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15 Must Have Sales Tools For Startups8 minutes read

Sales is the be-all and end-all for every startup. Without enough sales startups can’t generate the cash they need to survive, grow or attract investment. With most startups generating sales online, the amount of admin and data management for sales teams has grown exponentially.

Unfortunately, many salespeople spend significantly more time setting up and managing their sales funnels and processes than they do actually concentrating on the vital business of closing deals.

Luckily, there’s a range of great tools and platforms to help automate, improve or simplify the sales process.

Here’s a look at 14 tools that can help you spend more time focusing on closing deals:

#1 SalesHandy

sales tools

SalesHandy is a Sales Engagement Platform For Data Focused Sales Teams. SalesHandy interprets The Engagement Level of Prospects & helps Inside Sales Team Close Deals Faster. SalesHandy consists features like Email Tracking, Mail Merge, Email Campaigns and Email Templates. All these features make salespeople highly productive and help sales team reduce sales cycle time, increase closure rate & ultimately revenue. SalesHandy is a tool which collects such behavioural insight and presents – them in an actionable format.

There is a Chrome Extension available for SalesHandy (Click Here To Download). Users can track their emails getting analytics of Open rate, CTR and much more. In addition, users can share their templates(both Personal & Team) directly from Gmail. Also, It provides Bcc to CRM feature for CRM integration.

#2  GrowthList

Sales Tools

Growthlist offers a comprehensive database of 5,000 B2B tech companies in growth mode: companies that are either hiring aggressively or were recently funded.

The list features a description for each startup, links to their social media profiles and blogs, details of the founder/CEO (along with their email address), and more.

It’s a great source of leads for startup teams to put into their sales funnel and start converting into customers.

#3 Reply

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Email prospecting and sales automation tool Reply automates personalized emails and follow-ups. The platform allows users to send an email with automatic follow ups, connects replies to your mailbox and provides detailed analytics such as delivery, click, open and response rates.

It’s an effective way for sales teams to save up to 10 hours a week on outreach and allow them to spend more time on the actual selling.

#4 Findthat

Find that email is a software platform that acts as the Yellow Pages of emails and enable users to search, verify, bulk search or find email addresses of social network users (for example: linkedin). Being an integrative solution, findthat enables syncing data between their platform to any popular CRM. Unlike other solutions, Findthat doesn’t use publicly available data but rather base it results by fusing information from more than 120 validated sources.

#5 Marketo

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Marketo offers powerful marketing automation software to engage prospects and engage customers via digital marketing.

The platform offers a suite of applications to drive engagement from one place, from personalized display ads to predictive content.

With an integrated approach to customer marketing, sales teams can benefit from increased insights and creating effective automated sales campaigns.

#6 Nimble

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Nimble is a high-end CRM system that makes use of social media. The platform automatically updates itself with relevant prospects from various data sources and imports contact information and social media profiles from your existing network.

Nimble’s relationship intelligence allows sales teams to easily identify key contacts and turn connections into conversations and relationships into revenue.

#7 Clearbit

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Clearbit offers a number of APIs designed to help businesses grow. Their products include Enrichment, which parses emails or domains for qualified leads, Discovery, an extensive company lead database and Prospector, which finds specific company contacts.

With a variety of products and APIs, Clearbit allows sales teams to choose exactly what tools they need.


sales tools is Gmail plugin that optimizes gmail inboxes for sales teams. The plugin lets you import salesforce contacts, offers open tracking, a “send later” feature, reminders and email snoozing.

It’s a useful way to upgrade an existing service to help teams close more deals, build deeper relationships, and save more time.

#9 Base

Base is a CRM and sales platform aimed at business, mid-market or enterprise sales teams. The software offers a wide range of features including sales reporting and analytics, email intelligence and sales management.

Offering an up to 80% increase in new leads, Base can help teams process sales across their team.

#10 Pipedrive

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Pipedrive is a simple and visual sales pipeline tool for teams. The platform can be setup in minutes, includes iOS and Android apps, allows you to see all deals in a visual sales pipeline, organizes contacts and forecasts sales.

Easy to use for salespeople and great for small teams, Pipedrive allows salespeople to focus on the right deals.

#11 Salesflare

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Salesflare is an artificially intelligent sales assistant for Outlook, Gmail and mobile devices. Working with your CRM the platform automatically assists your follow-ups, takes over your admin and creates transparent customer conversations that can be handled by the team.

Salesflare makes it easy for teams to boosts sales performance.

#12 Email Hunter

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Email Hunter allows you to “find email addresses of any company in seconds.”

This is a great example of a tool that does one thing, and does it very, very well. Simply head to EmailHunter, enter the domain of who you want to contact, and instantly, they’ll present you with different email address associated with that domain.

EmailHunter also have a simple-to-use and powerful API you can use.

#13 Outreach

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Outreach is an enterprise communications platform for sales teams. The service offers sales sequences, personalized interactions and intelligence on what to do next and what isn’t working.

Outreach creates a workflow that streamlines every aspect of sales communication and offers a framework for managers to replicate the highest performing communication process across their teams.

 #14 Growbots

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Growbots is an all-in-one outbound sales automation platform that offers automatic lead generation and email drip campaigns with CRM integration.

With a database of 200 million decision makers, the platform will automatically generate a list of ideal targets and contact them with an email campaign.

The platform allows teams to generate new sales opportunities by setting up customer profiles and scheduling email campaigns.

#15 RevBoss

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RevBoss automates outbound sales for SaaS companies. The platform offers sales prospecting and lead generation using a mixture of automation and cloud workers to create an effective sales workflow.

RevBoss also helps create a sales pipeline for teams by accelerating top-of-the-funnel activity through outbound sales development.

Source: Medium

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