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20+ LinkedIn Influencers a Sales Person Must Follow in 2018 [Updated]

Everybody who is either doing a job or running a business needs some inspiration now and then. To get that inspiration, direction, and motivation we follow mentors on social media like Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn influencers. And when it comes to expert advice & motivation, LinkedIn is the best place with over 400 million professionals sharing their stories & lessons.

After spending around 70+ hours on LinkedIn, observing & analyzing hundreds of profiles of Sales Influencers or Sales Gurus we have mindfully put together the list of 20+ Sales LinkedIn Influencers/Gurus that you must follow in 2018. (more…)

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How to Easily Increase Sales x10 Using Emails

Email lists are widely used by companies in every line of business. A sales email provides a customizable link from your customer to your company. Sales emails build on the existing relationship with the customer and can also be used to target new customers.

With a successful email list, you can drive repeat business and new sales to your web site. This article will detail four steps to optimize your email list.


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5 Steps to Boost Your Social Media Sales

The social media phenomenon has exploded in just a few years. And, now it seems that it’s the most frequent place people hear their news, find out about interesting information, share with others and even make purchases. You’ve got to make those personal connections with people throughout social media in order to find prospective customers and have your information shared widely. People don’t want to just be sold to.


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traits of highly successful people

5 Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople

There are those who are gifted with certain personality traits, and those who have to work to develop them. Regardless of the path to accumulating these traits, a salesperson’s success relies on them. There have been many research studies conducted on personality traits and their correlation to success. One such study conducted by Harvard Business Review highlights the ideal temperament and characteristics that are hallmarks of a successful salesperson. When reading through this list of traits, one can’t help but wonder about himself or herself. It begs the question, do we possess these traits, and if not, how can we acquire them? (more…)

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8 Tips To Find Prospects From LinkedIn For Your Business

If you thought finding your targeted prospects is as easy as eating noodles, think again!
But, the good news is, it’s not as hard.  That is if you know where to hit.
The hardest part is identifying who your prospects are and where you can find them online.
And, one of the most promising ‘places’ you can meet new prospects is on the social media platforms, specifically on LinkedIn.
But why would anyone want to dive into LinkedIn in search of prospects?
Here are a few reasons why LinkedIn can be so promising:

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10 Tips To Create An Effective Sales Proposal

A Sales Proposal refers to the written sales pitch introducing and educating the prospect about the Product/Service proposed to be rendered to them. It serves as an integral part of any successful deal. It should be impressive enough to generate interest among your prospects. A well-crafted sales pitch requires carefully managed the investment of time and effort by your sales team. It should be attractive yet convincing, thus increasing the chances of the positive result from the prospect. Keeping in mind the importance of an impressive sales proposal, here are 10 tips on How To Create An Effective Sales Proposal. Read On… (more…)

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8 Ways To Increase Your Sales With Effective Sales Pipeline Management

First of all, it is very important to understand what exactly is “Sales Pipeline”. Sales Pipeline describes all the individual steps taken by salespeople from initial contact with a potential customer, or prospect, to qualifying that prospect into a lead, and further confirming that lead into a sales opportunity followed through the different stages until closed.


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What Is Kabali And How To Become The Kabali Of Sales

India has a number of religious traditions. One such group are the “Kapalikas” who are masters of skull worship. The upper classes still kept mostly the names of the mainstream Hindu tradition while the lower classes often kept the names of these local traditions. Kapali or Kabali is one such example – the name of a popular deity that is seldom used by the upper classes, but mostly used in the slums in coastal Chennai.


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tips to build customer

#13 Clear Tips To Convert Your Prospects Into Customers

Turning your prospects into customers is not always possible with just an automated sales process or set sales funnel. Many times it requires an outside assistance and personal touch points to get on-board.

An introduction is the first impression you make on your prospect. It is rightly said that one never gets a second chance to make the first impression. To ensure that the first impression is worth your prospect’s time, make your introduction irresistible. Once they get into the conversation, you can gradually indulge them to become your customers.


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Sales Tip #9: Make Your Own Way

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Being prompt in sales can be beneficial for a salesman. Surprisingly, the opportunity is not a thing to be left out in this context.

While dealing with the customer, a salesman always looks for an opportunity to make sales happen. But what if there is no opportunity at all to do sales? Yes, at times there is no option left out with the salesman to pursue sales. (more…)

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