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Sales Insights and Trends Expected In 2015-164 minutes read

Velocity and meticulous execution- these are the focal points on which 2015-16 sales will be pegged on. It will be about accelerating the velocity of sales cycle besides the number of orders received.  The trend ushers in a period of brilliant sales execution, where each sales stage is very critical.  Although various trends may differ, especially depending on the industry you are business is, there are several things that will shape sales environment for 2015-16.

Traditional sales approach gradually dying off.

We are living in a new information age where your prospective customer has already done their research on what they need, their issues and potential solutions, thanks to the power of the internet. Technological advancement is pushing traditional field sales to the doldrums. Sales people who are not adapted to this change are (will be) struggling to close sales. Sales persons are forced to embrace technology (that means embracing CRMs) to stay competitive and hit their quotas. More and more tailored tools will be developed to deal with this challenge.

Sales environment moving to a mobility mode.

It is not that sales peoples are vanishing, but the sales process and sales tasks have changed. Selling environment is ever becoming more and more challenging. Today, more than ever more B2B interactions happen online. Customers can get honest opinions about particular service or product online. Customers are leaving reviews of their experience with various products or services. Other sources of informational like white papers, seller’s websites and events give buyer’s the information they need to make decisions. Success in such hard environment requires intelligent decisions based on a pool of factors. So Companies need the best sales engagement tool which reduces a cost of sales (COS) and also improves their services and revenue.

Moreover, managers are scampering for every top notch sales acceleration tool around. 2015-16 will be about increasing the volume of sales while reducing the cost of sales (COS). Evolution of sales tools (e.g. CRMs) will provide sales people with intelligent insights designed to improve their sales skills. These tools will also give them the strategic information they will need to excel. These platforms increase the transparency of information the buyer needs to make informed purchasing decision.

Buyers are more important than ever

We are talking of interactions with the seller as very critical during this period.  According to researchers, buyers value more than ever: technical demonstrations, interactions with seller and sales presentations that focus entirely on buyer’s needs.  According to research, these interactions are very crucial for B2B buyers to make purchase decisions. Surprisingly, social media (where most interactions occur) doesn’t qualify as a perfect alternative for B2B sales people. Buying needs relevant information, and inside sales teams are proving that information to buyers. The customers want to interact with people that can help them in making the purchase decision. In addition to this, some sales engagement tools are available through which salesperson can engage with customers on regular basis. That is why moving the sales role inside, a new trend in sales is quite welcome. This trend is not dying off soon. It is poised to continue as sales leaders look for new formulas to drive relationships and increased levels of activities.

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Sales Insights and Trends Expected In 2015


The selling environment has changed. Today, more than ever, selling is more focused on the concerns of the buyer, rather than the seller. Successful sales teams understand that the customer is the most important aspect in designing a winning/effective sales strategy. Today, customers can access critical information they need to make a purchase online. As a result, a successful sales model should accommodate the varying buying behaviors of the consumers whether online or offline. Saleshandy, one of the leading sales acceleration program gives you the tool you will need to organize, present and share valuable collateral with your prospects.

By Arpan Shah

Arpan Shah is the CTO and Co-founder of SalesHandy- A Data analytics and Communication tool. He has expertise in Product Development and User Experience Design. He also writes about Sales and Technology.

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