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Sales Hacks to Acquire More Prospects in 2024

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The internet is a murky scene of a shipwreck that sends everyone, including the experienced seafarers/captain into a disarray of confusion. And, to navigate out of this confusion and stall tall, a solid strategy (or a clever hack) is needed.

Marketers need to have good tools and make use of them. According to Farlan Dowell, the Vice President of sales of Uptight, to stay ahead, you need to keep your champion first. Your champion is your sales team. Make them heroes by giving them the tools they need to make sells upwards.

Here are few hacks you may implement in your business.

1. Turning LinkedIn into your personal ATM Machine

Unearthing real prospects and potential customers on LinkedIn is now easier than it used to be a while ago. And, for your information, this social media giant for professional is ubiquitous in business.

It’s a very powerful tool that you can use to prospects. Have you met someone recently and want to maintain the relationship? Uh? Stalk them on LinkedIn and make a connection. That’s how easy it is.

Now, apart from stalking acquaintances, what are other ‘important’ hacks you can deploy on LinkedIn to unravel the mystery of flowing dollars?

Well. Let’s take a deep dive.

And, to begin in, we’ll be roasting the search bar and see how better we can perform on the search arena that leads directly to your bank account.

The ‘Advanced Search”. This is where the power of LinkedIn lies.

It gives you various filtering options so that you don’t need to hunt through a muck of thousands off listing to land your right contact. Are you looking to pitch the head of content marketing team for business XYZ? Then LinkedIn lets you find who exactly they are.

While a normal, unfiltered search will result to hundred of thousands of search results, you need targeted searches.

You can work with 100000 plus of scattered, barely related search results. Be specific to the industry, niche, geographical location. If you end up with few results, like 10, 50, 100, prospects, this is a cheap number to work with. If you need to get a deeper on how to do this, take a look at this post. And, remember to thank me later.

2. Using social media to build lists

Now, this is about social prospecting. You see they always say that money is in the list. And, as a seasoned inbound marketer, you pretty well understand the importance of social media. How social media can be a viable tool for raising your sales.

You see social media estimates over one billion active Facebook user and grows into heaps of numbers each-each year. Twitter claims a whooping 240 million active monthly users. And, so are other social media platforms. So, with this tyranny of numbers, brands and websites can easily get their products, blogs or content out there. Quite easily.

That’s right.

So, what do you need as a marketer to get yourself a slack of the social media goodies?

Come up with an effective social media network spanning different geographical regions. Look for keywords that people look for: both one word and long tail keywords. And, note to be successful. You need to look for keywords that have little competition. The write engaging content that people would love to share on these platforms. Direct them to your landing page where they can opt-in to your mailing list.

3. Autopiloting Cold Email Prospecting

This another way to get clients faster. ‘Cold Email Prospecting’ is the single most efficient way of generating leads for companies and businesses. It’s better than any other marketing strategy to generate leads for client companies as well as my own business for several years now in a way.

So, are good examples of businesses that have prospered from cold email prospecting?

One notable example is, Marco Massaro, who landed a $15k consulting project via a single cold email. Marco’s business is on UX consultancy and his biggest challenge was getting qualified clients in terms of budget.

What were the results of the cold email? Marco got highly qualified leads all the way to the proposal stage and ultimately one of the clients offered his company $15000 project.

Why email is better compared with other marketing strategies?

Email is more popular with over 85% users among the people who use the web as compared to users who use other social media sites, that is according to Ipsos study. Besides, email has a much higher conversion with higher ROI ($40 per every $1 compared to $17/every $1 spend on ads). E-mail has a higher conversion rate of 4.16% compared to 0.48% of social media.

To stand tall, out of the searing hot competition, you need a strategy. You need hacks that will bring you more prospects that will eventually turn into customers. However, this is not always easy. Taking advantage of the social media, emails and any other good strategy could be your blessing in disguise.

What hacks are you using (or have you used) to grow your business to double digits or even higher?

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