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Sales Tip #7: Prompt Decision Making2 minutes read

“A stitch in time saves nine”

An early action to a minor problem nullifies it before the onset of a disaster. A very meaningful thought that if taken care of at each stage of work, will help you in avoiding blunders. This fact is needed to be taken care of in sales as well. Prompt decision making creates a good image of the seller as well as saves him from losing a customer. Some instances which would require making a decision include price discrepancies; delivery defaults etc.; where the seller has to be very quick in dealing with the customer. Sometimes it happens that you grope for words as what to say while talking to customers about price and other things. You have to be stuffed with enough words so that you can make a wise decision promptly. Try to act smartly so that you don’t have to deal the customer at the cost of your own profits. Benefits to the firm as well as to the customers should go hand in hand.

Well, a wise act in a timely manner will gain maximum benefits.

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