they remember you when they start using their money. A great cold email template for upselling.

Here’s a treat for you

Hey Martha,

Since you have been actively using our tool, we have decided to give you a three-month access to enterprise pack. You’d be able to use all the amazing features of our tool now. Still, if you have any query regarding the same, let us know.



Don’t beat around the bush

We are happy for you

Hey Tom,

We hope you are loving our {product A} and have no trouble using it. The customers you have used {product A} have seemed to have doubled their productivity and sales closing rates with {our product B}. If you are willing to have a look at it, we would be happy to provide you with a trial and a demo.

Hit me back with your views.


This cold email template would get you to talk to the person in charge. Once you are in conversation with this person, you can slide in the benefits of your product that this person will have in the context of his vision. If this person has already known that you support and know about what he is doing, he’ll be interested in what you have to say. Also, “Reply awaited” is a classic.

You might have noticed that these sales email templates were specific to some businesses or situation. We agree a few were and a few can be modified up to a certain extent. We are a firm believer of the Chinese proverb – “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”
Therefore, as promised we have brought you some tips that will help you to write your very own creative sales email template.

Avoid emailing them multiple times

Talk about benefits (Instead of features)

Go minimal. Try to make an impact with one or maximum up to two emails. Make sure your prospect notices that you are purposely not bugging them by sending them spammy emails. (We all know how irritating receiving emails from unwanted sites/businesses can be.) This will create a good impression and brand image on his/her mind.

Try making it personalized

When you say “Hey Mike” instead of “Hey Customer” it makes a hell lot of impact. This will give the person a friendly feeling and hence making you more trustworthy. It has been like this since traditional times. Namaste, the traditional Indian greeting system has been working on this principle as when you join both of your hands, it activates the brain cells that help you remember the person for a longer period of time. The bottom line, personalization is important. Use tools like SalesHandy in order to make this personalization with a snap of the finger.

Have a KILLER subject line

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. So, don’t hold back. Get creative with your subject line.

Which one of these two emails would you open

Suggest us new updates for development.
Make a Wish!

Although don’t try too hard to grab their attention as your customers will know. For more information regarding the same, you can read our blog that has 16 Tips to Write Killer Email Subject Line.

Try landing in the primary folder of your prospect

Talking about the most used Email service provider, Gmail. It has a thing called spam filters. These spam filters are pretty smart in guessing if you are trying to throw your mass emails to a majority of people using sales email templates. Try and use tools like SalesHandy in order to randomize the time between two emails sent and gaining a higher chance of landing into a primary folder of the inbox.

Talk about benefits (Instead of features)

Don’t we all hate a salesman who keeps on talking about features and values and how good his product is. Nobody cares about that. All we care about is how would that product help me or make me look good if I am investing this much amount of money in it. Talk about them, their problems, their solutions and most importantly their benefits. This would guarantee to fetch you good sales in a long run.


Remember these tips and keep them in mind while you are writing your next sales email templates. If you liked any one of these in particular, just copy it and use it for free. We are quite generous that way.

These were some of the prime examples of sales email templates that did magic for us and worked like wonders. These exact same emails might not work in every situation but the context remains the same as it is derived from the unchanging human nature. Try out. Do not hold back to test out new things. Mix and match different sales email templates and see which one works for you. You might just end up discovering the perfect sales email template.

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